how to import amazon reviews to shopify

How To Add Amazon Reviews To Shopify 2022 hey there guys that is marcus and in,this video i'll show

Marcus Stone

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Add Amazon Reviews To Shopify 2022

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how to import amazon reviews to shopify catalogs

How To Add Amazon Reviews To Shopify 2022

hey there guys that is marcus and in,this video i'll show a simple way how,you can easily add amazon reviews to,your shopify website,so let's start the first thing you want,to do is just scroll down below to,description and click on the link,when you will do it you will get on this,site called l site lsat is amazing,company which allows you to,integrate widgets to your shopify,website without programming so,and one of them is amazon reviews so,let's click sign up for free,now we want to send a gmail facebook,normal mail it's really up to you,and when you got it click on right here,in,applications outside you want to write,in search amazon,and right here you can see amazon,reviews so let's create a widget,and when you got it you have options to,choose between carousel,slider grid even masonry here i'm going,to do it a normal one with a reviews,widget,but of course you can choose which one,you want and even,like have this kind of floating one so,let's go ahead with the reviews widget,continue with the template,the first thing you need to do is just,add here the amazon url,of the product then you have filters,here,like minimum rating if you want just,four stars or five stars,and then this is really important total,number of reviews to show let's go like,with like four,so you don't have it like really long,but you can have it pretty long if you,want to,then you have a sorting here like most,recent fear,first or random i would go to moses,first adding,what our customers say you can change,that,and language if you want to change,language,layout then you get a header here and,like okay what do we want to hear,amazon rating yes number of reviews okay,then content with list list settings and,this is also really important review,part,that you can change the offer name that,you want to delete it or,the review source i would delete that,and all for picture you can have it or,no,and now let's just click save right,after you need to choose a plan,if you're starting out with your website,go with the live version but if you get,a 5 000 50 or five million views go to,basic pro enterprise,let's copy the code here and now what,you want to do is,simply add a section to your website,custom content,let's click select delete these two,and now add a content custom html and,paste the code here,and change the content width to 100 and,let's just wait until it loads,let's click save,and voila here we got it really great,really easy amazon reviews,so if you have any questions guys ask me,down below in comments but this is how,you can simply add amazon reviews to,your,shopify website if this video was,helpful,or you can check like you can subscribe,and like the,video and also i recommend definitely,check,other applications here in lsite if you,can find some of them useful,so yeah have a great day and goodbye see

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