how to set up subscriptions on shopify

How to Set up a Recurring Payment in Shopify (4 Subscriptions Apps You Should Test) hello friends th

Gabriel Meneses

Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Set up a Recurring Payment in Shopify (4 Subscriptions Apps You Should Test)

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How to Set up a Recurring Payment in Shopify (4 Subscriptions Apps You Should Test)

hello friends this is gabriel manesses,your e-commerce coach,and today we're talking about shopify,subscriptions this brand new feature,that you can integrate,inside your store to increase the,average order value okay,so before we get started go ahead and,subscribe to the channel,like this video and ring the bell to be,notified next time i post a new video,okay,so without further ado let's get started,right here for subscriptions,let's go watch i watch this video so you,can understand,what i mean okay this is in practice,super super cool,everything that you can do okay so let's,go and watch it,right here you can see that right here,you have the actual,one-time purchase or the subscription,and save feature okay it's just a little,box,people during the checkout they can,decide if they want to buy it as a,recurring thing okay,when you see it right here you have the,delivery monthly,save 10 and then delivery weekly and,save 20,this is actually pushing the weekly,savings okay you're,you're actually buying more but you are,saving this strategy is not new,but you can actually integrate it inside,a subscription program okay super easy,to do now with this new integration,inside shopify okay,then you will see right here you have,the actual checkout process as always,super super cool and then it tells the,person exactly why they bought,this is what they are used to but as you,can see here you have a monthly,subscription inside your shopify store,so now you're thinking okay gabriel how,do i integrate this,is this inside my theme how do i edit,this etc okay,so right here if you go to the article,you can read everything about the brand,new features etc,but let's go to what's important in,reality okay it's the apps that we need,to integrate something like this right,here i brought two,free apps and two paid apps that you can,use obviously the free ones,they have less features for example like,customization,something like that but they actually,work if you're on a budget you can,actually go,inside these free apps and it's an,awesome thing to actually,use to test out the waters and see how,people react and if you actually it,benefits,your store okay so right here you can,see increased customer lifetime value,personalized experience,a scale subscription success etc and,it's called or the group subscriptions,okay,right here you can see the actual app,in in process okay right here you see,that you can select,keep every week or whatever time you,want to offer,is inside the actual product page super,seamless,and easy easy to use for the customer,okay,right here you see chips every one month,and etc,so you can select the amount of day and,you can select the actual design of it,okay,obviously this is a free app and the,design wise,maybe you cannot select a lot of options,maybe,you know color spacings or anything like,that but it works guys it's completely,free and you actually,can start doing it right away okay so,right here you see delivers every one,month deliver every three months etc,okay,awesome awesome app to use there is,another one that's completely free right,here,payroll recurring payments awesome app,to use,as you can see here we have ongoing,subscriptions the same style,different box but it's just amazing what,you can integrate and then you can see,in your cart,deliver every month is a reminder for,them they selected that,and it's seamless for you and they can,see the actual subscription,the date the building etc okay super,super simple for the customer,to manage okay so then we have ball,subscription this company is super,famous they have a ton of apps,they are amazing but obviously this is a,paid service okay this is a 49.99,a month you have a 60-day free trial,this is one of the best things that you,can think of,inside the econ space usually they give,you 30 days but right here you have a,60-day free trial for you,without paying anything you can use all,of the features of paul subscriptions,and actually start integrating the power,of the app right here,as you can see this is a paid app,obviously the design,is a little bit better because obviously,they have better ux ui customer support,and all of these,it's a completely paid app so you can,expect that and also the design is super,super seamless okay here you see the,reminder,every two months and obviously it's,different you have the actual calendar,people can pick you can modify things,so super super detailed etc okay so my,advice is,is that you test this for six days if,it's working for you,you'll pay by itself okay sixty dollars,that you you maybe you're making even,more money because people are actually,getting inside the subscriptions,and it's super easy for them to actually,uh,purchase without thinking twice okay,this is a process,that's already ongoing okay you're,they're not putting the credit card,over and over again okay so it's,recurring payments okay so this will pay,by itself if you think about it so it's,only 60 dollars,i think 49 or 60 right here 49.99,so it's something that's super super,easy to use okay so go ahead,try it and see how it goes for you and,if it's too expensive if you're making a,lot of sales,then you can downgrade to these apps or,the groove or paywheel,which are free okay free of charge but,this one is an,awesome way to actually integrate an,amazing design with this,specific uh feature inside shopify this,is brand new fresh out of the oven okay,so right here you have recharge,subscriptions it's a little bit more,expensive but obviously,the more expensive you go the more,control that you get okay right here you,see,control okay reduce turn on boost ltb,with tools to enable upsells you have,many many things,that you can actually integrate inside,this checkout process okay you have more,power,to increase the average or the value,every time okay,so obviously sixty dollars six,days for completely free you don't need,to pay anything okay,so it's awesome okay go ahead try it and,just take,take a look and see how it works for you,okay so right here,super seamless deliver every and then,you select the number of weeks,and then if you keep going the person,can see the subscriptions,the active subscriptions so as you can,see it's a little bit more developed,the ux ui design and also you see the,products etc,it's super super easy for the customer,and for you to manage the store or your,team okay,super awesome so here are four apps that,you can actually start integrating this,strategy,inside your shopify store okay super,super simple to do,so that is it for this video go ahead,give them a try,and let me know in the comments how it,went for you okay this is something that,i'm,known for for sure for a fact that it,will increase your average or a value,so start integrating and start testing,these,uh different apps okay so that is it for,today go ahead subscribe to the channel,like this video and also comment down,below how it goes for you okay so i'll,see you in the next one okay take care,bye

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