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[BODW 2013 | Brand Asia Forum] Jean Pierre Lutgen the story that I really explained to you,means tha


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[BODW 2013 | Brand Asia Forum] Jean Pierre Lutgen

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[BODW 2013 | Brand Asia Forum] Jean Pierre Lutgen

the story that I really explained to you,means that everything is again possible,even if you would like to design a,product creator brands and also to go to,the market and mixed success very,quickly so I'm not a teacher so I it's,not the advice and just a story but I,can give it to you i hope so many keys,of the success of so many thing very,important to meet success avoid to know,me to access so i would like to explain,my presentation it will be in three,parts so the past where we come from,etc the key that we need to make success,and also that the next time because when,you need to access we need to keep the,success for the future so before i come,from belgium and so I don't come from,Switzerland and so there are no history,of the watch business in Belgium Belgium,is very well well know for beer for,chocolate etc but certainly not for the,white business so it's the first on the,cap the second antique apple I come from,a very very small city only 12,000,people citizen and there are more code,than the cities and in the city so you,can it's not the ongoing it's a very,small city in the forest and the source,of Belgium and so it's a second on the,cap because we are not on the big big,city with a lot of connection and,bastogne city it's not the capital of,the fashion so it's not Paris it's not,me now no it's not hong kong so mean,that oky from bastogne create a new or,brand of watches my father or not come,from the White business too so I have no,education from watch so I'm so sorry,again and I stood I politic and public,affair in the university or a Catholic,in leuven a nerve in Belgium so no,knowledge about also watch business and,I have no knowledge or so about the,network of distribution because I don't,work about it before my work with ice,watch so mean that you can have a lot of,on the cap even if I a dream it was to,create a brand and also to create the,value and I forget it i have no cash,also when i start so sorry though my,situation is a little bit better so,Cueto brain was the dream and it was for,me certainly when internet arrived on,the market after 2000 everything is very,possible to find everywhere in the world,very very quickly because my previews,work I work in the promotional gift so,in April in Hong Kong and in October in,encounter a lot of fair it's a gift and,premium fair and so when I arrived in,two thousand and after two thousand to,visit the customer with a new product,that I discovered in Hong Kong the,customer said to me oh it's great what,is the price I don't know for example 22,euro to US and immediately the day after,or the same day the custom of go to the,web go to and find the,product and find the factory immediately,so mean that the my business in this,part of my life decrease very quickly,because every people can find all of the,factories for all of the product so I,think that oh my god a product wizard,brand a product with a design of no,value for the future so mean that,decided I say okay I would like to to,move but I think a lot about it because,it's what not very easy to say okay I go,to the market Abuk with a new new brand,and a new product and I would I try to,understand what happened for the other,brand because for me okay design every,people can design something a lot of,designer in the world what using it's,very easy if you have a so many,connection especially in Asia it's very,easy to produce a product with the,plastic etc you can create the mold and,after that you produce the problem is to,sell the product after and design with,your business for me it's not it's not,enough so mean that design must go I,open to the business at to meet success,as Sam Soon for example with the,previous presentation and I took two to,imagine everybody of my age never forget,the first time when we put music in the,small box it was the world man I think,it was 20 years ago and the Sony add a,lot of engineer but never Sony imagine,the ipod so mean that,x it's design is very very important to,go to the next step another thing is a,coca-cola and head bill the market is of,the water and all of the drinks was,completely full and so the question is,why create a new drink and how to meet,success with a new drink because drink,is water you put so many tests inside,and maybe more sugar or less sugar but,why red bull meet success because right,bill its energy drink but coca-cola was,also an energy going and so but he,decided at first we have a smaller one I,go one smaller capacity and with the,ague price and so after that the image,came after and end the successful so I,think that if upper arrived to meet,success if I'd build can meet success,why in the market as the watch market,it's not possible for me to meet success,too and so the major thing I believe it,it's to create the difference so mean,that it's at this time it's very,difficult to create a new project a,completely new project samsung explained,that we have a frigidaire okay we can,improve the frigidaire