how to promote shopify store for free

How To Promote Your Shopify Store (or Any Business) For Free! hey everybody mark from prime brains,h

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Promote Your Shopify Store (or Any Business) For Free!

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How To Promote Your Shopify Store (or Any Business) For Free!

hey everybody mark from prime brains,here,the video they're about to see is about,25 to 30 minutes long,it's basically a video of me showing you,guys two real,ways to promote your shopify store,okay now i know you guys some of you,guys might not have shopify stores but,you have businesses outside of shopify,this goes the exact same way okay these,are two real ways that you can promote,anything,shopify store some kind of website that,you have some kind of business,you want to watch the video all the way,throughout to get all the information,and to understand,where i'm coming from to be able to,learn how to promote your business,completely for free guys all right i'll,talk to you guys later,thank you guys for watching let's get,right into the video,what's up everybody mark from prime,brains today i'm going to be showing you,guys a quick,video that's going to teach you how to,be able to market and promote,your shopify store for free okay,now eventually the goal is for you to,just flip on a switch right,turn on your switch for facebook ads,turn on your switch for google adwords,turn on your switch for all these,different advertising platforms whatever,platform you're using,facebook instagram pinterest twitter,whatever the place might be right,and make money from that but let's face,it there's a learning curve,to learn how to advertise correctly,right,we can all assume that and we all know,that that's the case right,because if it wasn't we'd all be,millionaires tomorrow uh,advertising you know doing what we want,to do but,how do you promote your shopify store,for free how do you get it done,let me go ahead and share that,information with you guys today alright,so here is a shopify store i created,in my last video i created this uh store,it was a two hour course that i put on,the channel,if you want to go check out the video,just check it out it's there it was my,last video,two hour course on showing you guys how,to create a shopify store,just like this step by step every aspect,to it,okay um now with that the only way we'll,make sales,right is if we bring in traffic now i've,said this before but there's two pillars,when it comes down to,making a shopify store successful or,making money online right,the first pillar or the first,foundational step,is designing a store that is conversion,optimized so when i say conversion,optimized,like pop-ups countdown timers for,products,design um collection previews right,things like this that help improve,conversion rates i'm not going to go,into the whole,aspect of how to actually do that i've,i've created on my ecom warriors channel,videos on that,and why things like pop-ups work now,they don't work when they're alone when,i say alone i mean like if you just have,a website,and you just decide to put pop-ups,that's not gonna work too much people,are,you know they're already past that okay,there's things that you have to do,that incorporate with the pop-ups you,have to do other things i'm not gonna be,talking about it in this video,okay but that's one thing it's designed,right what goes on on the website,the second thing is traffic okay the,quality of the traffic well,there's two ways that i'm gonna be,showing you guys how to generate,free traffic that's relatively you know,free it doesn't cost too much,it doesn't cost anything really it's,really your hard work your effort,so let's head over to instagram,okay let me pull up instagram here,let's go ahead and check out instagram,instagram is a place where products are,being sold,okay so if i scroll on a website on,on scroll down here and i don't want to,scroll down too much because i don't,know what i'm gonna see but,you can see here there's a lot of dog,pictures my account is a dog account,right on this puppy or dog account,let's assume my store was this store,right wherever i had just pulled it up,this store right here right let's assume,this is my store,right where it's clothing and things,like that um,now let's just shape shift here for a,minute let's assume this clothing store,wasn't a clothing store,let's assume it's an e-commerce store,that has to do with pet products so if i,go on aliexpress right,which is where everybody's drop shipping,their products from right it doesn't,necessarily have to be aliexpress it,could be anything if i just write pet,um just write pet how about that right,we'll see what kind of pet products,these are all products that are pet,related products right,so what i'm going to do is i'm going to,have to paste the link right i'm going,to create a store kind of like this one,okay and i'm going to paste a link to,this store,that has all pet products right and what,will happen is,people will see my store essentially,right on my instagram i'm always posting,content,i have great engagement right and when i,post this content,i'm going to reach new people they're,going to see my instagram,and then they're going to you know,essentially head up my store,and that's how i