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Why your Shopify store gets no sales | You MUST avoid these mistakes why is your shopify store not g


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Why your Shopify store gets no sales | You MUST avoid these mistakes

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Why your Shopify store gets no sales | You MUST avoid these mistakes

why is your shopify store not getting,sales and how can you fix that let's,find out,hey everyone my name is eddie and in,this video i will review a few stores,made by some of my youtube subscribers,and the members of my discord community,i will tell you everything that you've,done right and everything that you've,done wrong so you can improve and get,more sales increase your conversion rate,so let's start this is one of my stores,currently at 5 000 plus dollars in sales,today so i will be speaking from,experience for everybody not believing,that this is real i will load up the,dashboard right now this store has been,uh running on autopilot pretty much very,consistent in fact yesterday did about,the same,uh let's see in the last seven days has,been pretty consistent,same in the last let's do 30 days it's,been pretty consistent even in the last,90 days it's been pretty consistent so,this is one of the stores that i run,and i'll be using the experience i've,gained uh from running multiple,successful shopify stores to give you,some advice on how you could improve,your own store so let's start in case,you're wondering all the stores from,this video have been posted in mavenport,my discord community i will leave a link,in the description of this video for you,to join as well i definitely help all,the members in here and i'm pretty,active so uh let's start with this store,called cart the outlet so the first,thing that you've done wrong on this,store is you have a logo of,a sale tag with a cart on it the store,name also has the word cart in it you,never want to do that that's not a,trustworthy store people wouldn't trust,a store that's called cart or shop or,trend or,deals or stuff like that you want to,give it a brand name when people land on,your store you don't want them to think,that they're being sold to you want them,to feel like they're part of a community,part of a brand that they resonate with,they'll never resonate with oh there's a,sale right here buy my product that's,not going to work i assume this is the,product that you're selling on the store,straight away this is a bit of a long,title i would say make this a little,smaller call it like migraine relief cap,or something like that this is a little,too long especially on mobile which is,where most of your customers are coming,from this takes four lines way too much,so uh decrease the size of the text and,make it shorter as well in here you say,in stock ready to ship this is just a,waste of space it's important that you,take advantage of all the space that you,got because people are not gonna be,scrolling on your website for too long,replace this with the benefit and that,will make it convert a little better the,fact that you put free shipping in here,and free returns that's really good,that's a good uh general benefit that,people want to see another thing that,you've done wrong is your add to carbon,is white on a white background you need,to make it more visible then it's good,that you're transparent with your,shipping time but i suggest that you,keep it uh yeah look right here at the,end you don't want to put it in two,places uh that's not necessary at all,here you wrote this on a nice blue,background making it look like these are,benefits you just want to probably put,this on a more of a red background,saying it helps with and then tension,stress and whatever features and,benefits these should be just all one,section like you say relief headaches,and then you can start talking about,this drug-free composition and how it,helps and stuff like that these should,not be separate it's too much for the,customer to read here it's good that you,got gif that's uh pretty important for,customers to kind of see how you use,this it's kind of short though and then,this is quite a bit of text here without,any kind of illustrations any kind of,images so you want to kind of uh you,know sprinkle some visual,content in here as well it's good you,got a guarantee that always helps the,conversions and uh returns policy very,good that you got that on the page ask a,question now really you don't really,want them to do anything else other than,buy your stuff and also get rid of,shared tweet pin it those never help,they're useless just to waste the space,as well,and you need more reviews these reviews,are not really good fast to mexico no,one shops from mexico,no one's gonna come to your store from,mexico and buy from facebook ads,so definitely get rid of that just edit,them to come from the united states and,say stuff like oh it really helped with,my headache now i can work a lot better,so,that's it for the first store,now let's look at aqua speaker magic,like you've never heard let's see the,product page because that's where people,will go the homepage is not the,important limited edition aqua speakers,so first of all why are they called aqua,speakers when they have absolutely,nothing to do with water that would,confuse customers they'll be thinking,that,they use this underwater or something so,that's not a good name at all unless the,product does have to do with water and i,just don't know but i don't think so,secondly it costs zero dollars so i,might as well just buy one for myself,right now if it's free,uh you definitely gotta do something,about that the variance just call it,space black uh no brackets no caps no,need for all that call it silver i don't,need to complicate things the add to car,button again it's white on white i mean,every you you need to understand you,want people to get on this website and,the first thing they see is the product,a little benefit or something right here,like the other store had and then an add,to car button that stands out so people,can just click on it straight away,sale timers i haven't used those in four,years they're completely unnecessary,just a waste of space in my opinion ask,a question again unnecessary get rid of,that these three things are necessary,here it's good that you started,explaining things and you also have um,images