how to make money dropshipping on shopify

How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping in 2023 (For Beginners) hey guys how's it going mike fas

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 11,2023

How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping in 2023 (For Beginners)

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How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping in 2023 (For Beginners)

hey guys how's it going mike fasil here,and in this video we're talking about,how to make money with shopify drop,shipping and more importantly how,beginners can earn 100,to 700 a day with no experience more,with that after the intro,okay guys before we actually remind you,that several spots have opened up for,this week's free workshop it's literally,the fastest and the easiest way to make,money online sign up for it in the link,below so i first got started with,shopify dropshipping like 2015 and it,like completely,changed my life you know we were in this,weird position in my life where we were,struggling with money,i just recently dropped out of dental,school and my parents who were asian,literally thought i was like the biggest,failure,for just kind of like missing on this,layup that could have been,you know a mic vestile dentist,profession where they could,brag to all their aunties and uncles,about on how awesome you know i was as a,kid or whatever right,it was really really weird you know from,that certainty,to not have any certainty and me trying,to figure out ways to make money online,and one of those ways actually,was shopify drop shipping and because of,the right mentorship because of the,right system because of the right,products,and also with kind of like a pinch of,luck i was able to go from zero to 1.5,million dollars,in 12 months but the craziest thing is,you know there was a lot of moving parts,about it,and when i tell people about that time,of my life they kind of get confused,because they're like mike,what even is shopify drop shipping so,that being said i kind of,want to demystify this entire arena,or aspect of online businesses that if,you are a beginner and you're like hey,man i just want to learn how to make 100,bucks or maybe you,have been in business for a little bit,longer and you're like okay i want to,scale,even bigger and hit my income goals so i,could start finally living,the life that i want then stay tuned so,before we actually begin we need to,define,what actual drop shipping is okay so,back in the day,my parents are like from the philippines,right so for them to do business,for example i have an uncle that you,know sells furniture he literally has to,buy,a bunch of trees and then chop them up,and then,have a huge warehouse and then in that,warehouse now he has like all of this,furniture and tables,and then he has to go and figure out how,to sell it it's a very,old school way of business because you,think that you have to kind of like do,everything,when it turns comes to creating a,product to make money with that what's,the exact same thing back in the day,you know back in the day i thought that,i needed to spend thousands of dollars,on dog leashes from china i had them,shipped over to my mom's house,and i was like oh my god i'm going to,get so rich with these dog leashes it's,going to be crazy i'm never going to,work every day in,my life ever again and i had all these,dog leashes,when i was trying to sell it i could not,sell one stupid,dog leash this is where drop shipping,comes in,you don't have to create your own,product you don't have to store your own,product you don't even have to buy,your product at all you're probably,wondering what mike how the hell does,this work,well it's very very very simple you go,sell the product,but mike you don't have a price you,don't need a product okay you just need,a picture,you just need a picture on like a,website and and the customer,doesn't know where like the products,coming from like do you understand that,a lot of,big websites like for example overstock,and wayfair,they all kind of do a little bit of drop,shipping even with ebay right there's,like multi-billion dollar businesses,that were built off of drop shipping so,what you do is you literally take the,picture from the supplier,someone like my uncle who has all the,furniture or an idiot like me who bought,like a bunch of dog leashes,and now has a bunch of stock that they,don't know how to sell you literally,take the picture you snap it on your,website,you bump up the cost and then you wait,for a customer hiring a customer don't,worry i'm going to share with you later,on in this video,but when a customer buys say for example,50 bucks,you take the 50 bucks you maybe pocket,ten dollars,you take the 40 bucks you go buy it from,the supplier the supplier,then charges your credit card which is,great because then you can get like,travel awards credit card points and,then the supplier ships it to your,customer,and not just that you take the customers,50 bucks you take 40 out of that,and then you pay off the credit card,that your supplier charges that,why is that beautiful ten dollars in a,free profit and the rest are in travel,awards credit card points that allows,you to travel for free,how amazing is that now the second,aspect is finding a lucrative niche now,this is pretty pretty interesting,because there's a lot of competitive,ways to find,niches but i'm telling you this is,probably the best way that everyone is,ever going to talk about,what i like doing is i don't really,focus on the niche,but i focus on where can i get a really,cheap audience,for not that much money okay because,back in the day you know when i went,from zero to 1.5 million in 12 months,that was all from facebook ads,but it was very expensive i was crazy,enough to be willing and able to,lose like 300 to 500 every single month,just so that i can learn advertising but,most people don't have 500,dollars a month to figure out this drop,shipping advertising thing,so what i like doing now is figuring out,where can i find,the undervalued audience and capitalize,on that,one example to finding a really good,niche is for example if i just type in,cat tips,right i want to find like micro,influencers where they could get a bunch,of eyeballs,in a niche or an industry with not that,much,competition right like for example if i,scroll down right here you will see,that there's like a couple of videos,right here of this girl,she made this 600 000 views and she only,has 3 000 subscribers,okay think about that 600 000 people,that are raising their hands and saying,we like cat,stuff okay so before you actually go and,find the niche because everyone goes and,finds the product like oh my god i need,to go find a product to drop ship,oh my