how to put sold out on shopify

How to Hide Sold Out Products on Shopify Hey what's going on my name is Christian from BitBranding a


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to Hide Sold Out Products on Shopify

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How to Hide Sold Out Products on Shopify

Hey what's going on my name is Christian from BitBranding and today, we're gonna,go over how to hide sold out products from your Shopify collections. Let's jump,right in to it. Here we are on the Shopify dashboard and I'm gonna jump in real quick to my preview page. I have,little bit treats that's my website and it's a doc treats for humans believe it,or not and what we're trying to get rid of is on our collections for example,right here on a home page I have pumpkin bone to have dry bones and have colorful,bones so this one right here - dry bones say,sold out so I'm trying to get rid of these from appearing on my home page as,well as my catalog page so if I jump to my catalog page you will see that you,will still see all the products even the sold out ones so that's what we're,trying to do so I'm gonna go back to my dashboard and I'm gonna hit products and,I'm gonna go to collections once I'm here I'm gonna click on so right now the,way I have this set up is my home page for example if I go back here I've,created a collection called bones for you and maybe dresses or it could be,maybe shoes or things like that and if you see here the collection for bones,the conditions is the product type is equal to bones so I'm gonna click on,that and we're gonna edit that a little bit so that we can exclude sold out,products and all we have to do is so under here under conditions it says,product type equals to bones that's all fine and then we have to add another,condition another condition I want to go to inventory stock is greater than zero,so that means that the product must match all both of these conditions the,prior type needs to be bones and inventory stock needs to be greater than,zero so I'm going to go ahead and click Save,and you see right here on their products that has already been updated I'm gonna,go to jump right back over here and see that dry bones is still sold out but if,i refresh the page you see that it's already gone same with both the catalog,it's gonna be a little bit different and the reason why it's not that it's still,showing up here is because of the way we have this product page set up,essentially so what we can do there is go back to collections and create a,collection for everything so the way we're gonna do that is product price is,greater than zero and then we're gonna add another condition inventory stock is,greater than zero so that will include essentially all the products in our,store as long as one they have pricing and two they actually have stock it's,giving me an error here oh because I don't name it so I'm just gonna name it,all click Save,all right once we have that ready to go then the way you change the products,show up here in the catalog is you go to online store you jump into navigation we,go main menu and right here it says catalog we're gonna edit that and,instead of just doing the alt products we're gonna choose the collection that,we created so that we can control when sold-out products are gone from the,store so we're gonna apply changes in there we're gonna save that menu alright,I'm gonna go back here and click refresh and as you can see that sold-out product,has been deleted from our catalog page and that's it that's just a little quick,trick on how to get rid of sold out products from your collections as long,as you one or your products actually have prices and two you're keeping track,of your inventory for these items thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this,episode on how to get rid of sold out products make sure that you subscribe,leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below and let us know what do you,want to learn next regarding Shopify thank you

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