how to change shopify store name url

How to Change Shopify Store Name & URL - Shopify Help hello everyone I'm Rahul from Ecom Sutra,and t


Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to Change Shopify Store Name & URL - Shopify Help

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How to Change Shopify Store Name & URL - Shopify Help

hello everyone I'm Rahul from Ecom Sutra,and today I'm going to show you how to,change your Shopify store name,so let's say you decide to Rebrand your,store you want to change the store name,logo and everything,so there are two options the first is,obviously you can create a new simplify,account set up a new store and,everything from scratch but if you,haven't already running a store you must,have a good collection of customer data,and you might be wishing to sell the,same product right so you don't want to,lose everything and that's where Shopify,makes it super easy to set up a new,Shopify store name and that's what I'm,going to show you so in this video we,are going to change the name of this,store Sutra box okay so we are going,this store let's say sales boxes now we,want to sell teddy bears so we will,change,this store name to something related to,tell you so first of all let's login to,our Shopify admin so and then go to,settings,the first option that you will see here,the basic information this is where you,can change your store details the name,and Industry,so click on edit link and blah here you,can change your store name you can add a,new store name so just delete it and,let's change the name to the,dirty store,now click the save button,and,the store name should be changed so,let's go back to the store refresh it,and,blah the store name is changed right but,here's something you will notice that,the domain is still Sutra box dot my,Shopify,.com so you will remember when you,created a store you had to choose a name,right and based on that Shopify provided,you a domain right now the thing is this,domain will be here forever you can,change the name anytime you want as many,time you want but the domain will be,Sim now so if I allows you to change the,domain once but it will always be there,so here's the thing now if you will go,to the domains in the same on the same,settings options now,change here here you'll see the change,to new domain click the link,and here you will see that you can only,change the domain once and your original,Shopify domain will still be,visible in your admin there is no cost,to make this change so,you can change the domain but only once,but remember this default URL will,always be there right so let's say if I,want to change the domain so let's the,the store is not and the URL is not does,not exist so I can't edit so let's say I,will change in I will add one right this,domain is available so this way you can,try different you know numbers,numericals variables other things and,everything and you will find a domain,that is available and then click add-on,so I'm not going to click add domain,because I don't want to change the stone,domain yet maybe next time in the,tutorials but right now,let's leave it here so if you have to,change click that domain and done,now you can always add new domain you,know buyer domain like if I have to add,Sutra I can buy from Shopify or,I can buy from other domain register,like God ID name and other websites and,connect it to sub file it's simple okay,so if I if you have to buy click buy a,new domain,add,the Teddy store,now it will show all the available so,the teddy is available,click Buy,now I'm not going to add all this thing,but this is how you add a domain you if,you have you just add a payment method,provide your credit details and add,credit make the payment and you will see,the domain list,back to this domain you will see the,connected domain here and you just have,to you know make it primary domain,that's all but remember this this does,this domain this domain will always be,your primary domain for the you know the,for the admin access so this is how it,goes now that's all for the day I hope,this video helped you understand how to,change your profile store name for more,tips and guides subscribe to our Channel,and hit the like button if you if this,video helped you thank you see you soon,in the next video

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