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How To Add Slideshow To Shopify Page (Step by Step) hi in this video I'm going to be showing,you how

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To Add Slideshow To Shopify Page (Step by Step)

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How To Add Slideshow To Shopify Page (Step by Step)

hi in this video I'm going to be showing,you how you can add a slideshow page on,your Shopify store so let's get into it,now the first thing that you will have,to do,is create a Shopify store so all you,have to do is go to and,press on start free trial,and then you can get started with your,online e-commerce store now this is the,Shopify home page so once you create,your eCommerce store once you set up,like the basic parts this is going to be,your actual home page where you can,begin managing your Shopify store,and if you want to create a new product,slider or a new slideshow on your,Shopify store there are two basic ways,that you can do it the first way that,you know most tech savvy people prefer,is that if you click on online store,you're gonna go into your themes and,from here what you're going to do is,you're going to press on actions,and from here you're gonna press on edit,code now if you're a beginner I would,recommend that before you press on edit,code you press on duplicate and what,this does it makes a copy of the code of,your website and then if you mess up,anything you can just,they get spaced off the copy that you,had and you don't have to worry about it,but if you're pretty tech savvy and if,you're following this video step by step,then I don't think you're going to run,into any issues but do remember that,different Shopify themes work,differently so if you're running a,different Shopify theme,it might be that you,might have some issues with the code,that you're going to add but in most,cases you're just going to click on edit,code,and once you press on edit code,what you're going to do is you're going,to go and see so here you have all these,sections and here you have the preview,so from here you can see these are all,the sections gonna press on templates,and add a new template,and choose liquid,and name it anything type in alternate,and then press done,and then you get this empty,place where we're going to fill in the,code,then you put in this code right here,and then press on Save,once that is saved you can go back to,the store,so if you press on view over there,what you can do is once you click on,view you can press on edit home page,and then you're going to find your,slideshow,on your left over here very soon so once,you're in here you see these different,sections here,we're gonna go on ADD section,and then,you can find your slideshow over here,you press like that,and just like that I have added the,image slideshow,so this is how easy it is to add an,image slide now once you have added the,slideshow section you're going to click,on image slide,and you're going to select your image,press on select image and let's see if,we can find some,image let's take this one,and then I can,add another image,maybe that one,so it's very easy to create your,slideshow so just like that I've added,this simple little slideshow so it takes,you less than five minutes to edit the,code and add your slideshow via this,method,via this method but,if you don't want to use this method,I'll show you guys how you can do it in,another way guys how this looks like,so this is the slideshow over here,and it's a very nice little section that,you can add,especially to the top of your website I,would actually recommend to add it to,the top instead of adding it to the,bottom,but you can see over here I have two,images right now,and you know obviously you can resize it,and fit it in different grades if you,want to now it's a simple and easy,method and I'll show you guys the code,again,so the code is only two curly brackets,a percentage section,and section and slideshow,and all you have to do to add a,slideshow onto your Shopify store now if,you want more abilities to customize,and you just want to do it in a,different manner you don't want to edit,the code of your website or if this,method does not work for you you never,know some Shopify teams have have are,different and some Shopify teams are,very difficult to customize,so in that situation what you're going,to do,is you're going to go to apps the app,section of Shopify,and once you press on your app section,you can search here for apps,so the first one is smart,and then you have these two apps over,here so first is smart BN Banner slider,and the second one is product image,slider carousel,so you can integrate these two,iterations onto your Shopify store,for you to be able to add these image,sliders so you can choose any of these,and if you are still looking for more,you can just go on to your actual search,button over here,and you can search for image slider,and you can see there are a few,different options that you have in terms,of galleries but I do recommend,smart B and products image slider,carousel,these ones are pretty simple and easy to,use,all you have to do to add this is press,on add app,and once you press on add app they're,going to integrate your application onto,your Shopify store,so you're just going to click on install,app over here,and once you press on install app we're,just waiting for application,so you can see a lot just like that,our Banner slider has been added,now what you're going to do is you're,going to press on ADD slider,and then you can choose the height and,width so let's say I only want a,hundred,by 100 pixels,and maybe I want this to be a,vertical slider or maybe,it can be any slider you want jump,slideshow,or maybe a list slider,and then you can have your autoplay into,interval,so I want this to be at a thousand,milliseconds,and then we have the failure mode so I,want it to be a,contain so I want to put all of the,image in the actual center of the slide,area,and then you can choose to allow paths,if you want,then you can press on Save slider over,here,and just like so,okay we need to just add the name,put in test slider,and then it's saved,and all the information has been saved,then you can press on next,so here you can upload any images so I'm,just going to click on ADD image,and then I'm going to select an image,so now I've opened up an image,and I'm gonna just enter some,information,then I'm gonna press on Save,and then I'm going to press on ADD image,and I'm gonna choose another image I,have another image here,a dog picture that I uploaded,so just like that now I have added these,two images I'm going to press on next,and then I'm gonna press on the next,again,and then you can see,you can see all of this embedded code,so now you're just going to follow these,instructions,on how to insert the script code into,your Shopify store,now,you can see over here that you still,have to edit code,and that's going to be an essential part,in most sliders but for more,customization and for more control over,the kind of slider that you want or the,kind of aesthetic that you want your,Shopify store to follow,it is better to use a application,because if you're not familiar with,writing complex code then,this kind of copy paste code is going to,be a lot more helpful for you,so once you do that,all you have to do is publish your,Shopify store with any of the code that,you receive from,any of the image sliders so,so Shopify is a great application for,you to get started with your eCommerce,business I do recommend it to most,people because it allows you to do a lot,of customization,and for people that are not familiar,with web development and e-commerce,store development it keeps it simple as,well so,and you're able to find what you need,where you should put it without having,you know a,lot of extra strange features that,you're never going to use,however Shopify is not available for,free,so,the basic version for Shopify,because you can see here 13 for 13 43,euro per month,double Shopify for 39 44 euro per month,and the advanced Shopify 142.82 euro per,month,but the basic per the basic version is,good enough for most people and it is,also the most popular one,so I hope you enjoyed this video leave a,thumbs up and subscribe to the YouTube,channel thanks for watching

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