how to make a successful shopify store

[HOW TO] Make Your First Successful Shopify Store - Product Research & Store Design if you're trying

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

[HOW TO] Make Your First Successful Shopify Store - Product Research & Store Design

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[HOW TO] Make Your First Successful Shopify Store - Product Research & Store Design

if you're trying to get into,dropshipping you're much more likely to,make money by copying what's already,working you don't need to reinvent the,wheel to help you make your first,successful store today I'll be teaching,how you can find successful products,that are selling right now and how you,can design a Shopify store for the,highest chances of success hey guys john,from beer me come here and today you'll,be getting a first-hand view of how I,design stores as I build a new store in,this video from finding a product to,designing the actual store hopefully by,the end of this video you'll have,everything it takes to build your own,Shopify store and start losing money,let's get started,so when you're making a store it's,obvious like finding a winning product,is super important it's the foundation,for everything you'll be doing so I,think you should really take the time to,do some research so let me show you how,I find successful drop shipping products,that are actually selling right now my,strategy involves finding hot products,and essentially copying what is already,working that's exactly how we,consistently make successful stores like,mosquito trap eggs and mr. pastor calm,and it's a strategy that continues to,work well late into 2019 so how should,you find products to copy,the first step is finding several,potential products to do this you should,scroll to your Facebook newsfeed,looking for dropshipping ads with lots,of engagement find whatever you can and,we'll narrow it down later for now you,just want a list of potential products,that people are already advertising,before you ask copying an existing store,that's already running advertisements,might seem like a bad idea since that,means you'll have lots of competitors,before you even begin but the truth is a,competition is actually a really good,tool,it shows that the product is selling and,that means you should be able to sell it,too if you want proof that you can solve,products that other people are already,selling check out our previous video,where we do a case study on our store,that sold a product that everyone,thought was too saturated anyways before,you start scrolling through your,newsfeed looking for products that are,selling you want to go to,slash ads slash preferences here you'll,find a list of items that Facebook,things that you're interested in if you,see drop shipping and I only expressed,as an interest you should remove them,before scrolling through your newsfeed,looking for ads since a lot of drop,shippers want to hide their ads from,other drop shippers though exclude drop,shipping and Aliexpress and their ads,targeting so if you skip this step to,miss out on a lot of potential products,that you can copy I didn't have,Aliexpress listed as an interest because,we've been using a private supplier for,a while now but they should be listed on,their business and industry if you have,it just make sure to click on see more,until you get the full list of interest,under this category once you have those,interests removed go to the Chrome Web,Store and get the turbo I find our,extension I know a lot of you guys have,said that it's no longer working but if,you get it from the Chrome Web Store,rather than from their website it should,work fine let me know if it doesn't,because there's an alternative but it,doesn't work as well I go to the,Facebook newsfeed and turn on turbo at,blender enabling this extension should,remove any content from your newsfeed,that isn't an advertisement this is,going to save you a lot of time when,you're looking for dropshipping ads as,you're scrolling look for any products,that you can source from Aliexpress,there are alternative sources for,dropshipping products but in terms of,selection and price it's hard to beat,Aliexpress especially when you're just,starting and can't really buy more I'm,not gonna lie they're not known for the,best quality and a lot of vendors are,actually pretty bad in terms of shipping,things on time but you can definitely,find some quality products to dropship,on there that's how I got started and I,think it's the best place for you to get,started too so as you're scrolling,through the newsfeed,you're probably not going to be able to,tell if they product this from,Aliexpress by just looking at the ad,especially with some of the nicer,looking ads out there so here are some,tips for identifying Aliexpress products,tip number one see if the name of the,Facebook page makes sense if the page is,called little tiger but sells folding,stools it's probably a drop shipping,story,tip number two check the website most,drop shipping stores are easily,identified by bad product images,sales timers and big savings placed,everywhere and tip number three check,the product images to see if the store's,logo is printed on the product if it,isn't then most likely it's a drop,shipping store and you'll easily find,the same product on Aliexpress now that,you can identify drop shipping ads,compile a list of all the ads you find,by using the save video function on,Facebook while you're doing