however i don't think you're,explaining how it actually works like,you're saying it's got good volume,uh louder than whatever but people won't,know how it works i mean i think the,benefit of this is that it turns any,surface into a speaker from what i know,i don't sell this product i have nothing,to do with it but i don't think you're,telling people why this is special,you're saying it's louder and whatever,no one cares about that the special,thing about it is from what i can kind,of tell from these images they is that,you put it on surfaces and uses,vibration i guess to make sound not too,sure but again customers will get,confused and just leave this website and,they'll never come back so you need to,improve on that and other than that you,don't need to have this in the middle of,the description they're already here why,do you want them to click on this and,they just go back to the beginning,that's not helpful this is just a waste,of space and just causes friction turn,anything hollow into okay so finally,here after they had to scroll forever,they start to understand so this is one,of the first things that you explain how,everything can be turned into a speaker,and everything can play music for you,you know something like that you got to,put that at the beginning and then,some guarantee right here that's okay,but like you're not really saying 14,days 30 days refund policy you need to,explain that a little bit people won't,know what your guarantee is so,definitely the store would not convert,any customers in my opinion let's move,on to the next point or fly so,i've seen this thing pretty much,everywhere i wouldn't really try to sell,it right now but i can still judge your,store and here it is again the same,mistake every single store has got the,same problem,white add to carbon on a white,background it's just not helping i mean,you want people to find it really easy,to just click on that to carbon you want,to be as attractive as possible free,worldwide shipping good this useless you,need to change this this is never going,to help you that it's in stock everybody,knows it's in stock that's why it's here,that's why you're advertising it on,facebook that's not a benefit you need,to make this into a little benefit of,the product i don't know what that could,be i haven't researched this product but,you know whatever it is the customers,love about this you can find more about,uh what customers like about those,products when you just look them up on,amazon look at the good reviews other,than that it's good that you got a,little gift here,in a messy room i would probably find,something better to show customers how,it works,and then here you say the infrared,obstacle avoidance drone controlled with,the palm of your hand feel the fun that,is a terrible long title that means,absolutely nothing you need to strike,them straight in the face with the,benefits something that uh the main the,main,selling point of your product and then,start explaining and then you go on here,and you show a ton of the same picture,pretty much i mean just different,backgrounds no one cares,everybody knows what this looks like,it's here,you don't need to keep showing it you,need to show videos of how it works in,certain scenarios you know and uh why,it's so fun low power protection yeah,you can talk about how it's safe because,it lands on its own if it's got low,battery that's good i was just worried a,little better,obstacle avoidance that's a good point,and then you have reviews next to,reviews so there's no point to have,reviews and then under that more reviews,just if you want to use this just use,one here somewhere under the first,paragraph,and again these just get rid of them,they never help and then your reviews,they have no pictures and they don't,really say anything this is the product,works normally and has achieved expected,effect,how's that going to convince anyone you,got to edit those reviews and add some,pictures and some relevant text,performance may be different planet is,also very good,earth,why is the planet,the planet is also very good speed is,fast good quality so these are some,awful reviews you need to change these,also make them cards you can make them,show as multiple cards and they'll cover,less space and you'll get more content,in the same amount of space basically,so you definitely have a lot to work on,this this would not convert right now,all right car sable this logo absolutely,everybody uses it any store has to do,with cars has this exact thing so that's,not original at all but let's click shop,now see what's going on as usual i'm,ignoring the homepage pretty much,because most of the customers won't get,there,um easy clean foam tm,okay 400 millimeters some reviews in,here so this is looking a little messy,to be honest all of the new free themes,can do all this a lot better but anyway,this will not really deter customers to,be honest with you expect to deliver 10,15 days that will sound like a little,much just make it 7 15 for example 8 15.,restore your car's life that doesn't,mean anything sounds like you're just,repairing the engine but obviously this,is just a cleaner free fast safe,shipping well obviously not too fast 10,15 business days,and then this is a good benefit to have,terrible anxiety due to your grubby car,um,yeah i would definitely change this to,something better like keep your car germ,free,clutter free as well something like that,and then start explaining how it works,and why it's special,you say new solution but you don't cure,terrible anxiety oh my god how could,this cure anxiety so straight away this,looks super sketchy i would not buy from,this website create selfies theme oh my,god,i'm just gonna spray some foam in my car,and all of a sudden i'm gonna be full of,confidence and self-esteem,it's not this is not good marketing to,be honest you you can just talk about,how tidy and nice smelling your car will,be germ free in which case you will,breathe cleaner air,those are the angles that you should use,for this you can just say that you have,no anxiety anymore because you have this,foam that you clean your car with that's,not how it works,that's a massive red flag for customers,then these are good to be honest 96,chose to purchase two or more of course,fake stats but yeah they help,self-confidence again so this is hella,sketchy i will not use that eye quality,this is uh you're pushing it