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What You NEED to Know about Printify Shipping with Shopify Basic Plan For Beginners all right,hello

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

What You NEED to Know about Printify Shipping with Shopify Basic Plan For Beginners

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What You NEED to Know about Printify Shipping with Shopify Basic Plan For Beginners

all right,hello everyone and thanks for joining us,today um today i want to share with you,some valuable information when it comes,to integrating printify with shopify,this video is specifically for those who,have the basic shopify plan,i'm talking about the basic one the 29 a,month one because when it comes to,setting up shipping,with printify it's going to be a little,different and,through my personal experience i found,this to be an easier way to explain it,so first you want to start off by going,to printify,and create an account with them i for,the purpose of this video i'm not going,to,share with you how to specifically set,up an account printed five but it's very,simple,you go to you click start,selling,and they'll ask you a few questions and,you just answer them simply,you put in the email address you want,them to use and,you create a password,after that once you have created your,printify account,you want to go ahead and connect your,shopify store,so in order to do that you want to go,ahead to your,profile little logo over here on the,right hand side,and click it in the drop down you want,to go to my stores,and under my stores you want to click,add new store,when you click add new store you will,see that um there's a lot of options you,can choose to add so you may want to,look into that,for the future if you have any other,places e-commerce places or market,places including,etsy wix won't commerce there's so many,of them,so for the purpose of this video we will,be connecting shopify,so you would simply just click connect,um i'm already connected my store is,already connected so once you click,connect,they're going to ask you like two or,three questions they're going to ask you,to put in your,shopify web address which would be the,name of your store dot,my shopify dot com not your regular url,address which for me is hopefully create,designs but,you're going to do um hopefully create,hopefully created, that would be for,mine,okay once you click connect you will be,able to,see where you are connected here,and for some reason when i first did it,it didn't connect right away,so what i had to do is i don't know it,was glitching their system,i had to close out all my tabs um open,up a new chrome browser window,and redo it and it did work so um,this time of year and even in this,season for us,i know um a lot of people are doing drop,shipping right now so it can get kind of,busy,and you know just give them a chance and,understand that things do happen,so once your store is connected you want,to go ahead,and start choosing your products and,design them,now what i will suggest is that when it,comes to,choosing a product with printfry this is,a very different platform in which there,are different print providers,and different print providers offer,different different shipping rates,so if you're just starting out with,printify i suggest you choose one,product,and pay attention to the print provider,and pay attention to the shipping for,that print provider,and go from there um for the purpose for,well what i use for my store right now,from printfry,i do journals notebooks so i'm going to,go ahead and click that,once you click on the journals and,notebooks,as with any product you'll have a few,options,so i would definitely do my research,when it comes to,print providers to see if there are any,cons,or things you may have to manage when it,comes to that,provider shipping to your customer,so for me i chose the,um spiral notebook here,once you choose that i will not go into,the details,of how to design your products because,every product design is different,but they will give you some details on,what they're looking for when it comes,to,the size of the design and all things,like that,so i already have,some design i can do that for another,video if you want me to just let me know,in the comments,um but for the purposes of the video,we're gonna go ahead i already have some,spiral notebooks designed so i'm gonna,go back,to my store and you already see i have,a couple of notebooks published here,so what i'm going to do is go ahead and,click,one of the notebooks,and it'll give you a few options for,mockups,and the reason why you'll see it here,where it says publish is because once,you create your product you're going to,have to publish it to your store,um otherwise it will be saved as a draft,and will be placed under,unpublished so once your product is,published to your store,this is where um the information comes,into play,you're going to want to set up shipping,and the way that they show you to do it,is to set it up excuse me using the,shipping calculator so i'm going to go,ahead over to,settings or go back to my store excuse,me,and it says manage my store so i'm going,to click the settings tab here,and when i click it for shipping it,printf wants to directly