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Basic Shopify Vs. Shopify Vs. Advanced Shopify Which Shopify Plan is Right For You? shop five is a g

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Basic Shopify Vs. Shopify Vs. Advanced Shopify Which Shopify Plan is Right For You?

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Basic Shopify Vs. Shopify Vs. Advanced Shopify Which Shopify Plan is Right For You?

shop five is a great platform but if,you're watching this video you probably,already know that in this video what,we're gonna do is 100% figure out which,plan is right for you and I have an,airtight formula we're gonna go over all,the different features we're gonna take,a breakdown of the pricing the features,everything and we're gonna figure out,which of the different plans is right,for you and like I said I have an,airtight formula to figure out which,plan will make the most sense so by the,end of this video you will know 100%,which plan you should pick in this video,we're gonna compare the different,Shopify plans and figure out the plan,that is right for you by the end of this,video not only will we go over all the,different features the different plan,has I'll give you a formula that will,100% guarantee get you in the right plan,also at the end of this video give you a,special offer where you can sign up and,get the obviously the 14-day free trial,but on top of that a free one-on-one,consultation with me to help you set up,your store so let's get started so,there's basic Shopify Shopify in advance,Shopify and one of the questions I get,all the time is which plan should I pick,and the difference obviously here is the,price but there's some other things too,like different credit card rates you can,see different in-person rates as well,though most people probably aren't going,to take advantage of that so the next,thing is you look at the number of staff,accounts which probably doesn't matter,too much to most people so this isn't a,feature will really look at too much but,then we have obviously Shopify's,shipping discounts which once again is a,feature that probably isn't that,important sure you do get a little bit,of discounts at the higher level tiers,but I don't think that should be a,determining factor next up we see that,the difference between the basic plan,and the Shopify plan is gift cards,personal reports and abandoned cart,recovery now gift cards and abandoned,cart recovery are two things that are,pretty valuable so that will come in,handy and so just so you know gift cards,are obviously the ability to sell gift,cards so someone could buy a gift card,give it to a friend and they could come,to your site and purchase things for a,lot of people gift cards probably isn't,something that is going to be a big,seller for them,so when you're a smaller size store then,abandoned cart recovery though is,something that I think is very powerful,no matter what stage you're at but I,will say you can get add-on apps for,abandoned cart recovery so this add-on,app you can get for free but to actually,use the proper functionality it's $14 a,month so $29 plus $14 is still cheaper,than the $79 so if it's just about,features these the gift cards is a good,feature abandoned cart recovery is a,good feature professional reports is,nice to have but it's not something you,really need to have when you're a,smaller store and all professional,reports is is it allows you to run,basically a report that will show you,what your best-selling item is what your,best-selling SKUs are some other things,like that things that you can kind of,figure out if you really want to without,running those reports but it is a,valuable tool but I think when you're,first starting out not that valuable so,we have $29 vs. $79 those are the basic,Shopify versus Shopify for most people,$29 the basic Shopify is going to be,perfect now I do have a formula I will,show you right now on to figure out,should you go with basic Shopify or,Shopify the next level of comparison is,Shopify versus advanced Shopify because,you really when you start a shop if I,site most people should start with basic,Shopify at a certain point you should,upgrade to Shopify and then at the next,point upgrade to advanced Shopify so I,don't think anyone out there is trying,to decide should they be in basic,Shopify or advanced Shopify because,there is a huge price difference so when,we look at the features you have,advanced a report builder and,third-party calculated shipping rates to,things that aren't really that big of a,deal I think for most online stores out,there,you should probably offer flat rate,shipping up to a certain price and then,free shipping after that so once again,we're gonna look at the features aren't,that much better,between Shopify and advanced Shopify so,what it comes down to is looking at the,numbers looking at how much money you,will save on the different transaction,fees right there so let's take a look at,the numbers and come up with a formula,that will,specifically tell you the perfect tear,for you so basic Shopify is $29 Shopify,is $79 in advance Shopify is $299 and,basic Shopify that's not the only money,they get from you they also get the,transaction fee so 2.9 percent compared,to 2.6 percent compared to 2.4 percent,so this means for every time there's a,transaction Shopify is taking 30 cents,right off the top and then also a two,point nine percent transaction fee or,two point six or a 2.4 percent so let's,take a look and compare those