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How To Recover Abandoned Carts On Shopify with Recapture hey,everybody,justin cener here in this vid

Justin Cener

Updated on Feb 07,2023

How To Recover Abandoned Carts On Shopify with Recapture

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How To Recover Abandoned Carts On Shopify with Recapture

hey,everybody,justin cener here in this video i'm,going to teach you how to recover,abandoned carts on shopify easy money if,you follow along with the step by step,here and i'm going to teach you how to,stop leaving money on the table when,people abandon their cart basically they,add some products to cart they start the,checkout process but they don't finish,it,that's a good opportunity for you to,cash in right we always want them to of,course check out but they don't always,check out in a complete straight line,process they might get distracted or,they might go to another site and try to,research pricing they might just simply,forget,we can go back in there remind them with,cart abandonment recovery i'll show you,over the shoulder how to do that to get,some high roi high conversion,sales to come back you basically remind,them of their cart you give them a call,to action to go and finish their cart,and there's easy money right there on,this is a very proven strategy for all,e-commerce stores but the built-in,shopify feature for a cart abandonment,is pretty weak it only sends two basic,emails doesn't allow you to really,customize everything and you need to be,able to customize branding formatting,the number of times that the email is,sent the timing of these emails and you,need an app that's going to work with,any theme that doesn't cost an arm and a,leg and has great support and that's,what this video is all about i'm going,to show you the recapture app this is,what i use i highly recommend it this is,the best way to do cart abandonment,right now and i'm going to show you the,app you see the link on the screen and,directly below this video definitely,check it out but we'll go over the,shoulder now and i'll show you more,about the recapture app here is the,recapture abandoned carts app over here,first thing to notice 59 reviews all,five star reviews massive review score,over here,they are like i said the best option,right now for abandoned carts gonna be,able to combine email and sms to recover,those carts again when people,uh leave the checkout process we'll be,able to come back get them to come back,give them a strong call to action to,come back and see that revenue increase,very quickly it happens through sms and,email all these templates are,pre-configured so really all you need to,do is just install the app we'll go over,the shoulder and i'll show you the,different options and things like that,but they've literally recovered millions,of dollars in sales for their app users,and that's why i use them i'm going to,show you again in the back end you'll be,able to see all this inside of the app,like the analytics different campaigns,that are basically running the,templates that i mentioned earlier,before but you'll see all of your stats,you'll see all of the money,that you've recaptured,with these abandoned mint carts that,hopefully get,recovered and then you make the sale so,that's the whole idea with sms now as,well and i invite you to take a look at,this page see all the different features,but we're going to go over the shoulder,and i'll show you just how powerful this,app is all we need to do click the add,app button this is going to bring us,right back into shopify where we're,going to grant permission for recapture,and shopify,to talk back and forth automatically,this is that really asap,install no technical skills no code of,course required really just pressing,that install app button now we're going,to get onboarded here and we'll go ahead,and create our recapture account this is,going to allow us to access the,dashboard and go through our little,step-by-step onboarding the first couple,of steps should be done automatically,through that app set up here when we,clicked install app now what we need to,do is activate an abandoned cart,campaign this is literally just going to,take a couple of minutes we're going to,get our abandoned carts set up ready to,go everything is already kind of pre-set,here with these templates best practices,enabled and we're going to get things,going literally with just a couple,clicks so you see they're currently off,let's turn them on we're going to,activate this is the 30 minute campaign,we're going to come over here and just,save in our information this will pull,in the information from your side if you,don't have a logo uploaded go ahead and,upload one here and we'll save and,continue over here really as simple as,that we have the,campaigns activated i'll show you how,you can customize some of that things as,we come over here into our campaign,colors and fonts very simple we're going,to go and just match our store over here,i've got a red black and white color,scheme so i'm going to do the same over,here literally just drag that right over,here we can change all of our setup here,so it matches our exact theme,and we'll just select a little closer to,our logo there we go we could save that,of course you can match this all up,based on your own,color scheme,the email collector this is super,powerful allows you to build your,subscriber list,and this is something that is really uh,an optional thing to do but definitely,something nice to have for sure there's,so much money in your email list we want,to make sure we're always doing it,so we'll go on over into the collectors,page and we'll just simply turn this on,whoops turn this right on and keep our,pop up on we could of course add