maybe too,far here as well and then you got some,reviews with pictures definitely your,customer didn't buy this many,just show pictures like this is simple,just go on google type clean backseat or,something like that super clean backseat,and then say before and after or,something and just post those reviews so,the reviews are not too bad but yeah,there's a lot to improve on here i don't,see how anyone will buy this so it might,feel like i'm being a little rough with,those stores but to be completely honest,i'm just trying to teach you how to do,better because you will not be making,money with these stores that's,guaranteed so please take this criticism,in a constructive way and just improve,your stores and improve the way that you,approach all these marketing angles and,that will help you convert customers a,lot better now this is the last store,i'll be looking at it's called lumpy's,flame,all right let's shop now so first of all,it's 35,if we look this product up on aliexpress,it costs like,18 19. most likely 20 something with,shipping so that means that you only,have like 10 to 15 dollars to spare to,acquire customers that's never going to,happen on facebook you need to mark up,your prices 3x the cost of the goods,so,that in this case would be i don't know,60 something this product would not sell,for 60 something i would not sell this,on facebook there's more like a tick,tock type of thing and even then,probably about 40 dollars i would say if,you do tick-tock organic i guess you can,give up like 30 margin because you don't,need to pay to acquire customers same,problem as the other stores this add to,car button i can't even see it to be,honest white on a white background this,is bad by now is okay i guess you can,see that but then this is just,completely useless what is it a,humidifier that defuses not good wording,at all it's time to seek out your inner,oasis and immerse yourself in your cozy,pocket-sized fireplace kind of long kind,of doesn't mean much here you can talk,about how he clears your sinuses your,nose your breathing it helps you relax,and focus on your work helps you sleep,and all that good buying something so,this is a good one but other than that,you haven't really sold it much you,don't say much about it like this,doesn't actually mean something this,sounds cool i guess this is not,convincing this will not convince,customers to buy this you just need to,talk about the benefits which are clean,air helps you focus and helps you work,be more productive,sleep and rest better you know i mean,you have some of that here but you got,to focus on these benefits this you will,never,ever,be able to be profitable with this price,point and this product page it's not,going to happen it's absolutely not,going to happen if you wanted to do,facebook ads not only would i just,increase the price point but actually i,would just i would not even try to sell,this on facebook this is this is not,gonna work on facebook to be honest,unless you do an incredible job but then,why would you put yourself in the,position where you would need to do an,incredible job to sell something just,find the product that sells better and,then also do a better job with marketing,as well this wouldn't work let's also do,this dog store really quick let's see,what this looks like so this looks okay,so far thank you for your purchase what,i didn't buy anything enable advanced,features and increase okay so see as,soon as the customer sees this they're,out they're not going to buy anything,for your store this looks hella sketchy,so get rid of that let's click shop now,see what you sell so i don't really know,which product okay this is showing up on,every,go away maybe you're selling this i'm,not sure you should get rid of tax,included shipping calculator checkouts,completely useless at the carbon is,white again oh my god it looks like,every single person creates a white add,to carbon you need to get rid of that,just you don't need any of this just,have one at the carbon that stands out,has a good color that stands out your,colors are all over the place as well,this is just light blue this is green,and yellow this is dark blue,gray just a lot of inconsistency here,and then here if you want to do bundles,and upsells and stuff like that just,remove this remove this as well,just create more variants and call them,i guess this is a pack right like you,get two in one just go on one pack and,then make another variant that's uh,slightly less expensive than 2x the,price and call it two pack not the,wrapper of course,and then a three pack four pack just,have multiple variants here and just,upside like that that's going to take,way less space you got to take advantage,of all the space because customers are,just going to get out of your store,after they scroll twice if they're not,interested and then you have all these,general benefits showing but you haven't,convinced the customer to buy this yet,like why would they scroll here and be,like oh i'll buy it because they have no,idea how this works you'll need to,convince them first you need to have a,description before all these worldwide,shipping and whatever this has nothing,under it as well so don't even think to,run ads on this store because it will,absolutely never work this is not a,description these are just random bullet,points no one will read this just to,block a text definitely watch my video,where i explain how to create a store,and how to do the market how to find,marketing angles and how to write a,product description it's one of my,recent videos i'll put a card on the,screen for it you need to watch that and,learn how to make a product page because,this is not going to work,all right so i'm hoping that helped you,understand what went wrong with these,stores and how to avoid making all these,mistakes if you have any questions about,what i said just uh leave them in the,comments i get back to every single,comment and again mavenport is my,discord community it's entirely free,right now 1100 plus members and i'm very,active here i help everybody with their,drop shipping or e-commerce questions,facebook ads questions definitely join,this i'll leave a link in the,description of the video uh to invite,you into the server and will continue,communicating there if you have any,questions i hope you enjoyed this video,see you in the next

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