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How to Cancel Shopify Subscription and Close Store 2021 hello everyone,welcome again to resolution d

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Cancel Shopify Subscription and Close Store 2021

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How to Cancel Shopify Subscription and Close Store 2021

hello everyone,welcome again to resolution design my,name is edwin anthony if you're brand,new to this channel again,what i do is that i do a tons of shopify,videos tons of shopify tutorials,so welcome again for this segment uh if,you're brand new to the channel,all you got to do and you like this type,of material,all you got to do is press that,subscribe smash that blue like button,put some comments down there and let's,get right to it,in this video what we're going to talk,about,is what happens if i want to close down,my store,how can i close down my shopify store,before the trial ends,so this particular year has been kind of,crazy you've been seeing a whole bunch,of trial offers,i have a trial offer in the description,uh typically it's for 14 days,earlier this year or in 2020 um,they had something where it was almost,for like 90 days or something like that,but no worries if you're in a position,where you're like you know what i need a,break,or things just haven't been moving or i,just kind of want to step,back from all this because i got other,things that i need to carry first that's,what this video is about okay,so first thing that i want to talk to,you about before we dive into the,instructions,is exactly why are we doing this,why are we doing this so there could be,a whole bunch of different reasons first,let's just get away from the fact that,it could be personal reasons,like you just need a break from all this,whatever second obvious reason,is that perhaps whatever story that,you're building you just feel like it's,just not working at the moment,or that your suppliers are just not,available and that you just feel like,you need to take a break right,but i want to say that the most popular,reason is probably that,is is that you know you just don't feel,like working with this you just want to,let it go,and truth of the matter is is that maybe,it is a good idea maybe it wasn't such a,bad idea,right you don't need to literally close,the store,you just need to kind of reevaluate what,you've done,right yeah i don't want you to you know,quit on your dreams,you know you once upon a time you did,want to start up a store,and maybe things just didn't turn out,right that's what this channel is all,about is to kind of help you out,as far as you know how to make you,really successful okay,so i wouldn't want to say that i am just,only going to teach you how to close the,store,i'm going to teach you several other,options in this video just to take into,consideration,as to what other things can go about,okay so again i cover a lot of materials,on my channel go ahead and look at my,channel look at all those different,videos that i offer,and test out a few things okay because,maybe your initial business didn't work,out well but maybe there's another,business that could work out well,you don't need to disconnect the shopify,store if let's say you were selling i,don't know let's say cases,and cell phone cases and the cell phone,cases didn't work out for you but you,now,want to sell i don't know uh watches,right you don't literally have to cut,off the store you could just,redo the store who cares if the,dot says,harry's greatest you know uh whatever,your old business was it doesn't matter,because your customers are not going to,see that,you just might need to change the domain,name you know you go to godaddy buy a,new domain and that's the new name of,your business,then you start from scratch you don't,have to close this one out and start a,new trial for something else you don't,need to do that,right so that's my answer to you on that,part let's get to the technical stuff,i'm going to share my screen with you,okay and i'm gonna teach you on how,we get the different options to closing,out the store let's get,to it all right let's get this show on,the road,here real quick so here am i right here,right here right here okay,all right so if we are on the shopify,store what we're going to do first of,all,is that we're going to go if you see my,mouse right here what we're going to do,is we're going to go,to the bottom left where it says,settings we're going to click on,settings and we're gonna click on right,here where it says plans,and permission i'm gonna click on that,and we're gonna scroll,all the way down until we see our three,options let me explain to you what these,three options,are because remember it's different,scenarios depending on,where you're at in your business what's,going on personally and,what you want to do with this whole,business entirely okay so,the way that this works is that the,three options pause,build um all right so,we have seller close seller close is,that's it i'm totally done i want to,completely disconnect and i,do not care of any of the contents i,don't care about the apps,i don't care about the products i don't,care any work that i've done,seriously i will never touch this ever,again,that's if you want to sell it i mean,excuse me close it,right you're like i'm finito i'm done so,then you go right here,and then you click on it and shopify is,going to ask you,hey are you sure you want to leave or,would you rather sell it,so those who want to sell it let me,explain,what this means it means that,you've actually tried with your business,you've,done facebook marketing you've had a few,sales,you know it's it wasn't all that bad,it's just that,you felt that in in a way it just was,too time-consuming,uh there was too much an investment,where you had to come out of pocket for,a lot of these things,and you just felt like you know what,i got this job promotion i rather just,dedicate my time to this nine to five,and i'd rather just sell this business,it did pretty good but it's just not for,me i'd rather not do anything and let me,just sell this store,and therefore okay go ahead and press,sell,store what then happens is that your,store goes into a shopify's merchant,system,where it shows your sales it shows your,sales it shows your traffic it shows all,that,and then here comes these investors or,people that actually want to buy,businesses,they look at it they make you an offer,based on your stats and then you could,go ahead and go about that way,sounds pretty fun you know i i could see,some people,let's pretend for a second that you're,really good at creating businesses it's,just that,you don't want to get involved with the,e-commerce and just doing all that,but what you're really good at is you're,good at finding a product,you get maybe drop shipping or something,like that you're good at making sales,you're good at all this