get free traffic the,fact that they're interested in my,profile,okay and every single one of my profile,images will be a promotional,image right so something that has,relations to do with the product,so i would show a picture of this a,picture of this whatever it might be,okay and the fact that they actually,click on the product and they click on,the link or even they click on the,tagable,product image right what's going to,happen is,that means that they have interest now,there's a way to boost that by creating,retargeting ads however let's just keep,it on a free side for example okay,well the question is how do you get the,free traffic how do you get engagement,like this,93 likes 77 likes 70 likes per image,right how do you do that and you only,have 846,well the key is to get more followers a,and b consistently post so consistently,posting every single one of you guys,have the ability to do that i don't need,to talk about what you need to do to,post images you guys know what that is,okay but what we're gonna have to do is,we're gonna have to figure out where,other,accounts are growing from and we can,piggyback off of them so i'll give you,an example,so what we're going to do is we're going,to pick a big instagram account so let's,say the instagram account,and it has to be related to your,instagram account in some kind of way so,let's say i'm going to search,dogs right let me go ahead and spell,that right,dogs so i'm going to pick the first one,here,and this says dog lover so this count,has 5 million followers,okay 5 million followers i could,potentially interact with,right and if i interact with them then,guess what if they're interested in dogs,they're gonna see my profile they're,gonna love everything that i'm posting,and they probably have a dog if they're,super freaks and super fans about,dogs right they're gonna click on my,link,and it's gonna take them to my store now,there's a high chance that they're gonna,purchase why,well they probably have a dog they love,dogs they're obsessed with dogs,every post that they like and they,follow dog accounts there's no reason,why they wouldn't purchase from me,this is why i tell you guys hyper target,figure out a niche that you can get into,that's going to be profitable kind of,like this,okay well what i would do here is i,would go back to that large account so,let's just type in dogs again,okay and i'm gonna pull up a list of,their followers,now like i said every single one of,their followers,is somehow interested in dogs like if i,click,on this account okay this lady or,whoever this person is,has this dog and clearly she likes the,dog so much that she's posting photos on,this dog,every day right if i go back to another,account let's just click on this one,okay there's another example another dog,okay,now the fact that these accounts if you,look at them these are like real,accounts,but they're by a single person who,created them look,six followers if i follow this person,they're gonna follow me back right away,which is going to increase my overall,conversion rate so if you notice i was,following two thousand people i had 846,followers or something like that,that's almost 50 conversion rate right,that's almost,half so i was like 150 people away,from getting 50 conversion rate means,for every two people i follow,i get one follower back out of those one,followers i have a chance,of having somebody purchase a product,for my store,now the key to this is you see how this,is fitness,and this is like pets you don't want to,do that you want to make sure it's like,a pet store,with a pet instagram i think i made that,clear but some people want to know,now with this you're gonna interact with,a list,of the followers okay so,in this case if i just click on this,person's account,okay this person clearly likes you know,dogs or whatever but i'm gonna go back,and all you have to do is hit the follow,button,okay now the thing is we could sit here,and manually do this which is not,necessarily a problem,but it's a headache because if you're,gonna have to follow a thousand,two three four five thousand six,thousand followers,unfollow all them then follow them again,this can get annoying,right you you're gonna have to do this,every day to get followers and to get,sales,and keep posting consistently so we want,to make it easier on ourselves so what,are we gonna do,let me go ahead and refresh and show you,guys exactly what i'm gonna do right,because,you guys know i'm not about wasting time,the more,time i have the more money i make,remember time is money so,what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna click on,this little instagram,icon here that i have now what this is,is this is a software,okay and what this software is gonna do,is this is it's gonna,follow people for me so you're gonna see,how it's gonna work so i'm gonna,let's say list of 40 people i wanted to,follow okay,and i'm actually going gonna do this on,camera and i'm not gonna let it stop,until it's done with all the followings,okay so i'm gonna set it to 40 here why,not,okay and i'm gonna hit i'm gonna let it,follow anywhere between,one to three seconds so that means what,that means is it for every follow that,it performs right,it's gonna wait either one to three,seconds so it could wait two seconds,three seconds or one second it's