how to update shopify theme

How to update your Shopify theme without losing customizations Hey everyone.,Thomas here from Archet

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to update your Shopify theme without losing customizations

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How to update your Shopify theme without losing customizations

Hey everyone.,Thomas here from Archetype Themes, here to talk to you today about upgrading,your theme to the latest version.,Now, there comes a time in every merchant's journey after they've,bought our, one of our themes after they've set it up, it's running, it's,making sales and you let it run for three months, six months a year and,eventually you'll need to upgrade.,That reason for upgrading could be one of many.,Maybe there's a new feature that's in one of our latest versions that you,wanna take advantage of; a new section.,Maybe there is an app that you're trying to integrate with that works,best with the latest version of our theme, or maybe there's a bug that,was introduced for one of many reasons that is fixed in the latest version.,One of the things that you get when you purchase one of our themes is,access to the latest versions for the entire life of that product.,Actually getting that theme installed is another process in itself.,And it will vary depending on the number of customizations that you've made and,how complex those customizations are.,We recommend that you upgrade your theme at least once a year,,especially before any big sales season like black Friday, summer Monday.,Now, when it comes to upgrading, you have three options available to,you: manually updating, the theme updater app, or hiring a professional.,So without further ado, let's get started exploring our first option,,manually updating your theme.,The process of manually updating your theme involves copying and,pasting configuration files from the old version to the new version.,In addition to these configuration files, you might also need to be copying,customizations that were done to the previous version, such as styling tweaks,done by a developer or modifications made by an app when it was installed, so that,it integrates properly with your theme.,It's really dependent on your particular situation and the setup that you have,achieved with your previous theme.,Let's take a look at how we go about copying configuration,files from one theme to another.,So here we have our store, as you can see, we, our published theme,has expands version 2.4 installed.,And below here we have expands 3.1 installed as an unpublished theme.,Now you can see if we were to preview this new version of expands.,It doesn't look at all like our published theme.,These are the default styles that are provided with expand.,So to get started, let's go to our online code editor, edit code,,and let's start with the global configuration file,So, what we're gonna do first is select all which is command or control,a and then copy command C control C.,Next you're gonna go back to the previous screen, where we saw both of,our themes and go to the code editor for the new version of the theme.,Scroll down to the same file,Select all command a control, a and pace command V control control B,,and finally, we're gonna hit safe.,So let's take a look at how things look so far by hitting preview store.,So as you can see, a lot of styles have already been copied over to our theme.,Our header is the right color.,We have our logo, the fonts have been set and generally things,are already looking really good.,If you're running one of our themes that was made before summer 2021, that,is a theme that's not online store 2.0, then this might be the extent of,copying and pasting that you need to do.,That's assuming that there's no other customizations inside the theme code.,If you do have additional customizations or if you're running an online,store, 2.0 theme, stay with us.,We're gonna keep going down this rabbit hole of manually updating our theme.,So, as you can see here, our homepage is styled correctly, but,the contents aren't up to date.,We have placeholder images.,We have placeholder text, let's get the homepage content into,the new version of our theme.,So to do so we're gonna go back to our theme page.,Let's go back to our old theme and at code, and we're gonna go,into the templates folder here and look for index dot Jason.,Index is another name that is used for the homepage.,Same thing.,We're going to command a command C,Go back to the newest version of our theme.,Hit code editor.,Go to the same file.,Command a and command control V to paste in the old contents, into the new homepage,hit save, and let's take another preview.,Wow.,Look at that.,So now our homepage not only is styled the same, but the contents are there as well.,Our slideshow has been populated.,All of our other sections are looking exactly how they.,Continue the process of copying the contents of these template.,Jason files from the old theme to the new theme.,And before you know it, you should have a fully styled updated theme.,However, if you do find yourself in the situation after copying all of these,template, Jason file contents over that things aren't working as expected either,a section's not configured correctly or something that you click isn't responding.,Then it probably means that either there was a breaking change in the,configuration between the old version of the new one that doesn't match.,Which will require some tweaking or that there was a customization done,somewhere else in a theme code that you'll need to track down and copy from,the old version to the new version.,The problem with these customizations is that unless you did them yourself and,remember what it was and where you did it, they can be really hard to track down.,This is one of the biggest advantages.,That option number two for updating your theme provides,that is the theme upgrader app.,Let's take a look.,The theme data app by out of the sandbox makes upgrading your theme even easier,by transferring configuration files from one theme to the new version,,as well as theme customizations.,So those customizations that may have been hard to track down,manually are automatically picked up by this app and transferred,to the new version of your theme.,Previously, this app only worked without the sandbox and pixel union themes,,but thanks to a recent partnership, it now works with all of archetype themes.,In addition, all archetype customers receive a 14 day free trial.,So you may as well install it on your shop and see if it can,help you with your current theme.,Upgrade.,It's worth noting that this app will not be able to help you if,you're upgrading from a legacy theme to an online store, 2.0 theme.,The difference between these two types of themes is just too big.,Even for the app to handle.,Let's take a look and see what updating a theme with a theme updater app looks like.,So what we have here is our general interface.,That's showing the registered themes, the purchase themes that we have on our store.,Here, we are going to start by upgrading this theme right next to me here.,So to update, we first go and hit the update button.,And you're about to sell a new version of impulse.,Here's the name?,It's just gonna tag it with our date and we want to preserve theme,file customizations, hit update.,There we have it.,The theme is updated.,Latest version and all of our customizations from the previous,version have been poured over.,In most cases, the theme updater app makes it easy to upgrade to,the latest version of your theme.,But what if you're upgrading from a legacy theme to an online store, 2.0 theme,,or if your theme is heavily customized?,Well, for that, we need to look at the third option, hiring a professional.,So you've tried manually updating your theme and you've tried the,theme update our app, but both options have left you with a theme.,That's not quite working like the original you've now probably arrived at the point,where you need to seek the help of a professional and a professional will,be able to specifically figure out what customizations are not transferring,,and hopefully be able to get everything over to the latest version without any.,If you find yourself in this situation, we here at archetype,typically recommend reaching out to one of our preferred partners,,including Hey Carson or store Tasker.,These two services will.,Look at your store and figure out how much customizations have been done and,give you a quote for how much it's gonna cost to upgrade to the latest version.,Typically quotes range from around a few hundred dollars to,several thousands of dollars.,It all depends on the complexity of the customizations and the,number of customizations that have been done on your theme.,You can find links to both of these partners in the description of this video.,We've covered how to manually update your app by copying pasting configuration and,customizations from one theme to another.,We've also covered how to use the theme, update our app to automatically,transfer those same configuration and customizations with a click of a button.,Finally, we've looked into how to approach a professional.,If those first two options don't work for.,Upgrading your theme to the latest version is not an easy or straightforward,task, as I'm sure you've seen from the contents of this video.,If you're having trouble with any of these steps, please feel free to reach,out to the archetype support team who are available 24 7 to answer any questions,or point you in the right direction.,You can find that link to the archetype support form in the,description of this video.,Hope you found this video helpful and best of luck on getting your theme upgraded.

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