how to change filter by on shopify

How to Add Product Filter on Shopify | Filters on Collection Page | Shopify Theme Tutorial DIY here

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Add Product Filter on Shopify | Filters on Collection Page | Shopify Theme Tutorial DIY

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How to Add Product Filter on Shopify | Filters on Collection Page | Shopify Theme Tutorial DIY

here is a simple method to add product,filters to your shopify store,log in to the shopify dashboard,we are splitting this into two parts,first you need to add products with,filters and then customize the product,filters on the collection page,to begin click products from the left,side of the dashboard,you can see the list of all products you,have already added,click add product from the top right,corner,start adding the product information and,provide all the related information,about the product,fill up all the columns like price media,description title quantity and all other,information,below the shipping section you will find,an options section,tick the box in that section and it,expands a column to fill up the filter,options,by default on the options name the size,color material and style are provided,you can pick from the option or provide,an individual filter based on a product,also fill up the option values,now multiple variants are automatically,created based on the type of filters you,provided,include the price and quantity of each,variant and complete,do a quick check if all the areas are,filled,as of now you don't need to add anything,to the meta fields,click the save button from the bottom,right corner,the product is successfully added and,made active,click the back arrow to reach the,product area,to look out for the product you have,added click an ice symbol near it to,preview the product,you can see that the product is included,with all the filters,now we move on to the second step from,the dashboard click the online store on,the left side followed by navigation,you will find filters on the bottom,by default no filters will be added and,click add filters to start adding them,choose all the filters from products and,needed filters from product options then,click done and save it,then select the themes under the online,store and click customize on the current,theme,on the customizer by default it will be,on the home page,select the home page at the top center,then it opens up the drop-down menu,from the drop-down menu select the,collections and pick the default,template or any template you want to,apply filters,now you can view the collection pages,with all the filters,here on this collection page the filters,are hidden,if it is hidden on your site then,navigate to the left sidebar click the i,symbol to make it visible,now you can view that all the filters we,provided initially are now available,here,you can also hide the other blocks in,this section,sometimes based on the theme you are,using the list of functionalities and,filter area could differ,now you can scroll and see all the,filters on the collection page,if you want to remove any particular,filter from this collection page then,click the exit button from the left top,corner and open it in a new tab select,the navigation menu under the online,store on the left side,for example i'm going to remove the,price filter,on the filter remove the filters you,don't want to show on the collection,page,after removing it click the save button,from the bottom,then switch to the previous tab save and,reload the page,now you see that the pricing filter is,removed,this is the simplest way to add product,filters to the shopify store,the number one single product shopify,theme featured in envato tuts plus,with more than 3,300 downloads the boom shopify theme is,trusted by customers worldwide for its,easy customization and,conversion-focused demos,without any coding you can build amazing,websites like these,get all the 80 plus demos with a single,purchase now,create a gorgeous and powerful ecommerce,store today,the name is boom

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