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How to connect your Shopify Store to Faire Wholesale Marketplace hi lucy here in this video i'm talk

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to connect your Shopify Store to Faire Wholesale Marketplace

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How to connect your Shopify Store to Faire Wholesale Marketplace

hi lucy here in this video i'm talking,about the shopify integration with fair,and why we've set it up and why it's,been good for us so if you have a,shopify business and they're looking to,sell unfair or already selling unfair,then this is the video for you,so there are a few reasons that i signed,up for the shopify integration unfair,when i initially jumped onto the,platform i didn't actually go for the,shopify integration straight away um i,went for the manual option um and,there's i'll explain later but there's,actually a reason that me going for the,manual option and then switching to,shopify had some issues so i will talk,through what happened there and how you,can avoid that but the shopify,integration itself is really good first,of all it's so easy it's basically a,flick of a switch and all your products,will import it will all go into fair you,know all the pricing and you know,product information will be there you,can adjust that as you need to like on,each product so,it's just a really easy way of getting,set up on the platform straight away the,other thing is from an inventory point,of view it's really great for managing,the inventory so it will pull through,all the numbers from shopify so if,you're selling on there and you know you,sell out of elephant socks you don't,need to worry i say elephant socks,obviously you might be selling something,different but if we sell out of elephant,socks then that will pull through onto,fair and it just means you don't have to,manually update all the numbers you,won't have the issue where customers are,accidentally ordering something that's,out of stock so the automation is really,helpful thirdly for me it's just been,brilliant in terms of,our operation side as well because our,warehouse plugs into shopify everything,gets pulled through automatically so the,orders are pulled through they're then,shipped so what will happen is a,customer will order unfair i'll accept,it goes into shopify it goes to my,warehouse and it's just sent so rather,than having to manually input all these,orders it just makes my life so much,easier,so now i will show you the shopify,integration on the fair side so we have,quite a lot of skus and we're only going,to add more we've got a lot of socks,coming this year so,the decision ended up being quite a,simple one because it would have taken,us ages to upload everything manually,and it is now just the flick of a switch,so all these skus sit in fair you can,edit them manually as well if you need,to but it just means it's all pulled,through you review them and then just,select which ones you you do want to,have them found don't so if there's a,certain products you don't want to pull,through to fail like you can do that as,well so it's a really good system i will,also show you how it comes through onto,shopify if you're interested so this is,my shopify backend and you'll see so an,order has come through on fair um it,will display in dollars that doesn't,really matter for me it still gets paid,out in pounds and on my analytics,everything still gets showed in pounds,but it will pull through in dollars,obviously like a large amount of items,pulling through and it will be tagged,saying fair wholesale,so from an analytics point of view you,can still understand the breakdown and,the split there,so yeah the only issue we have with this,i mentioned it before is i started by,manually uploading my products and then,i switched to shopify we had an issue,where some of the manual products that i,had pulled through were still live,compared to the shopify ones and the,pricing was slightly different so we,started noticing orders coming through,and they were ordering,orangutan stocks they were the same skew,but slightly different prices so just,make sure you do an audit of which,products you're putting through if you,had any manual ones make sure they're,all disabled and switched off if you're,moving over to the shopify one but other,than that it's a really really easy,integration and i would recommend it if,you want to automate the back end and,make sure all these orders are coming,through and if you've got a warehouse it,really helps with that and with,especially with the inventory management,so yeah i really recommend it as always,if you have any questions please just,let me know

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