god mike like i need to find this,product the product is very very easy to,find,when you have the audience that are,hungry to buy so my biggest mistake when,i was starting the shopify dropshipping,is like oh my god i need to go find a,product i need to go find a product,and then i would find a product and then,usually the real problem comes up and,i'm like how can i get,someone to buy this product it's a lot,easier when you go build your business,the other way around and you go find,where an audience is already hanging out,and then you,just serve them the product that they,asked for so for example look at this,i would just reach out to this mia stone,person,and other people who have a bunch of,views like look at this,641 000 views and only 8 000 subscribers,i would start reaching out to them and,just seeing,how i can create products for their,audiences,why is that because think about it i,don't have to spend any money on,advertising,these people aren't making any money,with their channels i can literally come,up to them and help them make money by,partnering with all these people,give them individual promo codes and be,like hey if you,go and promote this store we'll create a,customized,like toy for you and your fans will,create like a customized t-shirt for you,and your fans,if someone goes and buys from that promo,code we could then credit them,and give them a percentage of our,profits which means we're not actually,spending any,out of our own pocket so as you can see,the niche,isn't the product itself but it's the,audience and how can you go be,put in front of them a lot faster now,you can see this is exactly what jim,shark did they're like a fitness company,they started off with drop shipping,and they pulled in 129 million with,profit of 18,million in 2019 but they still look the,same way except in the fitness industry,now talk about where to find these,products okay so now that you have a,good audience it's pretty easy the first,step would be just going to aliexpress,and just typing in,whatever thing that you like typed about,so i'm just gonna put the word cat in,and see what people are already kind of,like searching for a nice little hack,that i like doing is sorting my orders,because these are also what a lot of,people are currently dropshipping right,now,like look at this one this cat sofa,thing has gotten 26,000 sofas sold in the past,you know like ever since this product,was listed all of these are good ideas,for this cat industry but,you could see why this is more powerful,most people would actually begin with,products and then they're like you're,gonna,sell this but since we did that more,interesting way that i showed you,it's far less risky and far more simple,you know that oh my god these things are,probably what people that are already,searching for all these things,will probably want to buy here's some,things that i could go ahead and drop,ship,they're ten dollars you could probably,sell them for like 30 or 40 bucks and,get like a huge profit,while still paying all these influencers,a good amount more so than they're,making with like the current small,amount of subscribers,another one is printful we talked about,like t-shirts all the time right but if,you could see this,if you scroll down you can see that you,can also create a bunch of custom,you know long sleeve t-shirts laptop,sleeves puppy dog poster,all these things you could customize,things for whatever niche or audience,that you are in,right you can even do like phone cases,t-shirts,like nice hoodies beanies,tote bags there's so much different,products that you could come in and sell,as well as here and as you can see they,integrate with shopify and last but not,least this is like the most favorite way,that i went and found,products is ebay now it sounds really,weird right but,i remember i was like drop shipping uh,grill mats from ebay right,the reason why is because they were,mostly us suppliers and i didn't want to,deal with like china because it was like,annoying and there was a bunch of,returns and refunds,with like the huge shipping time of,people that were buying it from the,states,so i found a very sneaky way to go and,start drop shipping products from ebay,from us suppliers,it was great because it was like five,days shipping the customers were getting,it,i was happy because i was profiting my,customer was happy because you know,they're getting it very fast compared to,other methods,then out of nowhere i get a message from,one of these people that were like,you know have these grill mats stores,and they're like dude why are you buying,hundreds of grill mats every single day,and i'm like oh well,i'm really good at advertising and i,market these online is there a problem,he's like no we actually would love to,do business with you directly do you,want to go,and come by the office so there i was,going and meeting with this random,supplier that i met from ebay and then,he shows me his office,and when he's i'm in the office i,literally see thousands of products that,i could go and dropship for free,that he bought himself i didn't have to,do the risk of buying the inventory,myself,and it was beautiful because here was,someone that was willing to do all the,hard work of finding and sourcing the,products and shipping the,the products for me and all i had to do,was marketing it was kind of like,affiliate marketing where i didn't even,have to worry about the inventory the,products,you know the quality the returns the,refunds because here was like,this angel of a supplier that was going,to do everything for me guys,and that's just one powerful thing when,you dropped it from ebay because what,happens,is ebay gives uh takes a transaction fee,from these suppliers right,so what we did is we got off of ebay and,every single day when i would make a,bunch of sales,for my shopify i would literally,download all the orders in like a csv,i would send it to him and then he would,just go and automatically ship it out,for me and the craziest thing is i,didn't have to pay for it,because he put me on what's known as,like a net 14 or a net 30,where i could pay every 14 days or every,30 days for all the inventory that i,shipped out,meaning it allowed me to scale my ads,and my marketing campaign so much faster,guys,that's really it that shopify,dropshipping in a nutshell and of course,there are faster and easier ways to make,money online if you want to check that,out,sign up for it in the free workshop,below and also if you're new to the,channel make sure you also subscribe and,check out my podcast of all these,multi-millionaires that literally live,here in beautiful,bali indonesia with that being said i,love you guys i'll see you guys later,you

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