how to set up abandoned cart email shopify

How to Set up an Abandoned Cart Email on Shopify hey what's going on today's episode we are going to


Updated on Jan 16,2023

How to Set up an Abandoned Cart Email on Shopify

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How to Set up an Abandoned Cart Email on Shopify

hey what's going on today's episode we are going to set up the abandoned cart,email that's built in within Shopify let's get into it alright so the first,thing that we want to do is once you log into your Shopify store you're in the,dashboard you want to go to settings and then you want to click on checkout on,check out there's gonna be a lot of options in there where you can change a,lot of different things but we're gonna keep scrolling until we see abandoned,checkout which is right here within abandoned checkout all you want to do is,make sure that you check mark automatically send abandoned check out,emails and then you can choose whether to send it to anyone who abandoned,checkout or just email subscribers who abandoned checkout so the email,subscribers are ones that actually put their email within the checkout process,and then you also have a chance to choose when you want to send it the,recommended is 10 hours it really depends on the type of products that you,have and what you're selling in your store but they give you those four,options one hour six hours ten hours or 24 hours now in order to customize an,email you want to click on customize email button right here when you click,on that it's really gonna give you the HTML body text which might be a little,bit daunting at first when you see all that it just looks like a bunch of code,and a bunch of little different things in there so really the only thing that I,would be comfortable for you to change within the email body will be just,certain sentences within the code so for example you can see right here if we,click preview we can actually check out how the email looks right now so it says,a little bit treats you left items in your cart hi Bob,you added items to your shopping whatever etc as a sentence in there and,then the rest is gonna have automatically trouble if is gonna know,what items they had in their cart and that email is gonna send those items,along with this texts now in order to change some of this text,right here we can just kind of go over here and see where that text is located,and then just change it so for example you'll see here that some of the text,kind of repeats itself so you'll see you left an item in your cart and then it,says you left items in your cart so then the code actually here tells you that if,it's just one then we want the verbage to match that one if else so if you have,more than one item in your cart then you use the plural version of that so you,will see that throughout this but let's say that my store little bit streets,only sells dry bones so instead of saying item for example if I wanted to,customize this a little bit you can say you left a bone and your cart and then,the plural will be you left say some bones in your cart and little things,like this actually make the experience of your store in the abandoned checkout,email just a little bit more customizable to your store so doing the,little things like that it's kind of cool so you can change that within the,HTML body of the email and if we click on preview which is see now that it says,you left some bones in your cart kind of cool now you can also do a test email so,you can click on the send test email and that will send a notification based on,whatever you have set up as your email for that store in particular after,you're done making those changes you can click Save and that's it that's how you,set up the abandoned cart checkout emails now in order to look at maybe,some people who have done abandoned checkouts and you want to know what,customers has Shopify actually sent those emails to you want to go under,orders and then you'll see under draft you'll see abandoned checkouts right,now we don't have anything but this will show a list it'll also show different,reasons and different things of maybe why the email was not sent and things,like that I would definitely check out Shopify's abandoned checkout help,support page because they talked about towards the bottom of the page and will,show a link in the description of this video,they share a lot of reasons there's probably like maybe 10 or 12 reasons of,why an abandoned checkout email would not send to a customer so they have a,lot of different rules and things that you can't really change so I would,definitely be paying attention to those rules in there just,to make sure that you understand when Shopify actually sends an abandoned cart,checkout if you don't like these rules that Shopify lays out then you can,search for the Shopify App Store for abandoned checkout email software an,app that will allow you to customize the experience even further and include,different features and different things like that all right hopefully that was,good if you have any questions please let me know in the comments down below,and we'll try to help you out

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