how to access shopify admin

How to login to Shopify Admin Dashboard. hi everyone,welcome to my youtube channel so i'm,creating m

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to login to Shopify Admin Dashboard.

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How to login to Shopify Admin Dashboard.

hi everyone,welcome to my youtube channel so i'm,creating my first video,so basically in this video i'll be,explaining how you can,log into your shopify admin panel,dashboard and how you can manage,the backend of the shopify from there so,basically there are two ways to log into,shopify,first one is go to and click,over here,login,if you are being login for the first,time it will may ask for this to log the,store name as well,you would need to add the email address,and the password,so basically this is the shopify admin,panel dashboard,from where you can manage your store,the second way to login is,enter your stony slash admin,and it would directly take you to the,login page this is the preferred way,you can try to log in with this,so basically this is the admin dashboard,panel,in the home tab you will get all the,latest,feeds and notifications this is the,order tab,or the order which are placed in the,store will be fall under this,this if you have any draft order this we,have abandoned checkout,but basically abundant checkout if is if,the customer,have added the product to the card,reached the checkout,filled their delivery address and didn't,center with the payment okay if they,have left to your store from in the last,step,they will be under abundant checkouts so,you can retarget them from here,here come all the products which are in,your store,you can mention all the products from,here and your customers you can from the,customers tab,and all the customers which have made,purchase or have,subscribed to newsletter and,this is step for analytics similar to,something google analytics,this is shopify default analytics so you,can see all the reports,how many customers have visited the,store,what was it session time bounce rate,everything,and we can wait source of traffic,with the traffic control all these will,fall under analytics analytics,this is marketing if you want to create,your marketing campaign,if you want to run your facebook ad or,google ads template ads you can run,directly from here,and create a campaign i'll make another,video explaining each of these,if you want to create blog posts you,want to change navigation of your store,everything fall in the online store so,this is a basically saved channel,you can have multiple set channels if,you are selling on facebook,you may have a facebook sales channel,you're sending on instagram you may have,instagram,channel you have point of sale if you,have a point of sincere channel,so this is the your online store sales,channel,so over here you can customize your,theme and over here there is a list of,all the theme which are,available on your store you can add,blogs,and articles from here and create pages,from here you can add navigation bar,and i'll show you what's navigation so,this is the menu,i'll just draw it's called navigation,create a navigation,here if you want to connect your domain,you can connect under here,and here at the bottom is the settings,if you want to change your store name,store address,and this will be under general settings,and these are all the additional,settings for checkout,for payments notifications,for user and permissions you want to add,staff accounts or user to your store you,can from here,that just was a simple overview and i'll,try to,make more detailed video about each of,the section thank you

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