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How To Add API Key On Shopify || Shopify Short Tutorial. hey guys Welcome to our channel so in,this

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Add API Key On Shopify || Shopify Short Tutorial.

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How To Add API Key On Shopify || Shopify Short Tutorial.

hey guys Welcome to our channel so in,this video I'm gonna show you how to get,API key on Shopify so simply in order to,do this first of all you have to login,to your account and after that,here in the search bar just select it,and after that here you can see the apps,option so just simply you have to click,on apps,and after that here you can see app and,sales channel settings so just,we have to build a new app so simply we,will click on app and sell channel,settings and after that here,you can see developer apps,so just simply click here,so here in my case I have allowed to app,development so simply in the first time,you will see the option allow to create,the app so after that you will move here,on this page so now as you can see,create an OP option so simply just click,here,and after that here app developer select,your account here and type the,app name here,like I have typed this name,after that just click on create app,and now wait for few seconds our app is,being created,so now here you can see our app is,created,so after that,here you can see configure admin API,settings so simply just as you can see,we have selected zero so we have to,select one by one all these options,so just check out one by one all these,options,so whenever you select the option the,number will be appeared here like I have,selected 10 so simply select it 10 so,you have to select one by one all these,options,you can also also customize this option,if you want to add or read or write some,kind of options so you can simply,uncheck them but in my case I have,checked all the options,now after that,when you successfully check mark all,these options,so simply,in the next step,as you can see I am selecting all these,options one by one,so finally,here you can see I have selected almost,all these options,so in the next step here you can see the,save button so simply just click on Save,and wait for few seconds our,application has been saved now after,that here you can see apis and handles,so simply just click here,and now after that,here you can see APA key and secret key,Simply Now what you need to do next so,just click here,so here you can find your API key so,simply just copy this key,and here you can find the API secret key,so just when you uncheck this simply you,can see this so just you have to copy,this,and after that here you can see,you don't have any access token yet to,get your admin API access token install,your application so in order to get or,activate your API token simply you have,to install this application so just you,can see this install app button is,available here so just you have to click,on install app and after that,here you can read all these instruction,and then just click on the install,button and now wait for few seconds,so,finally our app is being installed so,here Prevail token once,so finally here you can see this is your,final API key admin AP access token so,simply,just copy it,and here you can change the app setting,like if you want to change the name,description or any kind of app,so finally you have understood that how,easily you can get API token over API,key in Shopify so simply after that,here you can see all the details of this,application so just simply you have to,install the app go to confection check,all the,options that you have added here in,order to access your API token so in,this way you can easily get API token

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