never,gonna follow faster than one second it's,never gonna follow,slower than three seconds okay so it's,never gonna wait five or ten seconds,so i'm gonna hit start okay the first,thing it's gotta do is it's gotta scroll,it's gotta collect all 40 accounts first,okay it says it here it's telling me,what it's doing so it says,12 accounts loaded let's let it scroll a,little bit more,it says 24 accounts loaded let's let it,scroll,a little bit more okay now it's scrolled,all the way up and you can see here,it performed its first follow i'm not,going to move my mouse i'm going to put,it right here,and you can see that it's scrolling,through an account and you could see the,the follows the accounts that i already,followed it said cannot click on the,button,for account blah blah blah account is,already followed okay,so i'm going to leave it you know let it,go let it do its own thing it's going to,look through every account we followed,and it's going to move on to the next,person once it moves on to the next,person and it keeps following,right so far we followed two people i'm,going to let it do its thing i'm going,to let it sit back,okay and it's about to there you go it,just followed another person,and it's going to follow another person,now so it's going to keep following,these people and i'm i'm just going to,keep talking while it's doing this,but i'm not going to move my mouse,because i could show you guys how it,works,basically what the goal here is is that,you don't want to,um like you don't want to do the work,behind this you want the machine to do,it for you does that make sense,the reason why you want the machine to,do it for you is because the machine is,going to save you,time so you can spend your time on other,businesses practices,that actually matter just like for,example and i'm going to move my mouse,here,just for example building out your,website to build it out properly does,that make sense,um so i'm going to bring it back and,it's still working as you could see now,i don't recommend that you switch the,window i think,you should keep it open but this is just,an example you can see how much activity,it's actually doing here so it's,followed 22 people,you can see here it's followed 23 people,so far i'm going to leave it i'm going,to leave my mouse until it get hits 40,and just kind of show you guys how you,know the whole process,so as it's following these people what,it's doing for me,is it's increasing my chances by the,second,to get more sales on my instagram,account now as you guys saw,my instagram account doesn't have any,you know products linked to it or,anything like that,but now i'm going to head back to my,instagram account you guys can see,how it looks here is that it's falling,and i cut it early but it's,following people okay and when it,follows people,i reap the results of that now the,reason,why um this is a beneficial process to,our business,is because what this is going to do is,it's going to literally reach out to,people,when the people when when the account,reaches out to people,um it's going to gain people's attention,and make us money,what it's also going to do in the,process is it's going to and this is,most important you could see here on my,screen,is it's going to build out the instagram,account you're going to get more,followers,okay out of those people who are your,followers what basically what you're,signaling to instagram,is that you want to grow your account,and instagram takes that into,consideration,especially when they see your account,already growing and they see that you're,posting content,when you're posting content consistently,and you keep this method on and you're,keeping the bot working,24 7 the way i did here right not 24 7,but you guys get what i'm saying right,a few actions a day right what you're,doing,is you're letting instagram know that,hey it's time to blow up this account,every time you post a photo you can see,you get more and more engagement so here,57 likes 58 likes 60,70 77 right 93,the numbers just keep going up and up,and,up and up right and in this topic in,this whole consideration here,there's nothing that i'm doing wrong in,instagram's eyes at the end of the day,right,because i'm not using a bot per se i'm,not using some kind of software where,i'm logging in someplace,right which i do encourage those,softwares to they're actually really,good to use,but in this case right this software,doesn't use my instagram password,it doesn't know my instagram password it,just has a task every time it sees a,follow button to click on it that's it,through a certain period of time that's,the task it does so,can you get banned off this you can't,get banned right,instagram is not going to take you off,and and it works great and if you want,to just test it,what you could do is you could start off,you know with a brand new account the,way i did in fact if you go to my,youtube channel and i'll just do this,right now,if you go to my youtube channel here and,uh let's search,prime brains right,hopefully that comes up here let's,search prime brains together,search prime brains which is my youtube,channel guys,i made a series of me showing you guys,exactly what the results were after,falling for a week i think,i did it let's see where it is here um,let's just i'm trying to look for here,it is