how to bypass shopify queue

HOW TO BYPASS SHOPIFY QUEUE WITH THE KICKSTATION what's going on guys in this video I'm,gonna show y

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Updated on Jan 16,2023


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how to bypass shopify queue catalogs


what's going on guys in this video I'm,gonna show you how to bypass the Shopify,queue using the kick station so there,are basically three or four different,ways that you can bypass the Shopify,queue the first of which being the,manual start so many will start is when,you get all your tasks running early,before the queue forms so probably 30,minutes or more before the drop and you,have them running on a really high delay,and then that drop time you mass edit,your delight out really low what this,does is it'll bypass the queue because,your tasks already running and you've,already generated a checkout URL with,them so you should be able to bypass the,queue so this is an example of how this,would work let's take this task and I,have a 10k to 15k millisecond delay so,let's start the task really early either,30 minutes or an hour before the drop on,this high delay so I know my test and my,proxies aren't gonna get banned then,what I would do is whatever tasks I'm,running I dropped on I would mass added,them down to the delay that I wanted so,let's say 500 to 1000 and I would do,that just as the product drops so my,proxies wouldn't get banned and I'd be,able to bypass the queue and check out,the product so it's really for manually,starting tasks to bypass the queue,however sometimes Shopify does the,bottle proxies if they're running for a,long enough period of time so you might,want to go with one of these alternative,methods to bypass the queue the next of,them being the generation of a checkout,URL so if you've ever right-click the,task you might notice this generate,checkout URL button here so a checkout,URL is essentially just this URL that,you get at the checkout page on a,Shopify site so this is useful because,you can use this to bypass the queue so,you could actually do this manually by,saving the checkout URL then that,dropped I'm adding the shoot to your,cart then getting in the queue and then,pressing your bypass and then you would,be brought to checkout so that's,essentially what the bot is doing so,when you press that button the bot is,generating the checkout URL so note that,this wouldn't necessarily work if the,queue is already formed so you'd want to,do this before the queue is formed also,you want to generate checkout URLs with,unique profiles you don't want to use,the same profile again and again or else,you might get blocked so an example of,how this would work is if I,had this task before the drop I would,generate a check-out URL and then once,it's generated the task would be paused,and I would simply start it at drop time,and then my bot should be able to bypass,the cube and check out the product,however you wouldn't even have to do,this because there's a feature in kick,station that automatically does this for,you and that is using the smart,scheduler so the third way to bypass the,queue on kick station is using the,scheduler so if you press scheduler up,here you can see your different tasks so,for each different task you have two,options you could either do a regular,schedule or a smart schedule a regular,schedule is simply just a countdown it,won't generate anything in the,background and then won't do anything,special so you're not guaranteed to,bypass the queue with that however what,you should do is the smart schedule the,smart schedule will automatically,generate that check out URL for you so,you don't even have to do that so for,example for this task,if I press smart schedule I can schedule,for a time and then it'll generate a,check-out URL and then start counting,down so you don't have to worry about,generating to checkout URL yourself by,right-clicking you can just simply smart,schedule it and let it go so this is,definitely the number one way to bypass,the queue on Shopify using the kick,station you want to smart schedule as,many tasks as possible but you have to,be careful of one thing you don't want,to be using the same profile to smart,schedule for each task because when that,checkout URL is generated if you do it,with the same info again and again you,might get that info blocked really,quickly so you want to do it with unique,profiles this is the best way to bypass,the queue on Shopify it is by far the,easiest all you have to do is schedule,your tasks using the smart schedule,feature so just as a quick summary to,bypass the queue on Shopify the best way,to do it is to go to the task that you,want to bypass the queue with press,scheduler pick the task right click,smart schedule set a time and press save,that's it that's all you have to do and,you'll be able to successfully bypass,the queue now note this might not work,on some Shopify sites like easy supply,or DSM when they lock the store and have,a password page up for the drop I'll be,making a future video,that talks about how to bypass the queue,on those sites and some things that you,might want to do differently one more,thing I want to mention is during the,drop time if you're getting let's say,checkout errors or some type of error on,your test and you restart it that,checkout URL that it has generated is,going to get lost so you don't want to,restart your tasks during the drop,because then that checkout urls gonna,get lost and you'll have to wait in the,queue on that task again so you really,don't want to stop your tasks entirely,what you can do is mass link change and,the generated checkout URL will still,stay with that task so you can do things,like mass edit or mass link change and,that checkout URL will still stay with,the task but as soon as you stop the,task that checkout URL is lost and your,task will have to wait in the queue,again which you don't want alright,everyone thanks for watching I hope,that's clarified things a bit if you,have any questions or future videos you,want to Z just drop them in the comment,section below and I'll read them and,respond to you alright,have a good one guys

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