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How to Hide Products from Shopify Site Search - NO apps or coding required hey guys so today i wante

Will Misback - Shopify Developer

Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Hide Products from Shopify Site Search - NO apps or coding required

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How to Hide Products from Shopify Site Search - NO apps or coding required

hey guys so today i wanted to go over,really quickly,how you can hide certain products from,your shopify site,search and so this is a really requested,feature if you're doing something like,split testing with multiple products,on your store you'll want the product,pages to actually work,for the landing page but you don't want,your store to actually show,two of the same product in its search,bar,um and i've seen a lot of apps that,people will use to achieve this,functionality,it's actually possible with just shopify,you don't need an app you don't even,really need to know how to code,so without further ado let's just get,right into it so you can see here i'm on,one of my test stores,if we go to the two products in question,that we're that we're using for this,tutorial,you can see we have uh these ultra,deluxe monkey massages so the only thing,that's different about these two,products guys,is uh this one we're charging ten,dollars for this one we're charging a,million for and,um obviously this is a little bit of an,exaggeration of the way that,split testing would usually work but the,method is effective right you have one,variable on the entire page that's,tweaked,and then you can see how many people,convert on this what's your conversion,rate here versus what's your conversion,rate here,now the issue with this is uh,in our back end these are actually,registered as two different products,right and because of that when we go to,the search bar here,and someone types monkey massages right,both of them pop up right and if we go,to the search page,that'll be the same case right both of,these are popping up now,we don't want this right because if our,customers come to our store and they end,up searching for this,they find these two products they look,at them and both the products the exact,same and then they're like,why why is this one ten dollars and why,is this one a million dollars,right it's confusing and you're probably,going to lose sales there so to fix this,what we want to do,is uh we can use default we can use,shopify without any apps without any,coding,but we need to talk to shopify through,through the url that we enter there's no,uh,sort of default button to click or,anything like that to get to this,right um so what we need to do is we,need to basically enter this url that i,have here,and what you're going to change with,this is you're going to change this,monkey business dashbiz biz,don't worry guys i'll link this in the,description of the video,um you just want to change this here to,be your my shopify url,otherwise you're going to be trying to,edit my uh monkey business store,otherwise you're going to be trying to,edit my store,so uh it's not going to work so really,quickly i just want to break down this,url so,it gives you guys an idea of what what,you're doing to your store,so this uh you should all be familiar,with this part of the url,this just takes you to the admin of your,site the slash bulk opens the bulk,editor,of your site you may have seen that,before if you were editing a ton of,products,this question mark uh here you're just,telling the bulk editor that you you,want to display and edit the following,variables,so these are the variables that you're,displaying and editing this product,uh resource name and you're editing,uh this this metafields.seo.hidden,value and this is this is the key factor,here and this percent 3a number it just,means that,the value that precedes it is a,number so if i copy paste this,we can go to our bulk editor here and,you can see it's pulled up all of our,products,in the first column like we said it,would back here and then it has this,hidden column,and right now these are all blank they,default to being zero,and this hidden column is is the key,here if,if this is a one it's going to hide,products from the search if it's a zero,it's not,right uh we can't really tell the,difference between these products we can,fix that,by just putting in the price here we can,see this one's the million dollar and,this is the ten dollar,ultra deluxe monkey massage now,whichever product you don't want,in the search right you want to put a,one next to,so if i think you know i think we should,keep the million dollar product in the,search,right i'm gonna put a one next to the,one that's ten dollars and then i'm,going to save that,now what i need to do is i need to go,back to my home page,and it might take a little bit to update,and if we go ahead and enter,monkey massage here you can see it'll,only pop,up with one and if we go ahead and click,enter,it's only popping up with one if we,search something like massage,it'll only pop up with the million,dollar one uh if you guys have issues,with this like if it doesn't seem like,it's working,um you know the minute after you do it,that's,two minutes after you do it uh you might,have to clear your browser's cache,or or just um do a hard refresh on the,page which can be like,either command or control shift uh and,then r,and that should fix up the issues if not,just wait for a little bit and refresh,if this video helped you i'd appreciate,it if you like leave a like and,um a comment uh if if you're having,trouble,with this go ahead and leave a comment,and i'll try to help you as best as i,can,the other thing i use the comments,section for on these videos guys is to,get new ideas for,videos and that i can make in the future,so if you have a feature that you want,to see,you know coded or you have a feature,that that you want to see how you can,do it on shopify definitely leave that,in the comments,um and the other thing guys is right now,i'm running a promo on my channel where,um i each week i'm giving out a free,consultation to a,subscriber on their site and so what i,go over in that that,hour it's about an hour long session is,i'll look at i'll take a brief look at,your site,and i'll i'll basically think about if,if i was put in charge of the site,tomorrow,what would be my like top three things i,would do or what would be like the,number one thing i'd work on with your,site,um or your business or your brand or,whatever so if that interests you guys,uh you have to be subscribed for to be,eligible for that,so go ahead and subscribe and i'll see,you in the next one guys

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