day one day two day three day four,day five day six,okay this was and day seven here this,was a full week,of me using a bot similar to this one,right they do the exact same thing,and that's what got me to grow my,account now if you want to see me,for a week using this specific bot okay,here are the videos right here right um,it was the journey to a thousand,followers right here this one this one,this one this one,you guys can look through the youtube,channel and take a look at it right,and speaking of youtube channel this was,the two hour video i i published,uh the other like two three days ago,check it out guys all right,so basically what the point is is that,these bots i've been using them for a,while,a ton of people use them and a ton of,people use them to grow their account,from scratch okay so why is this a good,thing like i said what you're doing is,you're growing your instagram account,you're essentially killing two birds,with one stone you're growing your,instagram account,while making money that's basically it,right,a lot of people it's hard for them to,grow their instagram account from,scratch,at zero because just posting content i,mean you guys give it a try and tell me,how that works out for you,right you're going to struggle you know,and the thing about this is that it,saves you money,long term because let's go on the,website here to get the bot where do you,get this bot right,this spot right here or this spot right,here this is the twitter version this is,the instagram version,where do you get it you get it from,follow on,this is their instagram tool okay so,they have a five option,one option uh one license three a three,license,for majority of people watching this who,are you know just wanna grow one account,with one computer you can use the one,license,in fact if you want to grow multiple,accounts you could still use it on the,one license,their rules for the uh one license i,mean you guys can read it here,but basically the one license package,you can log in and out of as many,accounts as you want and get the job,done,okay the i think the licenses has to do,with the amount of computers i think it,says it here,yeah so one license on one computer uh,one license can be installed on three,computers on five computers so,if you have one computer basically what,you're going to do is you're going to,get the bot,you're going to put in your browser here,and they have a whole guide as,to how to install it you're going to put,in your browser right and what you're,going to do,is you're going to let the bot work on,one account you're going to log out of,that account you're going to do a new,account you're going to log out of that,account you're going to another account,what you're going to do the whole goal,here is you want to do roughly 150,follows per day now i created a course,on how to do this but i'm not going to,talk about the course because you know,maybe you guys aren't interested in it,and maybe it's just too much,to talk about today i don't want to you,know bombard you guys with a lot of,information i know some of this is new,but basically what the concept is is,that you don't want to do,you know to keep your account safe,without getting blocked and when i say,blocked i mean,like permanently not permanently but,temporarily frozen,from following people because you want,to follow as many people as possible,as fast as possible maybe do like 150,actions a day to start off with,and you want to keep that consistent,like on let's say if you have five,accounts,keep doing that every day 150 actions on,every account,so 150 follows and then like when when,the follows get really high like,at six thousand or four thousand or,seven thousand then do some unfollowing,so you can get some following again,um and i like to do it in chunks too so,like i said i created a course and the,course,is ten bucks um but i don't need to talk,about that right now,like i said that's not something that's,important um in the course there's a,special rule book and a special guide,for the specific people who use that so,they're under certain,other circumstances but for you guys who,are beginners with this,software i would say 150 follows a day,um across like five six accounts you're,definitely gonna get sales every day,like why not right and you're gonna get,followers and that's the most,important thing now there's better,strategies to go about this like you,want to cross,promote a whole bunch of different,things to do but the best thing i would,do is recommend that you get started,using the bot,like i said start with the one license,package,okay and what you want to do is you want,to start growing now if you see there's,a lot of success,then you might want to get the other,computers in your house get the other,license packages whatever they have here,and start going right start building,from there now i know this video is a,little bit longer than usual we're at,like,almost 20 minutes so what i'm going to,do is i'm going to talk about the second,way,to promote your business for free okay,so the second way to do this for free is,you want to use,seo so if you look here i have certain,products for sale,right like let's say for example varsity,shorts,or a performance tee right like if i,just click on,shop now here it should take me to the,collection,yeah here