what shopify apps is this website using

How To Know What Apps A Shopify Store Is Using hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the plac


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Know What Apps A Shopify Store Is Using

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How To Know What Apps A Shopify Store Is Using

hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day you,learn something new,my name is not working for you so if you,have any tutorial requests,let me know in the comments i will be,happy to do a video for you otherwise,let's,get to our tutorial today which is how,you can find out the apps that has been,used in a shopify store,so if you saw a shopify store that has,some kind of function or some kind of,cooler views or something,and you want to implement the same,features in your store too,well there is a big chance that they may,have been using a shopify app to do that,and if you can figure out the shopify,app name you can,install it and has the same features,that you want so the ultimate solution,for you,is to find out the name of the shopify,app and that's exactly what i want to,show you right now and before we start i,want you to know that we will do that,without using any apps or websites or,extensions because there is a lot of,extensions and tools that can show you,the apps that has been used in a shopify,store and if you are wondering why is,that just like i said in my previous,video what if suddenly the website stops,working,or they could start asking for money so,you don't have a way to know that you,can only pay the tool that's asking for,money or,you will not know the app of the shopify,store but hopefully,you click it on the right video because,i will show you how you can find that,the apps that has been used in a shopify,store,just from your google chrome browser and,just from the code of the website and,without any more talking let's get to it,just like in my previous video i will,use again google search engine,to find out a random shopify store and,we will do demonstration on it so let's,just type in in google search engine,just like in my previous video,in text two dots and two quotation marks,and between them powered,by shopify and we will add another query,just to filter out the big websites,because they do use a custom made apps,and checks two dots and two quotation,marks again and between them,i will use the same keyword in my,previous videos which is,women's bags and hit enter,and as you can see a bunch of websites,here and they are all shopify stores,so let's just go for a random one to do,demonstration error so let's just go for,this one right here,and as you can see it says here coming,soon but i don't think this page is,available on the team actually,so you cannot add this on your team you,can only add it by a custom app,as far as i know and we will figure out,them right now,so we want to know the app that has been,used in the shopify store to show us,this page right here,so to do that the first thing you're,going to do is simply right click on the,page and after that click on this view,page source option,right here and it will open up this tab,right here with a bunch of code on it,and no worries you will not look at the,coder inspected or anything,the simplest thing you will do is simply,ctrl f if you are on windows i'm on mac,i'm going to click on command f,and it will show you this prompt right,here at the top right corner of the,browser,and simply type in sync load,and as you can see it did highlight,something here and if it didn't simply,hit enter and it will highlight it,just like you see right now so let's,just zoom in on it,and as you can see it says here function,sync load so basically this function of,the,sync load it will be used wherever the,code has called an,extension or app from shop wifi and as,you can see,there is a link here that has nothing to,do with the website the website that we,are using right now called the, and right here it says, and it says here,shopify just like you see right now so,let's just check her out,i'm going to simply open up the the,website and there it is as you can see,this is a drop shipping app for amazon,just like you see,right now and if i click on download,let's just see if it will redirect us to,shopify apps,and as you can see it did redirect us to,shopify app store and this is the,the app that has been used in the,shopify store and i believe it has been,used also another one,not just this one let's just check that,out right now,now this is the only one that has been,used in the shopify store so i guess,this,front page here right here with the with,the newsletter subscription,is available on the team it was not,added by a,app or anything so that's how you figure,out the apps that has been used in a,shopify store,and as i said if you guys have any,questions let me know in the comments i,will be happy to do a video for you,otherwise i think my job is done and,thanks for watching,and catch you on next one

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