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How to find ALL Shopify Stores? Find Owners Information including Emails! hello and welcome back thi

Azharul Rafy

Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to find ALL Shopify Stores? Find Owners Information including Emails!

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How to find ALL Shopify Stores? Find Owners Information including Emails!

hello and welcome back this is ashford,rafi once again in this video i'm going,to show you where can you find the,complete list of shopify stores how to,find the store owner or ceo's name and,how you can collect this ceo or store,owner's email address easily so first of,all you have to visit this website, i'm going to attach the link,into the video description for your easy,access after visiting the site you have,to provide the shopify inks ip address,here which is,after providing the ip address here,simply you have to click on this who is,look up button,and it is going to take us to the next,page where you can see the ip owner is,shopify inc,and they own,from this ip range to this ip range,right,now if you click on other sites on ip it,is going to show us,all the websites hosted with these ip,addresses that means all the websites,using shopify right now as you can see,now websites between this ip range to,this ip range,we have got over 294,websites,now if i take you little,bottom you are going to find 400k plus,websites using shopify,now these websites are no longer in,business as you can see here,uh the list is pretty big 16 000 so they,used to use shopify but they are not,using shopify anymore,right now what you can do here,uh to get all the results if i click on,this view all records you are going to,find,on each pages we have got around,50 shopify store listings and we have,got around,5882 pages containing the shopify stores,now if i take you to the fifth page you,are going to see these results we are on,201,so to extract all these data,all these website urls it might going to,take a whole lot of time for you so in,this case you can simply hire someone on,fiber,to get these data extracted on an excel,spreadsheet or on a google spreadsheet,i'm going to attach the link of this,site into the video description so that,you can hire someone if you need all,right now let me just verify if all of,these websites are actually built with,shopify so simply i'm to copy the,website url from here let's paste it,here,hit,into the enter button and let's visit,the website right this is the website,and if you take a look here on this tool,which is,um wapa laser so as you can see the,ecommerce platform they are using,shopify right so this is a shopify,website after that if i,take let's say this website as an,example,all of these website is actually built,with a shopify platform right just take,a look another website now if i take you,to this tool just take a look the,e-commerce platform is shopify not only,this information you are going to find,whole lot of other information by using,this tool i'm going to attach the link,of every tool i'm going to show you,throughout this video into the,description field so if you need you can,check them out,now let's cross them out now i have got,some business data here on my um,excel spreadsheet now i'd love to show,you how you can collect their owner or,ceo's name and how we can find their,email addresses easily so first one as,you can see here you copia so i'm going,to open up the website here,and after that i'm going to copy the,domain name from here,let's paste it again and after that i'd,love to type out,owner or ceo,and i'm going to add linkedin,so my goal is to find,the owners information of these websites,and their linkedin page so that i'll be,able to collect their email addresses,easily okay,so here we go lauren greenwood who is,the co-founder and president of ucopia,president so yeah i can take her profile,from here,let's copy this profile,and i'm going to type out linkedin here,paste,now,i'm going to copy her name from here,copy,paste it here and title is going to be,co-founder and president,now paste this information now it's time,to collect the emails so i'm going to,use cell sql just take a look if i click,here let's click on this,and you're going to find this is the,email address and this is the email,address so personal and work emails we,have found so i'm going to copy both of,these emails from here,and let's go back to the spreadsheet,paste this email here,sorry,okay,now i have got two emails for lauren,now let's say,i need the email address and the founder,or the owner's name of this website,simply i can visit the website,and,let's just wait while it is working yeah,now copy this,from here the url,after that i'm going to make a search,again,i'm going to change the url only from,here,owner ceo linkedin so let's hit enter,let's see here we go,this is the profile which i,watched earlier,so here we go lara casey larson ceo of,cultivate what matters so i'm going to,copy the url from here,let's paste it here and after that i'm,going to take the name,from here copy,sorry copy,and paste the name here,after that i have to take the title,which is going to be ceo or the chief,executive officer,and then again i'm going to use the tool,which is cell sql and i'm going to,attach the tool link into the video,description for your easy access,simply copy,these emails from here,so i'm going to copy all these emails,copy,and paste them here now i can simply,remove the other texts,okay so these are her email addresses,for different companies right,so this is the process how we can,get all the shopify store links,or shopify websites,and then how to,find the shopify store owner,or the ceo's information and how to,collect their email addresses by sell,sql and i'm going to attach all of these,tools all of these page links into the,video description for your easy access i,believe you have found this short video,helpful if you did please give this,video a like let me know if you have got,any question by commenting below and,please share this video with your,friends to help them out thank you so,much for watching have a good day bye

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