it is so this is like the,collection page right,and you could see here the premiere,performance tee,right these are keywords that people are,searching for,on google you want to make sure that,your product shows up number one on,google,well how do you do that it's simple it's,called seo,in my case i have a keyword called,performance t the reason why this is a,good,keyword and the people behind this,business know it's a good keyword,is because they do seo research so if we,do keyword research here,this is a tool called the you,could pay like,four or five bucks for the actual,keyword research tool,right they have a whole bunch of,different pricing plans um,for you know 4.99 a month i currently,have the 50,a month plan and i'll always have the 50,a month plan it's just a better plan,overall let me go back here,um let's go to tools and let's go to,keyword research,and let's just type in performance t i,know i typed it up here,performance shirt right and hit test,basically what we're gonna see here it,says performance shirt a thousand,okay a search volume of a thousand for a,performance shirt,and it costs 2.99 for a cpc,this is very very cheap okay basically,what,cpc cpc is it's essentially a barometer,of competition,okay because basically what cpc means it,stands for cost per click,if advertisers are willing to advertise,for the specific product,that means that this specific product,has some kind of value,now 2.99 if you know anything about the,cost per click world and advertising,it's not that high compared to other,numbers okay well it's high compared to,like 2002,but like we're in 2020 now so uh the,average cpc of all different products,can range,five ten dollars you know,pharmaceuticals have cpcs of 82,86 dollars a click okay so,if you see here this cpc of 299 right,for a thousand search volume it's not,necessarily that competitive but it has,a decent search volume of a thousand,now there's a golden rule with seo okay,and i published,a bunch of other seo videos on my,youtube channel you can see here,free seo course free seo course free seo,course whole bunch of different seo,videos,i published i even have a free seo,course on skillshare,if you check out the community tab,you'll know about it okay,i talked about it right here okay two,days ago i've talked about a free seo,course and just click on this link,but anyways when you find a keyword like,this what you're finding,is a golden ticket okay why,the reason why is because for a keyword,like this performance shirt,for a keyword that's so competitive,right think of the amount of people out,there selling t-shirts,millions right billions but the keyword,performance when you add that little,word performance shirt,has a thousand search volume that tells,me that the world,hasn't really yet caught on for that,keyword and it tells me,that i can reach a thousand people a,month with this keyword and make,money doing it by just simply adding it,in,my product title now there's two other,things you need to do so let's just go,ahead and go into the back end here and,let's hit,products okay now remember our keyword,is performance shirt that we want to,rank for on google,okay so we go over here to performance,shirt,and we make sure that the keyword is,said within the title,okay and we want to make sure it's said,within the tag so we need to add tags,you can see here there's a section for,tags that's empty so let's go ahead and,add that so,performance sure,basically what tags help do and google,when when google sees that a website is,created they fetch all the data,and they fetch all the data for a,product specifically google is very,aware that there's something in this,world called,e-commerce you guys are aware of it,everybody knows about it but so is,google,and google as a as an artificial system,right as a machine,looks at the product and says hmm what,are the tags for this key,for this product and if it says here,performance shirt as a tag,then google understands okay this,product is tagged,with the keyword performance shirt it's,probably a good idea that we try to rank,this product,within the performance shirt ranking so,if i go on google,and i search aka performance serp right,for google,for uh performance what the search,results are for performance,shirt right and hit test we want to see,where our you know what websites are in,performance shirt,other than amazon you know we can rank,and be,any of these really websites they're not,really well known right,so we could beat them,right,custom ink that doesn't sound like too,much of a performance shirt kind of,brand,especially if we're selling products,like this so what we're going to do,is we're going to make sure like i said,it's in our tags and that's what,all these other people do to get ranked,on google right to get ranked number one,number two number three spot,that keyword performance shirts is saved,within,what's called the tags it's also saved,right,within the description so this is a,product description place,on shopify where you add the keyword,performance t,right another place that you have to do,it is you click on the image,and you add the alt keyword performance,t right performance,performance chart why do you want to do,this like i said,alt text google i mean well now they,kind of have the technology to do this,but before,when