send you over,to,the shipping calculator which is a,seamless way to integrate your shipping,from printfi to shopify so go ahead and,click that button,okay so this is the message that popped,up for me because i have the base,shopify plan,you can see a red bunch has popped up,and therefore i am not able to use this,feature,and again i found this out through,research and i'm trying to let you know,before you run into these,problems and how to fix them because if,you don't set up shipping,once you have even published your,product to shopify your customer will,not be able to check out they'll be able,to see the product,but they will not be able to check out,products so,i'm gonna go ahead over to my shopify,admin page,and go ahead over to settings,well actually for excuse me go ahead and,go to your apps,and when you go to your app you should,be able to click file your printify app,on the app store and therefore make sure,it works make sure the,um features work on your app on shopify,if it doesn't you know just simply,contact them,sometimes you have to wait a little bit,so this is the app,on my shopify store,which is right here so we're gonna go,ahead and jump right into shipping so in,order to set up the shipping,um with some print providers once you,publish your product to your shopify,store,the shipping automatically integrates um,with printify,when you have the basic shopify plan it,does not you have to do a few things,manual but it's nothing too complicated,so,go ahead over to shipping and delivery,and like i said you want to choose just,one product when you're starting out,because you're going to have to create a,separate shipping profile,so i have already done that but in order,to create a new,profile you're just going to click,create new profile which should be,right under shipping custom shipping,rates and go ahead and click create new,profile,here you're going to type in the name of,the profile so let's just say you want,to do,printify t-shirts,so that's the title of your new printing,category then if you've already,published your products over which is,the only way you're going to be able to,see them on shopify you want to go ahead,and to,add products and it's going to give you,a list of all the products you have in,the store,so go ahead and click on the products,that you publish,to shopify from printful,and i just you know go ahead and click,for the purpose of the video i'll go,ahead and put in my t-shirts,all right so i'm gonna go ahead and just,click this first t-shirt for,the purpose of the video and i'm to,click done,so here we have the product that is,going to be set up for shipping,from there you want to go ahead and,choose where you're shipping from now,this is where you want to choose,just printify so you want to go ahead,and,if you have any that automatically,connected over here you want to go ahead,and remove,any other rates,go ahead and remove the printful app,remove time,okay so now we have just what we need,for setting up shipping which is just,printify,so now you have shipping from,and now you have to set up shipping too,so you want to go ahead and,create your shipping zone um i'm going,to go ahead and just do the us for now,i can do another video for global or,other regions but,you can more understand how that works,when you go ahead over to ship,to printf excuse me so go ahead and,click um,create your zone name um for me it's uh,i think it's gonna be u.s shipping it,might go ahead and do it once you find,yeah here you go i know it pre-populated,it but that's not what we're gonna,choose,i mean go ahead and give it the name,that you want to give it um,let's click,okay so that's done,so now that you set up the shipping zone,you want to go ahead and add your rates,and this is where it can get kind of,tricky so,try to follow me along if you need help,just let me know in the comments below,um go ahead they're going to give you a,drop down and this is going to be flat,rate shipping this is what you're going,to use for the us,now the price for shipping you're going,to have to go over back,to printify and they're going to give,you that information,uh go ahead over to shipping and more,details,okay so here we are right here is the,shipping information,for the us,and for the first item it's going to be,six dollars and any additional item it's,going to be for,four dollars um but what you're going to,also need,i don't know why you're just sometimes,what you're going to also need is,the weight of each notebook,so as you can see for this particular,product there is no weight available for,us to find out,so i simply had to do,a little bit more digging,so i'm going to go ahead over to my,conversations with,prinify because that was the only way i,was able to do it um,the reason why excuse me the reason why,you're going to want to do um,shipping by weight is because they give,you this,um article here and it tells you to set,up flat rate shipping,now it doesn't specify all the details,that i had to go,dig and find out um it does say,here but i didn't really quite,understand what,carrier calculated rates were so i,didn't know if that applied to me it,just wasn't clear enough for me,as a shopify basic plan user,so they're going to give you a few steps,on how to set it