how to transfer domain from squarespace to shopify

How To Move To Shopify From ANY Ecommerce Site IN MINUTES! 🔥 so are you thinking about switching ove

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Move To Shopify From ANY Ecommerce Site IN MINUTES! 🔥

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how to transfer domain from squarespace to shopify catalogs

How To Move To Shopify From ANY Ecommerce Site IN MINUTES! 🔥

so are you thinking about switching over,to shopify well in this video i'm going,to show you guys how you can transfer,your entire store,all your products customers orders,everything from any e-commerce platform,over to shopify within minutes let's get,it,so over here rich from anywhere we have,been doing e-commerce for many many,years,and we have a lot of e-commerce,businesses that come to us looking for,marketing help,and a lot of them are struggling with,their current website builders they use,wix or wordpress or whatever it might be,a lot of them have,issues we recommend shopify all the time,we've been using them for years there's,a reason why they're the biggest and,they're the baddest,because they're the best and they want,to move over to shopify but they're a,little hesitant because they think it's,going to take forever,and it's going to be super expensive,this video is going to save you guys,weeks and weeks of headache and probably,hundreds if not thousands of dollars,hiring people to do all this stuff for,you okay so i'm really excited to show,this to you,if you are new to rfa make sure you hit,the subscribe button hit the little bell,notification so you're notified when we,drop new gems like this,and drop a comment below let us know if,you like our content or just say what's,up we reply to everybody,let's get right into it man let me go,ahead and share my screen and let me,show you guys how to move over to,shopify,all right guys so the name of this app,is called lit extension you're gonna,love this all right you can click the,link in the description of this video,it'll take you right there and when you,get to the home page you're going to see,this right,here right now i want to show you this,really quickly look when you hit from,you're going to see all these options,you can literally transfer from,any store right you got big cartel big,commerce,if you got if you guys are wix you got,wix,you got uh woocommerce you got,woocommerce you got all these different,ones right,so what you're gonna do is just choose,your platform let's just say you're,coming from big commerce,and then you're gonna switch to shopify,so what you'll need to do is you'll,actually need to log in,so if you don't have an account already,you'll just need to create one and you,can actually do that by just clicking,sign up right here and then just go,ahead and put in an email name password,or you can just create an account from,facebook,or google so go ahead and sign up and,then as soon as you sign up it's going,to take you into your account,where you'll actually start the process,so in this video the example i'm going,to use is actually going to be,transferring a,godaddy store onto shopify all right,so let's go ahead and select godaddy,right here,and then once we have that going to,shopify we're good so we're going to go,ahead and log into our account,now once you're logged in you have an,account and everything what you're going,to start doing is,you're going to select the source cart,type and you're going to actually put in,godaddy and then what you'll do in the,source cart url,now this is actually going to be the,link that when you're inside of your,godaddy account,the link that's in your web browser when,you're actually editing the dashboard,that's going to be the link that you're,going to put in there and then you'll go,ahead and put in your username,and your password and then on the bottom,where it says target cart setup,that's where you're going to put in,shopify and you're going to actually put,in your,link right here so just a quick note you,will have to have a shopify store,already created,in order to start this process so if you,haven't started a shopify store yet,go ahead and go over to,create an account,and then once you do you're going to go,into your dashboard,copy the url at the very top and then,you're going to go ahead and paste it,right here then you'll go ahead and,click configure your migration,now when you get to the configuration,page this is where you're going to,actually select,what you want to migrate okay so,obviously you can select all,and this will select all the products,and all the categories that you have,inside of your store with the free,version of this basically what you're,going to be able to do,is migrate up to 20 products and 20,categories for free,if you want to migrate more than 20,products then it's going to be a little,bit of a fee and i'll show you what that,is in a minute but it's really not that,bad whatsoever it's totally worth all,the time,saving right so here's the thing when,you come to this additional options it,says,transfer images from categories product,descriptions and everything,and it says that it's an extra charge,but honestly every time that i do this,i don't check this and it still,transfers all my images and all my,product descriptions and everything so i,would just skip that,because it does it anyway for free but,for instance let's say that you have a,store that has more than 20 products,right what you'll want to do is you want,to click skip free migration,and then go ahead and click the orange,button right below it now when you come,to this page,it's actually going to pull how many,different products and categories that,you have in your store,and it's going to give you an estimated,price so for this particular,store we have 107 total entities,that we need to transfer over and for,that amount it's going to cost us 49,bucks,right which is not that bad at all i,mean that is actually,amazing when you consider trying to,manually,migrate 107 products like that would,take you,probably days if not weeks to do that so,what i,what i also found is that you can put in,a little discount code and you can get,five percent off here so if you go ahead,and type in,shopify zero five,and then hit apply you'll see that it,instantly takes two bucks off as well so,that's a little savings for you,not much but hey every little thing,counts you know so then go ahead and hit,start full migration,and what i've noticed too is that,sometimes you can click this,and it won't do anything what i've,noticed is that sometimes you have to,click it like three or four or five,times,then it'll eventually kick in and when,it does,you'll start seeing it's a full,migration is running and it'll say that,it's currently preparing your migration,right now,and if you scroll down here you can,actually see some more details about the,migration right,so if you see that it says migration is,running in the background and you don't,need to keep this browser open,until migration completes it is safe to,close this browser turn off your,computer,grab coffee do whatever you need to do,and you'll get a notification when it's,completed,if migration gets slow at some point,please pay attention to the alert icon,next to the migration progress and it'll,explain detected issues,and what i've noticed is that sometimes,it might take a little bit to completely,migrate,maybe like 15 to 20 minutes or so but,what you will see is like pretty much,instantly within minutes you'll start to,see products start popping up inside of,your shopify store just like this,i mean it's incredible and if you want,you can actually go and click inside of,one of these products right here,and you'll see that it actually starts,pulling in all the titles,the descriptions the images the prices,all this stuff is already in your store,just like that,so i would say like give it 15 minutes,maybe 30 minutes or so,and then come back and check it out and,everything should be pretty much,done at that point i haven't really seen,anything take much longer than that now,obviously i was using godaddy,as an example in this video you might be,using something different so it might be,a little bit different,depending on what platform you're coming,from so if you do need a little bit,extra assistance we do have a very,affordable service where we actually,help you,and walk you through step by step on,actually getting this done the right way,just go ahead and email us at info, if you are,interested in having one of our experts,come in and help you through this,process,so if you guys got some value from this,video please drop a comment below we,appreciate your support,smash that like button one time for me,and share this video with somebody,who might find this useful and if you,aren't subscribed make sure you hit that,big old red subscribe button,we appreciate y'all until the next time,rfa we out of here peace,you

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