how to sell t shirts on shopify

How to sell t shirts on shopify 2022 hello friends in today's video i'm gonna  be walking through ho

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to sell t shirts on shopify 2022

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How to sell t shirts on shopify 2022

hello friends in today's video i'm gonna  be walking through how to sell t-shirts  ,on shopify but before getting started this  video make sure to subscribe out one minute  ,to sell t-shirts or anything on shopify first of  all you need to create a shopify store check out  ,my youtube channel and here you'll get the video  how to create shopify store and how to create  ,shopify account so after creating your shopify  store go to products and click on add product,and now enter your product title here,and give you your product description,add your product file here so click on add file,and select your product photo i'm  gonna be uploading here multiple photos,and now give here the product price or give your  t-shirt price and give you the discount price,and cost per item give here the cost per item,and you can give here the  ,sq or barcode and continue selling wine out  of stock i'm going to checking this option  ,if this product is physical then you have to check  this option so t-shirt is a physical product so  ,i'm going to checking this option and now give  here the product weight and select your country,and now let's see how to create  product options so check this option  ,and option name i'm going to selecting here size  option value i'm going to click in here small,and giving another value here,and another fellow,and then clicking on done and i'm going to adding  another option and the option name selecting color  ,and first color leaving here black another is red  and last one is blue and then clicking on done,and now we can uh play with this variance option,and scroll up and protect  status select here active  ,and scroll down and product  organization select your product types,vendor select your vendor and collections if  you want to add this product to a collection  ,then select here the collection and  now enter your product tags here,okay now click on save,so the product has been created and now i'm  going to my store to show you the product,so here is the product i'm  going to opening this one,so this is how we can sell t-shirts on  shopify if you have any questions feel  ,free to post in description if you  think to see more wordpress videos  ,please check the links in descriptions  if this video helped you give a thumbs  ,up and please consider subscribe how  to upload it thank you for watching

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