they saw an image they didn't they,didn't know what this image was like,it's a machine,does that make sense a machine can't,tell what an image is things are a,little bit different now in 2020 because,we have something called artificial,intelligence,where a machine can now be smart like a,human kind of understand things,however um back then in 06 and 05,2010 they didn't know about this okay,and so alt text was used,but now in today's world alt text is,used,for search data so if i search for a,certain keyword,there are google images that might come,up so if i search for,car right lamborghini,right what i'm gonna see is i'm gonna,see a whole bunch of images,now if you're the guy happening to sell,one of these items,it doesn't have to be lamborghini car,for example it could be anything else it,could be,wooden desks it could be microphones,iphones whatever the case may be,it could be a you know performance shirt,for example you want your image,to come up here in the search now why do,you want that,you want that because when people click,on the image they'll be directed,to your website right like if i was to,click on this image okay,what it's going to do is it's going to,show me the link if i click on the link,it's going to take me now to the actual,website that has this image,so the whole point here is that's free,traffic that this website now got can,you imagine,how much free traffic this person is,getting every single month right,so my point here is is that these are,two,free ways to make money from shopify and,how to promote your shopify store,right the for and like i said the f you,have to master,the first pillar the first pillar is web,design like there's a,there's a reason why we have collection,pages that look like this right,there's a reason why we have color,swatches why we have pop-ups why we have,countdown timers,why we have stock countdown timers on,the product pages right kind of like,this,there's a reason why we have all this,and it makes sense to have all this,you know that's the first pillar it's,design,okay the second part and by the way,within design there's functionality,versatility,okay those are different aspects of,design but the second pillar,is traffic right free way to get the,traffic is to use the bot,you use the bot to get traffic another,way to get free traffic is google seo,okay so there's a lot of information,behind this and this video,is almost like a summation of all that,so what you want to do,is you want to dive deep i have a whole,youtube channel,free completely free for people to learn,how to actually do this stuff and how to,do it properly,and how to see results okay and like i,said the econ warriors channel which is,this channel right here,right you guys need to see this channel,and for many of you,who are currently using it and watching,that's great,there's a lot of stuff i talk about here,with conversions,optimization and this is a very real,thing right,for all of you guys who are who are,utilizing this information,and taking advantage of it good on you,guys you guys really are doing well,and the more knowledge you acquire the,better you get at things,right so like for example winning,products there's this whole mystique,on shopify about oh how can i find a,winning product,the first thing i say notice in the,video if you guys click on this specific,video,on econ warriors first thing i say is,listen there's no real,true winning product like there is and,there isn't right like a winning product,doesn't necessarily exist i can have my,neighbor who sells,let's say hats and he could do,financially well,so financially well with that i might,try to sell hats and it might go,terrible for me right and it's the same,product but,there are still simple guides to learn,when it comes to,choosing one product to sell over,another or there are things to watch out,for,so maybe this is like a video for you so,there's a whole bunch of different,videos,that i create now what i'm going to do,is i'm going to leave a few links in the,description,box down below because we talked about a,lot in this video the first link i'm,going to,leave in the description is the the link,for the tool the following follow bots,tool,okay the second link is going to be for,seo kit so seo kit is a software tool,you guys can go ahead and check it out,all right so,the third link will be for the youtube,channel so,this youtube channel right here the econ,warriors youtube channel,go check it out go consume the content,and go get better at whatever you're,trying to get better at we talked about,shopify a little bit,shopify themes we talk about design we,talk about conversion optimization,in fact i already have a request from,somebody to make a remake of a store,because they,you know i've shown that like i'm good,at like recreating stores,and that's kind of something they want,me to do so i'm gonna be,taking different video ideas from people,so if you guys want to learn more and,see more,definitely subscribe to the ecom,warriors channel and subscribe to the,channel that you're watching obviously,if you're new,but those will all be the links down,below so this link right,this link to the seo kit and the link to,the youtube channel alright,i'll talk to you guys later thank you,guys for watching

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