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How To Use Back In Stock Notifications To Generate Sales In Shopify hey,everybody,justin cener here

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Updated on Feb 03,2023

How To Use Back In Stock Notifications To Generate Sales In Shopify

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How To Use Back In Stock Notifications To Generate Sales In Shopify

hey,everybody,justin cener here in this video i'm,going to teach you how to use back in,stock notifications to generate sales on,your shopify store,this is a problem that a lot of people,face you do not want to lose sales over,inventory issues i'm going to give you a,very easy strategy to fix this but every,single click matters especially when,we're talking about these increasing ad,costs there's nothing worse than sending,traffic to an out-of-stock product page,it's literally just the loss of money,loss of ad spend loss of opportunity,it's basically the worst thing that,could happen right we don't want to send,you you just can't make a sale right you,send someone to a page or there's no way,for them to purchase it,lost opportunity so what we need to do,is offer the ability for our customers,to get instantly notified when items are,back in stock this is going to offset,this issue right if we have someone that,really wants to buy the product they'll,be instantly notified as soon as it's,back in stock but there's no built-in,way to do this with shopify there's no,out of stock product notifications or,restock notifications built in so you're,going to need to use an app i'm going to,show you the one that i use and the app,needs to work with all different types,of products vendors fulfillment,processes different niches it needs to,work with basically anything you throw,at it and i'm going to show you the app,that absolutely does that it needs to be,easy to use easy to set up require no,prior technical experience to operate,you're going to see all this in action,as we go over the shoulder and i show,you the restock back in stock alerts app,on shopify this is what i use this is,what i highly recommend i'm recommending,it to you in this video you see the link,directly below this video we're going to,go over the shoulder and i'm going to,show you just how powerful restock is in,fact here is the app page right over,here again you see the link directly,below this video first thing you want to,pay attention to the massive amount of,five star reviews over here we can look,at review after review after review five,star five star five star five star why,so many five stars because this app does,exactly what i was describing it sends,those back in stock notifications,through sms push and or email you have,the option to have all of these you,could set minimum inventories for the,alerts to go off you're going to have,complete customization i'm going to show,you the back end over here as we install,this into one of my stores but this is,what's going to look like you have great,reports and analytics to make sure you,know exactly what's working you can come,over here and have the all the full,customization product page collection,page home page the request form,customizations everything that you'd,want and again the main thing that this,is going to do automatic alerts sms push,notification email automatically no,coding needed whenever a product is back,in stock so we're going to go ahead and,install this in our store there's a free,plan available you're also going to get,a seven day free trial all you need to,do is press this green add app button,once you install the app you'll be,brought over into your restock alerts,dashboard and this is going to be where,you'll really be managing everything,you're going to be able to see all of,your requests of course you'll see the,orders that are associated with it the,generated income that you've got by,using restock alerts and first things,first we want to go ahead and view our,widget and this is going to be a button,that gets shown automatically on an out,of stock product page so we can click,view widget over here as the first step,of onboarding bringing us to one of our,sold out products this happens to be the,4xl royal t-shirt in my cat store and,you see the notify me over here able to,enter your email address or your sms,your text message number and be able to,get notified when available immediately,right right on our site it's live here,for any product that is out of stock we,come over here to test it right well all,we need to do is it says go to any out,of stock product page and it's bringing,us to this where we have this variant,sold out notify me is available here why,because the product is sold out so,restock alerts automatically in just a,couple of clicks giving you this huge,money making asset this huge,functionality that we didn't have before,to notify me right over here for the,ability for them to be instantly alerted,email or sms or both and they'll be able,to come right back and finish that,purchase so very very powerful i'm going,to go ahead and actually sign up for an,alert here so i'll go ahead and put in,my email in this case,and notify when available says we will,notify you when this item is available,so now i'm on the list right i'm going,to get instant notification so now we're,going to actually test this out send,test message so i sent a test message,and this is exactly what it looks like,in my inbox we got our logo we have it,all customized of course we have that,exact product with the direct call to,actions over here to go ahead and,purchase the product now that it's back,in stock a little bit of scarcity and,urgency as well buy it before it goes,out of stock all sent over here you see,the automatic unsubscribe over here so,you're always in good standing in terms,of spam and things like that but very,powerful just comes immediately in there,as soon as a product is back in stock,the user is going to get this email,based on what they entered in we could,also personalize the widget over here to,have all of the different customizations,that we could want in terms of the,product page we can come in and click,over here we could literally show it as,a float button we could show it inline,really two different ways in terms of,doing it as a notification i like the,float button you but you always have the,option here and of course we could view,the product page over here to take a,look at exactly what's going on here is,the float button over here and again,full customization we have collection,page we can show it on the collection,page if we want we could have it on the,homepage we can show it on the homepage,if we want very very powerful over here,you even have the ability to customize,the request form and click personalize,over here and you see all the text,that's over here is now over here so how,about this uh let us tell you when it's,back right you can literally customize,whatever you want you see it directly,inside here we'll go ahead and save that,change very very easy no technical skill,required to do that we'll come back over,here message after subscribing we can go,ahead and customize this as well so we,will notify you when the item is,available,if they've already subscribed you can,let them know about that as well you see,the updated messaging over here i'm,going to update this to my color scheme,which is a nice dark red over there so,we have the branding ability at all,times as well to make sure everything,looks good and then we can customize the,email that i just showed you over here,right we're going to see the ability to,customize that of course we're going to,be able to customize and we can always,send test emails but we have our simple,supply or simplify themes here and we're,going to come in and personalize this,you see get it now before it goes out of,stock our logo right this is literally,pixel for pixel exactly what you're,seeing right over here in that email,that i got full customization in terms,of text and colors as well but it's,going to pull your logo automatically,when you kind of go through this setup,so same thing with sms same thing with,push notifications you're going to be,able to customize all of those settings,so that was restock and as you saw,incredibly powerful over here get this,in your store right now get this set up,fully customized you saw just how easy,it is to install and get everything set,up the way that you need so make sure,you check out restock again you see the,link directly below this,video while you're at it take a look at,hengam's other apps this is the,developer of restock they also have a,product description and bulk editor they,have subify for subscriptions and,loyalty program really really cool app,over there so you see that link in the,description as well but remember restock,make sure you get this this is a,absolute must install in your store set,up those back in stock notifications,over sms push and email you're going to,win back a lot of customers this way,very powerful very easy strategy hope it,helps you make some money and i'll talk,to you real soon

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