but to create a,new fridge a new and completely new,product is very complicated so no to,make the difference you can take the,existing product and you must give a,difference by the existing product and,so it's just a little bit the same that,depending the painting you can take a,frame why'd you have the color and you,can give you a vision of the world by,the color and so mean that in the in the,pending you have surrealism migrated so,very famous belgium painter Picasso,Monet and so from the reality you can,ever know the anode of you another point,of view of the reality and so that's why,the different where the difference is,very very important so okay I add the,reflection in my mind but,the problem is to go to the next step,and so to go to the next step for me the,first major point was and before the,design is to have the feeling about the,social value what the people would like,to have and and very high level social,value at this time is changing so in the,past a lot of people keep the same phone,doing 10 or 20 years at home in the past,my father and my mother at the same,doctor doing all of the life the same,insurance company and no you can observe,that a lot of people like to change so,many thing mobile phone insurance,company a lot of singer on the around,the people and so I say that we need to,create watches following the social,value of change and with ice watch the,people can change the watches for three,reason first the price we need,affordable price so we start at around,six hundred on khangura a very large,color so mean that the people can change,the watches following the close the,humor the mood etc and also we invite,the people to change our chess when the,people change activities during the day,if you go to work maybe you need a very,high value watches for the for your,status but after that if you would like,to go to the beach or maybe to do the,sport maybe you decided to change your,clothes a sternly and as the same times,y lo changed the Watchers so social,value is very important and for us means,that it's the possibilities for the,people also to buy more than one and,when the people decided to buy more than,one means that he start to collect it,and because we start to collect it we,decided to design a new boxes and the,new boxes that I take with me it's an,invitation of the collection and so mean,that when you buy the first one you can,buy the second one and you can put one,by one and we arrived from the market,and especially in the shop at the,beginning,there are a lot of brand of watches so,you can go in the morning on count a lot,of brand so why the shop will accept,your brand so it's a very big battle to,put you product in the end of 18 in the,shop and so with us it was just the same,system that the building in New York on,ongoing we go on this way and not on,this way so why because we put five and,five so with a 16 centimeter we can put,10 watchers in the between in the shop,at the beginning so it was a very strong,identity because immediately the people,can recognize the brand through the box,at first so don't point it's a very,great thing to start the collection,third point you can use the watches,because you can put the coin to spare,money and to buy a second one after that,so you can continue your collection and,and in the same time and I prude about,that that we go a little bit more in,deep with the concept of the boxes,because we create a very close relation,and we at this time we are again the,alone to do like this for all of the,watches and all of the packaging it's a,very close relation by the transparency,by the touch by the chorus I mean that,if when you ever watches in like this,one in plastic strap in a purple you,have the boxes in purple but when you,ever another watches in the jeans,leather you have a touch like jeans and,so is the same look the same touch so we,have a very close relation between the,product and each collection that we have,and so we are the alone or so to have,this kind of relation between the,product and the packaging and so we can,also his heavy below the packaging so we,follow the social value we have a very,strong identity through the boxes and so,we decided to start and so we decided to,find a name for the for the product so,because we can ever good design we can,follow the social value,we say that okay we need to find a name,and so we decided to use eyes because,for us eyes it's a symbol of beauty and,the transparency and it's also a lot of,people in the past use a son for the,brand and so no because the eyes,disappear in the poll north and sauce,mean that for us it was very important,to use ice and so we have the brand and,after that we would like to find the,customer and so we decided that the ice,watch it's for very large public so mean,that it's not only for the teenager,because especially in Europe every,people can buy your eyes watch so it can,be on gone model it can be a young,people can be a man a woman etc so it's,a very large public people potential so,it's great we have the the name of the,the brand we have the following the,social value but it was not enough to,start the business that's why we decided,also to create a logo to have a complete,very strong identity with the boxes,immediately when we start we decided to,go to the market with a very color,attack and