up easily so we're,going to walk through this example and,it says,to go ahead what we're doing now,excuse me is our first day they're,saying okay,you're going to use phone cases you're,going to put in your weight for the,phone case,and then you're going to put the amount,of shipping that um printfy gives you,now i will be completely honest if you,feel like the shipping that printf i,gives you,is too much for the product compared to,your market or what you're trying to,reach,you can go ahead and drop it just,understand that you're going to have to,make up that loss personally,so dropping it like 50 cents a dollar,however much you feel comfortable,i would let you use it use your,discretion on that part because,at the time i honestly thought that for,me personally in offering to a customer,that the price that they were providing,for shipping for that product was a,little too much,um people like to see free shipping in,order for me to include free shipping it,would,cause the price of my product to go up,too high so i just took,a small loss in hopes that you know i,would build it up over time,that's a little bit of um analytics and,marketing and uh you know economics,they're going on so,if you want to go ahead and get into the,details of that it's up to you but if,not you can just put in the shipping,that they have,there okay so once you put in the item,you're going to put an item and you're,going to put a weight,range right here so this is the weight,range for the first product and this is,the,shipping for the first product so let's,head back over to shopify,and the shipping said six dollars,right so that's the shipping for,notebooks but what this means right now,is that when my,customer orders a notebook no matter how,many they,order it's only going to be six dollars,so if they order,two notebooks six dollar shipping if,they order ten notebooks it's gonna be,six dollar shipping,and what you need to do is go ahead and,add the weight,so they know that shopify automatically,knows that,every each additional product is going,to be an additional cost for shipping,now if you want to do one price shipping,that's on you just,understand that you are going to have to,make up that loss understand your,um your profit margin so you'll know,how to adjust that accordingly um if,you're running a promotion,understand how to do that these are just,a few examples i'm going to walk you,through just the details based on,printify,so go ahead and put in based on item,weight but when we go,back to our where we at here,we go back to our notebook like i said,there is no,weight here they give you um the,shipping rate the cost,they give you technology quality control,packaging all that stuff but,they do not give you um,they don't give you the weight of the,product and to me that is very important,and the fact that the,article that they're providing for you,in order to set up,um weights um shipping by weight they,should provide that for you but since,they don't,um i'm a little bit of a go-getter so i,must say,also as an entrepreneur just on a side,note understand that you,may have to do things that may be um,challenging or things you may have to,figure out but,consider it that you're putting the,customer,you're in your customers shoes so make,it as,feasible and easy for them to navigate,your website your ecommerce store as,possible,that will help you retain more customers,it will help you,um satisfy covers overall because you,don't want to satisfy customer people,know what they want so they're going to,go shop for it they shop for it and they,have a dissatisfication,you know who knows what you have to deal,with so don't don't even start that way,you know so go ahead and um,what i had to do honestly is i just,talked to prinify because i'm all about,communication that's just,me as a human being personally i believe,communication,keeps peace it keeps um things going,smooth,so i'm gonna go ahead and jump into my,conversations here,uh i want to say,it was here it's not just the other one,uh,okay sorry about that it's the it's a,one after that,our essay might be here,yeah here we go okay,so,i contacted them and i asked them um do,they know,the shipping weight for the notebooks,that i was,um going to create and publish my store,so they flat out told me no they're like,we don't know the shipping rates either,um,right here,there we go looks like this the weight,is unknown for us as well,so they also had to go another step and,these are things that really,i would say um not necessarily make or,break you but,kind of help you decide really whether,you want to use this company whether you,want to push forward,if it looks like a minor you know,infliction maybe something they didn't,know or never brought,their attention um for me it was it was,a little bit of a setback but,i had done a lot of research with the,company um,they were selling drop shipping a,product that i couldn't find in another,company that i was using so,um i was just gonna go ahead fourth but,then hopefully,from me contacting them they'll be able,to provide this information for someone,else down the road,so i,want to say they told me just to put in,the 1.5 pounds,and um then they'll get back to me,according to the direct weight of or,excuse me the