how to do a test order on shopify

How to test your store and place an order in shopify! congratulations you've pretty much set,up ever

Jared Mitchell

Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to test your store and place an order in shopify!

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How to test your store and place an order in shopify!

congratulations you've pretty much set,up everything you need to in the store,to start thinking about launching live,and something that i have all of my,clients do no matter how big,the store is no matter how big and i,have multi multi-million dollar stores,that i do consulting for,i always have them go through and do a,test,order you will always learn something if,you take on the perspective of your,customer so this is so important,let's make sure all those pages the,order processing the taxes,the shipping the email notifications are,all set up,and not only just set up but set up to,your liking and customized to your,liking,this is important this is from the,customer's perspective and we want an,amazing customer experience,remember you cannot do this from a free,trial so make sure you upgrade your,store,before you do an actual test order and,also of course your test order won't be,successful unless you're set up to,receive,payments as well so make sure you set up,your credit card processor,so if you're using shopify payments,which most of you are to start,we're going to do the order in test mode,which is the easiest but what i usually,recommend to people is,actually that they place a real purchase,order,with their real credit card and then,they give themselves a real refund,etc to make sure they know and,understand how it all works,so by placing an order in test mode,you're not going to be charged you know,nothing's going to go through etc the,only thing that could happen is if you,try to print a shipping label for it you,will be charged for the shipping label,so i don't,recommend doing that so for your shopify,test order go down lower left to,settings and then let's go up into,payments,and then we're going to want to click,manage under shopify payments,or rather complete oh whoops,there it is manage and,then you just cruise to the bottom and,click,enable test mode and of course you're,going to want to click,save obviously if you get error messages,like this along the way,you need to fix them all right let's try,that again,all right test mode is enabled so you,know test mode is enabled because it has,this little,banner here keep in mind when this is,enabled you actually cannot use a real,credit card to place an order,so i actually want you to go to your,store now add a few products to cart,make sure you pay attention to the user,experience and some things to your,liking let's add this one as well,you're looking at your cart page you,like the way it looks let's proceed to,check,out and here's where the real test order,work,begins um this is where you put in your,email,i'm going to fill this out this is where,customers select if they want to receive,email,updates so i've entered some of my info,and if you want to test your shipping,for like a certain area make sure you,use an address for that area you want to,test shipping in,go ahead and click continue to shipping,and check over your shipping methods,i have a flat rate set up here and you,know make sure you like the way your,logo looks and all that click continue,to payment,so here's the deal um below this video,i placed these these are the test credit,card numbers,you want to use to check out when you're,in test mode,you can put your name make up an,expiration date,and make up a security code and click,pay now,and you can test discounts and just make,sure it all goes through and you get the,emails the way that you want to you can,also test,a credit card number that doesn't make,sense if you want to see what a declined,transaction looks like as well so after,you place the order you'll be brought to,a page that looks,just like this make sure it looks good,to you you don't have much control over,this page and that's okay,they do a really good job with it and,then next you're going to want to come,here to orders,and you should see your test order in,the all orders section it'll look,something like this and it'll say test,order at the top,and remember not to print a shipping,label for the test order,unless you want to get charged which i'm,sure you don't and once you're done,with test mode you can come back in here,to payments click on manage i got that,wrong last time and then you,want to come down here and disable,test mode and always click save so now,you know what you need to fix,or maybe you're ready to go and if you,need help fixing anything,that is the reason why i started the,facebook group,there's links to it below most of the,videos,and make sure you ask me if you have any,questions,so now that we've placed a test order,let's get in there,and launch that store woohoo

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