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Shopify vs. Shopify Plus | How to upgrade to Shopify Plus - Thanks for joining me to learn more abou

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus | How to upgrade to Shopify Plus

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Shopify vs. Shopify Plus | How to upgrade to Shopify Plus

- Thanks for joining me to learn more about Shopify Plus.,I'm Gillian on the Merchant Growth team here at Shopify.,And today I'll be taking you through some of the benefits,of Shopify Plus, and why now might be the right time,to upgrade your business.,We work with over 10,000 of the world's leading brands.,Brands who need a platform with power, reliability,and flexibility to handle their businesses,now and into the future, brands like yours.,Okay, let's take a deeper look at the impact,that Shopify Plus front-end features,have on your customer experience and conversion rate.,Then we'll look at back-end features,and how to set them up to manage your business.,I'll cover all optimizing the front-end,with checkout customizations and Shopify Scripts.,Then how to set it up using the Shopify Plus admin,and tools and channels, including automation,with Shopify Flow and Launchpad.,Let's get started.,(upbeat music),While Shopify checkout is already optimized,for speeding conversions,,you can make advanced customizations with Shopify Plus,by unlocking access to your checkout.liquid file.,Whether it's changing the look and feel of your checkout,or adding functionality like a checkbox,,the possibilities are endless.,To create a custom checkout,,first, you need to contact support to have it activated.,Checkout customizations are made through code,so you can work with a Shopify Plus partner,if you're not comfortable doing that yourself,Shopify Plus is also the only plan that lets you,use Google Tag Manager.,So you can see exactly where customers,are dropping off in the checkout process.,With granular data like this, you insight and strategy,you need to optimize your checkout and remove friction.,That means more sales and fewer abandoned carts.,You can also take customizing your checkout,to the next level using Shopify Scripts,,a tool built for advanced discounts.,We will teach you how to build a script later in this video,but here are some examples of merchants using scripts,to increase their average order value and conversion rate.,(upbeat music),You can use scripts to create offers,like a bundle promotion, free gift with purchase,,volume based discounts and much more.,Now let's take a look at the back-end,and how to manage your business in the organization admin.,(upbeat music),As you'll notice, the admin looks pretty similar,to what you're used to, except with ability,to manage multiple stores as part of your business.,The overview page gives you an overview,of sales performance across your organization in one place.,It outlines total revenue and orders from all stores,as well as data from individual stores.,As your business grows, so does your team,,Shopify Plus makes it easier to manage your team,by letting you add, modify and remove,unlimited staff accounts across your organization,right in the admin.,Also multiple administrators can add and remove staff,and assign app and admin permissions.,With Shopify Plus you also unlock access,to nine free expansion stores,,so you can sell in different currencies and languages.,You can spin up new stores in seconds,with the option of copying data like users,and installed apps from an existing store saving you time,so you can expand quickly.,Next, let's look at Shopify Flow.,With our powerful e-commerce automation tool,,you can build the custom workflows processes,and capabilities that your business needs to succeed.,We know that every business has specific requirements,and workflows that's why Flow was built,,to automate everything from time consuming, repetitive tasks,to complex processes that use external business systems,and third party apps.,So far Shopify Plus businesses have created,over 14,000 custom workflows,,and saved over 22 million hours combined,by tasks on autopilot.,Think about what you could do,with more time and resources back in your day.,Using a no code drag and drop workflow builder,,you can trigger automated actions,based on your conditions you set.,From buyer experience to loyalty and risk,choose from popular templates,or make your own to fit your processes.,Let's start by creating a new workflow from a template.,Notice there's no coding involved.,Instead it works with triggers, conditions and actions.,Here our trigger is one inventory quantity has changed.,If the product equals zero for inventory,then we can hide that product.,When product I is greater than one,,we can republish that product.,Maybe we wanna take it a step further,and add another action.,Like automatically notifying someone in your warehouse,,or contacting your merchandise warehouse.,You have the ability to customize each condition and action,as well as the numbers.,Maybe you wanna hide the item and be contacted,if it falls below a hundred units of inventory,,or maybe if it's just under five.,Whatever your workflow, it's simple to see,how automating manual tasks can save you time every day.,Just save and it's live.,Now, maybe you're thinking,,"Gillian I've been dreaming of this,,I know exactly what I wanna build.",That's also possible, no coding required.,Let's take a look.,In the top right corner, click create workflow.,Notice we have the same options as last time,but we're not using a template.,Choose from the options on the right side of the screen,like tagging a customer based on lifetime spend,,or adding them to a spreadsheet,or maybe tracking fulfillment or inventory,,even looking at refunds.,There are tons of options.,We're gonna look at risk for this example.,When order risk is analyzed,,if the risk level is equal to,,here we can choose from low, medium or high,,let's look at high.,So when order risk is analyzed,if the risk level is equal to high,then we can automatically cancel the order,and send you a notification.,You can customize that exactly the way you want.,Flow connects with a number of apps you're likely using.,Apps like Klaviyo or loyalty tools,,workflows can then be applied,across multiple stores within your organization.,The features I just walked you through,all operate at the organization level, and Shopify Flow,works with a number of the different Plus tools.,So let's hop into Shopify Scripts next.,On average merchant see up to 20% higher,average order value when they build custom promotions,with Shopify Scripts.,This app also helps reduce buyer friction,by applying discount codes to customer carts automatically.,You can create live item, shipping or payment discounts,,all coded in Ruby giving you ton of flexibility,to meet your exact needs.,If you can't code in Ruby,just reach out to the Shopify expert or partner.,Now, let's look at how these are actually created.,Start by creating a new script and giving it a name.,Add your source code.,There are a few templates in the Shopify help center,,Simply copy and paste the code.,Use the input and output windows,to preview what the script looks like.,Then save and publish.,Next, let's look at Launchpad.,This app lets you schedule promotion, product launches,and theme updates so you can plan events months in advance.,Launchpad is a great way to streamline your marketing,and IT efforts.,That means no more staying up until 11:59 PM,before a black Friday to publish changes.,Start by creating a new event, add a title and start date.,Add any products, discounts, or promotions,you'd like to schedule, including theme changes.,And Launchpad can also schedule scripts,that you've created for specific events.,Save and you're done,The wholesale channel helps you expand your business,into wholesale by creating a separate password,protected storefront for wholesale customers.,Your wholesale store is based on your online store.,So you can offer wholesale customers the same products,from your online store, but at different prices.,Here's how the wholesale channel simplifies B2B selling.,Add specific priceless for your B2B customers.,In the customer section, assign specific customers,to one or more priceless.,Manage the pages and navigation,on your password wholesale site,and customize the appearance.,One thing you should know is that the appearance,of the wholesale store is pretty basic.,It was intentionally designed that way,so B2B customers can find products quickly,and you can make changes easily.,Finally, you can manage your notifications and preferences.,Last but not least you'll gain access,to the Shopify Plus Academy app.,This is an online training resource with self-serve courses,and lessons that teach you how to make the most,of the Shopify Plus platform and features.,Thank you for your interest in upgrading the Shopify Plus.,Try these feature out for yourself by upgrading now,or talk to Shopify Plus upgrades expert in the live chat.,Our team is standing by to answer your questions.,(upbeat music)

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