and you make the,numbers real look really nice,and then you come to a point you're like,you know what now i'm gonna sell it,not on the first month not on the second,month you give it like a nice,year of good sales so that it's very,attractive,and then you say hey i'll sell you my,store for this much it's already doing,good just follow these steps and just,get on with it,and then it turns out pretty good hey,maybe that's your line of business,you know people buy houses and flip them,maybe you're the type that you,build businesses and flip them to that's,not a bad cash idea,okay so but closing the store means that,you want,absolutely nothing to do with it and,therefore that's why we're closing this,down,okay pausing so pausing means that,you know what you just need a break,let's pretend that you're gonna go on,vacation for a long time,and you have nobody to really look after,the story and you really don't want to,deal with it,you want to pause meaning that when you,click on pause,it keeps everything systematically it it,shuts down your store from the front end,and the back end both everything,together uh but it doesn't delete the,contents,of your store such as your theme your,products and all that stuff it keeps it,there,and by pausing it means okay hold it for,me,hold my beer hold this right,hold this because i'll be back in like a,few months or so i just need to go get,this money,right because i realized that this,business requires funds,right i require funds for marketing i,require funds to do email marketing,to do all types of things and i'm just,not ready yet i don't want it deleted i,just want it paused,so you go ahead and click the middle,option which is pause and shopify will,not charge you,any monthly bill they'll just leave it,there until you're ready to come back,sign in and then pay the monthly bill,right so shopify will pause it,but then once you try to jump back in,it's not like you start the free trial,over again it doesn't work like that,instead you just pick up where you left,off you could pay the 29,or however it is that you see fit all,right third scenario pause and build,so pause and build means that the trial,is up,right the trial is up but you're not,ready to dish out the 29,a month but you're also not ready,to go live yet because there's just so,much,things that need to happen and you know,you have a family you just have a very,busy life,and you need more time 14 days is not,enough you need more time to build your,store,right and so pause and build what it,does,is that it won't allow you to sell it,won't allow you to like,really see the storefront or your,customers to see the storefront,instead what it does is that it lowers,your monthly payment down to a minimum,of,nine dollars a month you get to keep,everything but you get access to the,back end,you get to go to the back end just like,this back end screen right here,you get to go right here and you get to,update this update that add more,products this and this and that until,you're ready to finally go out there and,push it out,now why is that important well because,hosting cost money,um just to host this and have all this,program you can't just have it for free,you need to pay for it in order for if,you're serious about your store,if you feel like nah all i got to do is,just close this store,and then just start uh the 14 day trial,again,there's no purpose of that why because,then you're not really serious about,your business,you understand that business takes money,right so in order to make money you need,to spend money you understand that,if you're serious about your business,and you feel like you're in that loop,where you always need a new trial to,start all over again,you're looking at this entirely wrong,totally totally wrong,you need to step back for a second right,and you need to say,let me let me see if this business is,even worth investing time with,right let me get this money right let me,get this side money you need to get,capital,get some capital right and then,construct your business take as long as,six months if you have to,right but don't just always do the trial,do the trial do the trial,it makes no sense because at the end of,the day you're using free free,free free you're never gonna launch,never it's like you're never gonna,execute,right because you're being cheap with it,this doesn't make sense,so if you're serious about your business,and you want to continue building it,just just pay nine dollars a month,that's it,right okay awesome i hope you liked that,quick tip video i really hope that it,was very useful for you,um i'm still trying to build this whole,academy thing,it's coming before the end of the year i,promise i won't let you down,it's something that you know for those,that want to close their business,don't think that oh i'm just not caught,up not i'm not cut up for this,it's not that is that we live in a world,where,you know we have a lot of ambition and,we want to do,uh what's in our heart but sometimes we,might not have the right resources,sometimes there's other videos of these,people on youtube,where they have these claims of make ten,thousand dollars in one day,or watch me how i built this businesses,come on no,i i don't like to sell things like that,and honestly it's not the truth,they're just doing it for the clout me i,may not be as popular as those people,that claim lamborghinis that claim,all of this that claim all of that why,because,selling a fantasy is what attracts,people honestly,that's why that's why those click baits,are out there,you know those thumbnails with the,lamborghinis and this kid that only,looks like he's 13 that he made 5 000 in,one day,come on i know that's that's not really,how it goes,right and i'm not looking for that fame,either,what i gain is just helping you out,that's it that's why i'm in it i'm in it,to help you out because i want your,business really to succeed,and i will say very detailed things that,perhaps those other people don't tell,you,why because i am not coming at you like,a merchant,i am not like oh look i sold cameras and,because i sold cameras,look how successful i made it and let me,show you how i did it too,that's not me i'm coming at you like,listen i've built multi-million dollar,stores over and over and over again,this is just what i like to do okay so,i'd rather just teach you some tactics,as to how you could potentially do the,same,right okay if you like this type of,content,and you're also ready for the academy,let me know in the comments,because based on those comments is how i,continue to do things,and also don't forget to subscribe like,this video,for more content and also give me some,ideas because i'm reading all your,comments give me ideas as soon as the,things that you really want to learn,about,and then i'll create those videos for,you all right awesome,take care

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