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Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise – Overview/Review welcome to a rap Journal video on an,overview and re

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise – Overview/Review

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Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise – Overview/Review

welcome to a rap Journal video on an,overview and review of sunrise wholesale,lately I've been talking a lot about,drop shipping in articles and in videos,I've been talking about the process of,it and how people are making money with,it and I'm gonna start going over,reviews of companies that I have,personally used for drop shipping and,today I'll be talking about Sunrise,wholesale merchandise I'll be talking,about the pros and cons in my overall,thinking of it when after I've used this,company so the first thing we're gonna,talk about is the pricing and this is,definitely one of the pros with Sunrise,wholesale you can see the pricing if you,click on the sign up button this is,their homepage if you just go to Sunrise,wholesale merchandise com,so their pricing is some of the best I,have ever seen if you look at their,monthly membership it is under $30 29.95,with the yearly membership of one,hundred dollars ninety nine dollars and,this is some of the best pricing I have,seen personally as I go through,different drop shippers most drop,shippers yearly rates can run a little,bit closer to $1,000 and their monthly,memberships running close to around a,hundred dollars of course those vary,from drop shipper to drop sugar so that,is one of the good things that is why,this is the first job sure but I ever,used because it was the most affordable,and it was reliable so when you first,log into the website and make an account,you will go to a place like this and,we're not too sure there is a free 7-day,trial so of course go over that so here,is your homepage your landing page once,you have an account and you'll see,there's different products you can sell,over here with main navigation board,with different subtitles so you can go,over and change your credit card and,stuff that's always very easy eBay,manager that since that is where most,people sell they will they're very good,about helping you with things so there,are videos that will literally take you,step-by-step to get your eBay set up,bands to put products on eBay and your,cart you can track it so that is an,overview of the main navigation so going,into the products a little bit another,kind of you could call it a callin I,guess,about wholesales the number of products,they have they don't have the number of,products that many dropshippers have,many dropshippers you'll see brag about,having a millions upon millions of,products and sunrise wholesale don't,have that they have thousands and,thousands of products don't get me wrong,it's not like they have a small handful,of it they have many products just not,to the same extent as many other,companies so that's one of the cons but,they're very they're good products it's,not like they're leaving out important,ones and they cover the main gist of,many different niches and stuff so you,will definitely find something you were,interested in something you wish to sell,in here and in each of these ones there,are different categories so you go you,got different accessory categories still,going back to the homepage if you look,pull up a random one so let's go to,accessories and I don't know what anyone,look at luggage you'll find this one,kind of cool they'll help you to sell it,on eBay and Amazon they have videos on,both and they'll push it to Amazon very,easily and then the pricing is probably,the most important part of any drop,sugar the retail price for this they,claim is 249 95 the wholesale price,being at 198 and the golden number price,at 146 so as you can see if you ever,sign up you are a gold member you are,getting this price right here where they,claim you can sell it at this price and,another thing that you're going to want,to remember for this is that I did find,when using Sunrise wholesale that,oftentimes this retail price is kind of,wrong it's not entirely wrong it is more,expensive than the Goldmember but it,oftentimes sells more towards that,wholesale price than that retail price,you will find this for more and you will,definitely find it for less so when,you're looking at a product definitely,look more that also price because that's,gonna be where you can be where you can,compete with a good thing that I,recommend doing is copying the name of,this and then in a separate tab kind of,researching it seeing what they sell for,so we'll just kind of click here go,through google shopping you see it for,147 to,sixteen one sixty two twenty three two,hundred 180 105 so as you can see the,products do range very much so and we,saw many in the two hundreds that are,selling and you're getting it for much,cheaper than that so this is a product,that I would definitely list on either,my private site eBay or Amazon because,I'd be making them profit but definitely,before you choose a product investigated,do what I just did maybe a little bit,more thorough as you can see that one,was like a 15 second search so that is,good their pricing is very you do get,the cheapest price this is arguably the,cheapest price that sunrise can get it,so they're not ripping you off unlike I,have seen with other companies and I,have talked about previously so that is,good the pricing and then going to,another con that I did find kind of,frustrating with sunrise is that it,often times went out of stock and a good,thing about this is that they do send,you eat an email right away when it,drops below this number or when it hits,zero so if let's use an example of,watches since it's summer a lot of,people have been into watches and as you,can see a lot of the watches they have,are out of stock I don't exactly know,what the reasoning is before this I'm,guessing they just don't hold as much,inventory as other also dropshippers but,that is one thing you know want to think,about is a lot of things do go out of,stock they are good products so they are,going out of stock fast and they are,selling which I guess could be kind of,labeled as a good thing so going back,home I've kind of given you a whole,overview of sunrise wholesale and I'm,gonna leave you one the most positive,thing that I have seen with sunrise,wholesale merchandise and I think was,the biggest selling point for them and,what got me really into this company and,interested in it and that is the support,they have the contact so if you go here,you can see their contact page and then,also in the word ago here it is click,here to chat if you do contact them they,will get back to you in a matter of,minutes I think probably two to three,minutes is the longest,I ever had to wait and you are talking,to a person this isn't a machine that,you're speaking with it is an actual,person and they will guide you through,your problems I have had many complex,problems with getting my products to,personal websites and affiliate,marketing and they have helped me every,step of the way and they don't stop till,you till you have got your problem,resolved as you can see they're based in,LA yes it's kind of good and I'm gonna,leave you on that one and I hope that is,kind of a good over overview and review,of Sunrise wholesale I have been quite,pleased with this company if you have,any questions or comments or your,stories with using a sunrise also please,leave them in the comments below on this,YouTube video or in the article that I,have written about sunrise wholesale,over at Rob journal com thank you if,this helped you please like and,subscribe for many more entrepreneurial,videos thank you and I will see you soon

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