so if you go to the shop also,especially in what business very often,it's black white silver gold but never,before with very strong attack lightest,one so it was very strange know when we,arrived from the shop that we can,recognize also the brand very easily,true true the color another thing was,very important when we start because,2008 seek we start slowly to 2009 and we,arrived at the buzzer fair Basel fair,it's the major fair of the watch,business in Switzerland and Oprah for us,it was a little bit the creases on the,watch business in 2009 and we had the,chance to ever a boost on this fair and,hopefully for us because it was three,years after the beginning we were,already with so many thing around the,brand a very often when a new product RL,arrived on the market we have a very,the ID maybe you have a name you can,ever everything and you decided to go to,the fair participate at the phase very,very important for product but we are,not ready with the pos material and so,immediately for us when you arrive on,the market from the Basel fair the POS,material was ready to put on the shop so,it was very important also to discover,the new distributor immediately because,the distributor say ok how i can sell it,so no no problem i have that is all of,the material to sell it immediately also,we burned a very attractive website and,so the website know when we use that,without money is the best window for,your product because every people,everywhere can discover your product and,your brand through the website and,unfortunately also and a new product,sometimes arrived on the market the,website is not so good the POS is not so,good so this one is very very important,to another thing very important is,participate at the fair and so we,participated a lot of the fair so I,remember that one time in September we I,think it's too appears ago we,participate at the 17 fair in the same,time so it was very important to be,present to show it your product why,because immediately worldwide you can be,present in different territories and,immediately you can eat a bliss your,brand because if it's not the case you,can be sure that you will be copy and,other people take inspiration from your,design and from your product and so,after that you will be a very frustrated,so it was very important for us to to,exhibit in different affair in the world,to to show the product and to try to,find the distributor everywhere another,thing very very important is the,relation with the media and so maybe,journalist is there today but I will,explain that to organize a press,conference the ID was to send the,invitation in the box without the,watches so,we put on the Watchers we put the,invitation inside but we have the form,without the watches inside and the,journalists receive when we organize the,press conference the bags with the boxes,inside and he believed that he will,receive a watches when it really came to,the to the press conference it was the,case so immediately we we had a very,good contact with the with the media and,immediately thousand and thousand and,thousand publication for free will be a,la as the editorial will be on different,kind of magazine everywhere in the world,so and we start this kind of press,conferences around 2009 that we before,four years ago and so after that you,need to keep satiny duration through the,PR with the with the price another thing,ensure that when you start with a new,product when you need to improve a lot,callate of your product and for example,in our side I don't have the screen,about it but we are the first brand of,the white business wave hip air take,your system so mean that if you go to,the shop to asking to repair your,watches even if the watches is only 600,Hong Kong Dora so around 60 euro we have,the obligation to repair the watches for,so many reason because I watches the,people remember that you received,watches from is a grandmother or for a,special occasion so it's not like all,the mobile phone that you would like to,buy a new one and not to repair the old,one but for the watches we have the,obligation to repair it and so with the,repair tracker means that people receive,a login and password and you can track I,invite them self on the web where is the,watches and when the watchers will be,repair and when do I just arrived back,to the shop to take it back a receiver,SMS or email so mean that when we talk,about the quality of the product we need,also to have the Kennedy about the,services behind and to be on the first,position on the market to be better than,the door,one and the last point it was the,organization because when you start with,nothing with zero to 10 million Watchers,in the six years mean that you have a,very special organization and the,spatial organization I'm so sorry about,that it's very difficult to read but,means that we are working with different,factories in Shenzhen so we close of,Hong Kong about all of the part of the,watches and like the ends the band the,case the dial etc and after that we work,with a 5 assembling factories also in,Shenzhen we organize the two on Congo,fees one the way housing another one for,the sales and this Hong Kong office,collect all of the order from the,distributor and we have in Belgium to,office also but especially for the,design especially for the web for the,international