how to find shopify product id

How to find Shopify Product ID, Handle, SKU, and Variant ID number in this quick screencast tutorial


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to find Shopify Product ID, Handle, SKU, and Variant ID number

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How to find Shopify Product ID, Handle, SKU, and Variant ID number

in this quick screencast tutorial we are,going to find how in Shopify do you find,your variant ID your product ID your SKU,the things that Shopify uses to identify,your products so it's useful to be able,to access this stuff uh often is part of,troubleshooting whether it's for an app,an integration or something like your,Google or Facebook product feeds,and so we're going to look at those and,as an example we're just going to use my,wife's store,so if you open up a product in the admin,this is the easiest way to do it and,I'll also we'll walk through what our,things are here,so in the URL it goes slash admin slash,products and then this number that's,your product ID so slash product slash,the number right there product ID that's,the actual unique identifier that,Shopify uses uh internally to identify a,product,and then if you scroll to the bottom of,this page this uh this URL slug is the,handle and so it's if we hit edit in the,search engine listing it's this guy that,guy's the handle all right so that's the,other way,product pages get identified in here,it's by product ID or product handle so,okay we got those two well now there's,two more because that the ID in the,handle they identify here if I open this,up they identify this whole page you,know but we have if you've got multiple,colors Styles sizes well each one of,those needs its own unique identifier as,well so handle and ID gives us the the,whole encompassing group of the product,options,but within that you've got at least one,variant right and so how do we get those,well uh similar method so like looking,at this product,if we watch the URL even as I change,these sizes you could see the number up,here changes and it even here's the,giveaway I mean it tells you variant,equals Flatout is telling you in the URL,so those are the variant IDs,the other way to grab it uh if you hit,edit,and where is it I know there's a way to,do this where you can edit the skus oh,here it is,scroll down and look at the URL so I'm,on the variant here this is like an easy,visual way to do it the variant here is,black extra small and then up here I,could see product the product ID variant,the variant ID aha okay we got it there,fabulous,let's go back and then the,in here we can also find the skew there,it is that is the other way we identify,variants either by skew or by variant ID,and then our our main product is by,product ID or product handle all right,now here's like you want the super cool,hacker trick to do this if you're,looking at a product page in your,Shopify admin just add dot XML on the,end of it so X like xylophone M like,mother L like life enter look at that it,spits out this uh it's this really meant,for machines but a human readable saying,listing of here's everything Shopify,knows and you could conceivably want to,know about your product this is more,data than is even in the spreadsheet,that Shopify will give you if you export,your products,and you can see right at the top it goes,product ID boom there's the product ID,and it's got all our other stuff in here,there's our handle that we were just,talking about,uh scrolling on down then we could see,variant ID so here it's got we can see,our variant ID and the title of that,variant and then even our SKU and so I,like using,um like when I just want to go find the,stuff myself this is what I do I just,find the product in the store and I,append dot XML to the URL and then grab,it from here it makes makes life fairly,fairly easy,so that's it that's how you find those,four identifiers product ID variant ID,product handle and variant SKU if you're,ever trying to troubleshoot you need,that info you know an app developer asks,you for it for whatever reason now you,know how to get it hope that helps,foreign foreign

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