a,different one and customize what's going,on inside here for example the title and,of course any of the other information,in there just like all the other setups,here we have the branding capabilities,as well so we're going to want to make,sure that we come across over here and,in my case with that red color scheme go,ahead and choose the red for some of our,buttons here and for our text here as,well to get that brand and you'll update,with your colors as well,and save this off,and we have this one done,there's a few more things that we could,do on this checklist but i really want,to go into the account dashboard now and,this is where you're going to be really,every single day and you're going to be,taking a look and seeing and this is,actually one of the two places that i,want to show you analytics wise you're,going to see your data abandon records,how many emails have been sent how many,emails have been collected in your email,collector right again for building your,email list all of the different kind of,metrics including the dollar metrics,literally how much money has this app,helped you make,that's going to all show right over,there up top is the menu we could take a,look at a couple of different things but,what i really want to show you is the,live cart feed over here and this is as,it says an actual live feed of what's,going on,in your store and in your cart and this,is installed on a little demo store but,i'll show you exactly how powerful this,is so here's a dashboard with a lot of,data inside of it i'm going to come over,into the live cart feed and this is,incredibly powerful here what we're,looking at are live cart sessions,meaning these are actual times and,people have put in their information,added products into cart they just,didn't check out so look at all the,money that's literally left on the table,here this is what recapture does and,again it only took a couple minutes to,set up we have our,abandonment cart emails ready to go the,campaigns are up and running already,right we've activated these but i'm,coming under the live cart feed here,because this is actually a live feed of,what's working here we see our converted,right we want people to land over here,so we have active carts and of course,they could go directly into checkout and,purchase and hopefully we get that right,on the first try but in reality a lot of,people don't convert on the first try it,might take them multiple times and once,they have an active cart we can grab,them here and recapture and hopefully,bring them over into the recapturable,tab right over here meaning we have,their contact information to go ahead,and send them out that email campaign or,sms campaign depending on how we're,going to do it and depending on what,data we have from these customers so,this is a literal live flow,of your customers starting over here in,the cart and we see which ones end up,over here and in fact the ones that have,this little badge on it these are the,ones that are converted because of,recaptures automated campaigns the ones,that we literally already set up right,there's no more setup to do we can,customize colors and things like that,but these emails have been tested,they're tried and true they're proven,and this is just one of the again here's,the other analytics section but this,live card section allows you to,literally look at everything on an,individualized basis and see okay here,is when the order or the cart was,created here's when it was abandoned it,takes 30 minutes to turn into an,abandoned cart here's where it was,converted and we could literally see the,different kind of activities and have a,post purchase we didn't talk about that,yet post purchase where now these people,are inside of our system right we have,the customers information we already did,put them through a abandoned cart,campaign post purchase is going to allow,us to do a lot as well just the whole,idea of now again money in the list we,can make money from in this case,berkeley over and over and over as we,send them email marketing but we saw,exactly how we'll take a look at this,one from bar right took them a while to,get into this uh sale but we got it,right 15 days ago they abandoned post,purchase emails lots of email clicks,lots of email opens and we got them on,the sale here this is the power right,showed interest a lot of interest 15,days ago because added the product to,cart started that checkout here we got,them to convert just a few minutes ago,so that is the power of it again we can,take a look over here post purchase as,well this is really all about kind of,again leveraging your list getting,reviews as well is always of course huge,for your conversion rate and we could do,all of that right through the recapture,dashboard so a lot that you could do,abandoned carts right off the bat though,installed very easy right under,campaigns turning them on we could edit,them a little bit but what we really,want to do is just get them running get,that money right back from those loss so,that is the recapture abandoned carts,app highly recommended as you saw,incredibly easy to use that's why it's,got those 5 out of five star reviews,over here and you get the 15 day free,trial so make sure you get this app in,your store it's really absolutely no,reason not to be using this you're just,going to be leaving money on the table,so again you see the link directly below,this video go ahead and take a look at,this app get it in your store you have,15 days before they even start charging,you you'll be making money well before,that with this sms and email recovery so,yeah install it in there set everything,up get those abandonment carts recovered,and you'll see all that revenue,recovered asap

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