networking for the,communication the strategy and after,that we organize the business with,around the 60 partner in the world each,partner have one or two or three,countries that means that we distribute,the product is one more than one and ten,countries in the world and we are,present in more than 12,000 point of,cells in the world at this time so when,I say point of cells it can be flagship,and I stoves with the best for us with,the monobrain store we have around a,team at the wine store very quickly from,the three or last year and after that we,can be on the multi-brand store jewelry,duty free inflight etc etc so we we are,on the very large presence in the world,just the morning boss so you can see the,progress and though you can see that,doing 2007 to 2000 night is very slow,and after that we go up very very,quickly another one another result is,very important for us,we are the first brand in the world on,the number of the fan of Facebook and so,every time we post and every day in,different languages a lot of news about,the brand and certainly this week that,we will post a lot of news about the,band of ice are doing this week of,design and a lot of visit that we will,ever so you can see that the first is,Tiffany but it's more jewelry than,watches and so after that is if I swatch,with their and today it's more than four,million nine hundred fifty and I'm sure,that after this presentation I will,collect maybe again 112 what I up or,more fun so you can go to facebook and,click I like and so you you can join the,family of ice watch another another,result just to show it to you is the,result on the watch business in in,Germany so I come from Europe so Germany,is the major market and so you can see,that from JFK result so it's not my my,inbox and so I collect it and I pay for,it so and if you take this number so you,can see that on the sorry on the left is,the sales value and on the right is the,cells you need so for the watch business,sells you need for us it's a little bit,more easy because the price of the,waitresses on the enterprise so mean,that we are on the first position with,the 17-country part of the market in,Germany and so the second one is for,sale after that Casio after that swatch,after that SP in unit but in value we,arrived in 2012 in the first position,over fossil of a Rolex over IWC and over,Omega etc so the result is very very I,especially on on this country I have,again three minutes thank you for the,information so i would like to discuss,it just a little bit about the future,because when you have a success like,this everybody will say,you are it's a fashion but it will be,finished maybe next year or maybe in two,years maximum don't worry etc etc so but,i discerned this word from from the,beginning to today and for us it's very,important also to stay long time on the,market to stay long time of the market,means that sure that the collection is a,fashion collection means that we need to,change the collection we need to renew,the collection we need to design the new,model etc very often but mean that the,brand stay stable on the market because,we change the collection very very often,another way to keep a very good position,on the market is the collaboration that,we can f so we have a special,collaboration with BMW we produce a,collection of BMW is under on this it's,a part of the collection of BMW and we,have also a special collaboration with a,pontoon so all of the designer I think,know who is Martin in the world so it's,the reference about the color in the,world and so we have a close relation,with Martin in the license of pond tone,and so this week friday i think we will,put on the market the new color of the,year with a special watches forties and,we have also a special variation with,swarovski for a special stone it's for,next product for the next year all the,thing for the future is very very,important also to continue to have the,new product and a new product and,especially this one it was designed by a,three german guy so you can see that for,the first time there are no link between,the case and between the end the stripe,and we design it also the sunglasses and,the glasses with the same thing that,there are no link and no rip to you,between the past two parts of the of the,glasses and so it will be a new product,at starting in France this year and so,we will extend the production of this,product and this product is made in,France also so I i hope that,for you it was a clear about the,presentation so it was a very crazy,story a very quick on the market so i,would like to say to you especially for,the new the young people and the,designer that everything is possible and,we proved that even if we have a lot of,antique app to start it's possible to,meet success for you in the future so,the best for us it will be tomorrow,because as a brand and for me it was a,dream and so after that I don't know,what I can expect because the Queen will,visit over on Congo fish tomorrow and so,I will be very prude about that what's,next I don't know so thank you for to,listen to me and I,thank you jumpy are very inspiring we,might have five minutes for Q&A if I you,have a mic somebody we have a lady there,hello hello thank you very much for a,speech would you say that you can give,the the greatest credit of your success,to