exact,weight of the pro of the notebooks,so when i put in the shipping weight,here this is what i'm going to do,if they say um,if they say 1.5 pounds,for one product that means for one,notebook which is six dollar shipping is,1.5 pounds,each additional notebook you're going to,have to double that triple that however,which way it goes so,the weight we're going to start at 0.01,pounds to,1.5 pounds and that's how we're going to,set up shipping here,now i'm going to go ahead and clear this,out,just for the purposes video i'm going to,go ahead and well i'll go ahead and just,click done,now i need to set up a separate shipping,for an additional notebook so i'm going,to go ahead back to add rate,so that see that wasn't even an option,there so um,i'm going to go back to add rate it's,going to be another u.s flat rate,and this time you're going to go ahead,and put,ten dollars the reason why i'm putting,ten dollars is because you're going to,have to,add each shipping rate as you go,because the weights will be added if i,do put four dollars here that's going to,be that's going to say that someone who,purchases,um notebooks that weigh more than 1.5,pounds is only gonna pay four dollars,shipping and that's incorrect,they're gonna have to pay the shipping,of the first notebook and the shipping,of the additional notebook so that's how,we got to ten,so ten dollars would be my shipping rate,add conditions,back to our weight so we're going to,start at 1.51,which means the weight after one,notebook,to the weight of the second notebook,which is three pounds,so there you have it you have your flat,rate for one notebook which is six,dollars two notebooks,which right here as we saw for shipping,we have one notebook at six dollars,the second notebook at four dollars so,when someone buys two notebooks it's not,going to be six dollars not going to be,four dollars it's going to be six plus,the four dollars which is going to give,you the ten dollars,so here we,have it two notebooks ten dollars as you,go up you know,keep adding or leave it like that if you,want to you feel like you can take that,um that you can go ahead and afford them,um profit margin um or if you just,honestly,don't feel comfortable adding having,customers pay this much for shipping,whatever,the business decision you come to um if,you decide for this to stop then what,you'll do let's just say this is enough,shipping i don't want my customers to,pay any more than 10,shipping no matter how many notebooks,they buy after the,second notebook so go ahead and go back,to us flat rate,you're going to do,i could have done it there but i'm going,to go ahead and do it for the example,go ahead and add condition and you're,going to add a minimum of,three pounds three points excuse me 3.01,pounds which is,after the second notebook and there is,no limit now,the weight it doesn't matter how many,notebooks they get from here on out,they're going to only pay 10,shipping so go and click done for that,and that's set up too so now you have,for your photo notebook six dollars your,second notebook is going to be ten,dollars,your third and any more than that is,going to be ten dollars so it's gonna,stop at ten dollars for shipping i'm,gonna discard this because i already,have mine set up,so go ahead and i'm going to leave this,page because i don't necessarily,need that shipping i'm going to show you,what the correct shipping looks like,here,so go ahead into this is the shipping i,shut up for,printf it says printify notebook so go,ahead and manage rates,and here we have it so the title of my,shipping is,prettify notebooks i have my four,products here,which is all from one print provider,and i have my shipping rates calculated,to my personal preference,which is one notebook is going to be 550,two notebooks 850,three notebooks and up no more than ten,dollars and that's how i did the weight,now print if i finally got back with me,and once they got back with me they're,like,hey we found out that the notebooks are,only 0.41 pounds,so now honestly it's up to me but i,i have it already set up so it's up to,me what i need to go ahead and do,is go ahead back here and what i'll do,is click the three dots,edit rate and i would do 0.00,to um what they say sorry,0.41 pounds,so i would do,0.41 pounds and that's what i would do,for that,each additional one same principle um,there now they stated that when it comes,to here we go um,it's an additional 0.16 pounds,so um,i don't know how that works for them,however um what you're going to do is,for one notebook you're going to just,use to 0.4,pounds and the second notebook will be,0.42 pounds,to um,seven five 0.57 pounds that's how you're,going to set that up and add, pounds for each additional,notebook,so hopefully that cleared all this up,because,i was kind of confused when it came to,setting up your problem like,they're telling me to go ahead and click,this and they can't enable it,and this that so that hopefully helps,clarify how to set up shipping,for your basic shopify plan um,hope you enjoyed the video hope it was,very helpful if you have any questions,concerns or you,still just don't get it just drop a,comment in the section below,and i hope you have a good day

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