the,difference between the basic Shopify in,the Shopify plan is $50 and a point,three percent transaction for you we're,gonna Negatron is action just because,it's it's the same for all the plans,next up we have $220 is the difference,between the Shopify plan and the,advanced Shopify plan and you save 0.2%,so let's use some math and figure out at,what point should you be in all the,different plans so if we divide the,difference $50 by the the 3.3% we get,sixteen thousand six hundred sixty six,dollars and 67 cents so we'll explain in,a second what that means and then the,same thing if we take $220 here that's,the difference between these two plans,divided by the amount of money you're,saving and we get $110,000 so that's the,break-even point both for both of these,on when you should switch plans so,basically for basic Shopify you should,be in that plan from $0 to approximately,sixteen thousand six hundred sixty-five,dollars so if you're doing this much,amount per month in revenue you can you,should be in basic Shopify assuming that,you don't give any value to the other,features that they have obviously,abandon cart is worth some money so,depending on how much that's worth to,you you might want to adjust this number,and same thing with the gift cards,that's those are both worth some worth,some money but if you're making more,than sixteen thousand six hundred,sixty-five dollars,you 100% need to switch to Shopify same,thing here if you're making between,sixteen thousand six hundred sixty-five,dollars and one hundred nine thousand,nine hundred,99 you should probably be in the Shopify,plan if you're making more than 110,000,dollars all the way up to about a,million dollars you should be in advance,Shopify now if you're making more than a,million dollars they have a more,advanced package for you but if you're,making more than a million dollars,probably not watching this is per month,so all these numbers are per month so,zero to sixteen thousand six hundred,sixty-five dollars per month go ahead,and go with basic Shopify then Shopify,is this amount right here and then,advanced Shopify is this amount right,there per month so like I said the,abandoned cart does have some value and,since it cost about fourteen dollars we,would change these numbers so the,difference between basic Shopify plus,the $14 abandoned cart to Shopify is $36,so if you do want abandoned cart which I,highly recommend then basically if you,make 0 to $12,000 you should be in basic,Shopify if you make $12,000 to $110,000,you should be in Shopify and over,$110,000 you should be an advantage,top-25 so that's the very basic plan so,here's the numbers for you right here if,you have the basic Shopify plan go ahead,and if you if you make between zero,dollars and sixteen thousand six hundred,sixty-five dollars per month I'd,recommend going with basic Shopify for,most people in between that you got,Shopify and then above the hundred seven,thousand dollar mark you have advanced,Shopify now as promised if you want to,get your free 14-day trial of Shopify,and get a free one-on-one consultation,with me to help you set up your online,store all you have to do is go to,effective e-commerce comm slash Shopify,and that will go ahead and take you to,this page that will do it and anyone,that use that use that link I will help,them start with their online store so,very easy to do right there there is a,link right up here you can click up here,or down below in the show notes to get,that free one-on-one consultation with,me for signing up for Shopify and like I,said they have a 14-day free trial so,you can poke around in there there's no,obligation to to upgrade your fee to,store on,of that go ahead and feel free to start,out with basic Shopify and upgrade over,time as you as you need as you make,money as you make more revenue and you,need more of the features there's no fee,to switch there's no fee to startup so,there's there's really no reason if you,want to start an online store there's no,reason not to sign up today for the,14-day free trial so for 99% of the,people watching this video the Shopify,basic plan is perfect to start you can,upgrade to a different plan at any time,there's really no hesitation the next,step is just to sign up and I do have,links up here and down below in the show,notes and like I said these are,affiliate links so I get a small amount,of Commission and as they thank you I,will give you a free one-on-one,consulting session so it cost you,nothing in fact you get a free 14-day,trial for using either one of these,links and no matter which plan you,decided on you can use these links to,get that free one-on-one consulting,session with me also if you're going to,be starting an online store you should,definitely check out my free ecommerce,success pack which includes a checklist,for starting your online store marketing,ideas tip tips on how to hire virtual,assistants literally everything you need,to know about starting an online store,for free right up there last but not,least if you have any questions you can,ask it down below and don't forget to,subscribe to my youtube channel because,I have a ton of videos that help people,just like you start online stores market,their online stores get traffic I try to,give away as much value as I possibly,can so use my links for Shopify sign up,to get the e-commerce success pack click,Subscribe and leave a comment if you,have any questions thank you so much for,watching

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