your marketing strategy for me it's,more than the strategic my strategy,first I explained to you that you need,to follow a social value you need to,have a design you need to have a very,strong identity and after that the,marketing arrived but the marketing is,after that if you don't have the base,about it so social value strong identity,and a special project it's not you can,it's not possible so marketing is not,enough and so the success of ice watch,also it's like a piece of piss also mean,that hopefully for us no pieces are,missing but because if one of the pieces,are missing it will be more difficult,for you so on my explanation if you,don't have the I don't know if you don't,exhibit on the front fair if you don't,have the POS material if you don't have,a website if you don't follow a social,value it will be more difficult for you,and maybe you product even if your,product is good will be like this and,not as we have the chance to go to go up,so it's it was the condition for us to,meet success I don't know for the other,product in in the world so but I think,that it was the minimum that that we,need to be ready to go to the market I,know this man I'm afraid hope you told,me yesterday that you cannot buy a queen,you're going to have a queen in the,office but during the last few years had,a lot of superstars Oh,wearing your watch and I don't see that,if you possess maybe all the young,people know who they are you name them,yes I forget about it so first I would,like to say thank you to my team to,prepare the presentation especially or,even baba I don't know if olivia is on,the on this room and also in the,marketing thing it we use also a very,large visibility through the star and,this visibility was a possible through,the clip and so to be present on the,clip we we use a black eye peas,katyPerry Jennifer Lopez etc it was the,best way and the cheaper way to be,present on the clip means that the star,where it so the style where it only one,time on the clip but the people can see,on the YouTube on the discotheque on the,TV etc million and million and million,times the clip and so with a big shoot,on the watches so mean that when you,have no money it's another part of the,presentation but when we have no money,it's possible or thought we have a very,large presentation visibility with,different new way so when I explained,with the media the system to invite the,journalists it was a special thing to do,with the star it we have no money to pay,the star wearing the watches all of the,time so mean that we decided to use the,presence on the on the clip it was a,cheaper and it's cheaper and cheaper,than the payer I don't know the men of,Omega Josh cool eh I don't have the,money to pay Josh play and and so it was,always the smaller ID like Theseus Thank,You Giovanni well yes okay,that'd be a very quick question the,price point for your watches I mean it's,a very attractive yes level pricing and,it seems to be a watch that's catered,for everyone for all occasions I mean is,it a lot of sports fortunes they would,price it very high to convince customers,that there are specific performances,that the watches can endure very harsh,conditions I mean can I wear it and run,it in the desert or in the snow at the,same time giving that price mine then,would be and I would be interested oh no,no it wasn't the point because i have,only 20 minutes because if I have more I,can explain so many other senior how I,fund money to create the business also,it was an old part of the story but to,answer to you about the price its,innovation when I compare coca-cola and,read below when it had bill arrived on,the market that bill is more expensive,than coca-cola and so you see the small,quantity inside the red-billed and,coca-cola and you primo it's a water,whisper with those tests and the and the,caffeine inside and so why pay more and,so when I decided to go to the market I,checked the price of my free to your,competitor and the major one was a,swatch and the swatch from Switzerland,the first price start at 49 yer also i,want the 490 anh khong and i decided to,be over and not cheaper because i say if,head will meet success lightest and if,you are very different than the actual,product on the market even if you are a,little bit more expensive because the,packaging is there because the story in,different etc it can be possible so but,the price is very important and because,we decided to have a go price mean that,for us it was possible to give more,benefit margin to the distributor more,benefit margin for the shop and the,previous speaker from samsung was there,but if you go to a shop to buy a TV if,you have if you know nothing about the,TV,and you asked to the sales people what,is the best and the sales people will,say oh this model is the best for you,it's not the best full model for you is,the best model for the Wonder because,the von der will win more money with,this you can be sure so it's very,important to let a part of the benefit a,larger part of defeat if certainly when,you start at the market because all of,the distributor and one dose will be,will have a very high level motivation,so when you decide that your price is,very important point or so to go to the,market thank you for your question thank,you

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