this,Facebook might stop feeding you ads,after you scroll for a while,if that happens you should just refresh,the page to get a new set of ads also if,facebook isn't showing you any drop,shipping ads then check out the case,study i mentioned earlier for a method,on how to optimize your feed form or,drop shipping ads now once you have your,list of at least five different drop,shipping ads you're ready for the next,step in step two we'll beat out anything,on our list that isn't something low and,narrow it down to just one product then,we'll take the final product and design,a store around it using a one product,store strategy to save you guys some,time I went ahead and found six,different drop shipping ads for a,variety of products that we can compare,we found advertisers that are selling a,baby diaper bag a folding stool lineup,excellent aisles a smart Fitness watch a,mini projector and a custom dog harness,and just in case you think that these,products can't be sourced from,Aliexpress I found listings for each,product now once you have a list of ads,like the ones we found the first thing,you should do is check the number of,views on the ad all views aren't the,most accurate measurement for telling if,the product is selling well if an ad has,over a million views it's probably,selling at least somewhat well the,reason it's not too accurate is because,worldwide views are dirt cheap,especially when you're running a PPC,campaign but a million views is a good,indicator that they're running more than,just PPE campaigns from our list of ads,the custom dog harness and the smart,Fitness watch are the only ones that,have over a million views you won't,split the other products from our list,yet well just note that these two,products might be doing the best then,you should take a look at the Facebook,page that's running the advertisement if,the page is over a thousand likes and,it's been running for more than three,months then it's probably doing pretty,well since people can buy fake likes for,their Facebook page you should not use,this as an absolute indicator,that the store is doing well I did but,in our experience most people including,ourselves don't buy fake lights for our,store pages either way you should use,the number of page likes as a way to,weed out wheat products for six examples,the baby diaper bag has close to four,thousand likes and has been running for,about a year plus the engagement on some,other page posts show that the page,likes are legit we'll keep this on the,list,the folding stool page only has seven,hundred likes but has been running for,close to half a year that's close enough,we'll keep it on the list for now as,well the light-up excellent Isles only,has a few likes and just running the,page which makes me skeptical about the,product I'm probably going to take it,off the list but just to make sure I'll,take a quick look at Aliexpress and see,how it's doing as you can see the hot,it's listing only has a couple hundred,sales which is not good you want items,that have multiple listings with over,eight thousand orders the pricing is,also way too high at twenty five dollars,for four pieces meaning I would have to,solve them for at least fifty dollars,and even then margins would be razor,thin and the product would be overpriced,in my opinion about hexagon tiles aren't,looking like the best option so I'll,cross it off the list the Smart Fitness,watch page is over five thousand likes,and it's been running for a year and a,half these metrics look really good and,their marketing angle is really,interesting they're selling it as a,product for veterans and veteran,supporters I'll keep this one on the,list for sure the mini projector has,1200 likes and has been running for a,month and a half they also seem to have,German and French versions of their,store which is really interesting since,they probably wouldn't expand into these,markets until their english markets were,doing well I'm thinking this is a pretty,viral product so I'll keep it on the,list,lastly the custom dog monitors page has,been running for over a year with over,7,000 page likes I'll definitely keep an,eye out for this one as well so far the,only products that we have crossed off,the list is to light up hexagon tiles,you don't want to be too picky about,your options at this point because you,want multiple choices for the final,selection process now you should take a,look at the other ads that the pages are,running for each of your products go to,the Facebook page and under transparency,click on see more then go to ads library,for the page you should look for a few,different things here one how long,they've been running the same creative -,how many different ads they have for the,same product and three how hard they are,scaling unfortunately you'll only be,able to get reliable information on this,when an ad features a bitly link,I'll show you how when I second join,states library for the different pages I,found for the baby diaper bag they've,been running the same ads since,September and they also have a few,different variations of the creative,these are both really good signs since,they wouldn't keep running their ads if,they were losing money plus the fact,that they released all these videos on,the same day and kept running that means,the product is created selling itself if,the product wasn't great at selling they,would have only been able to get one or,two of these creatives to work not all,of them this is looking like a potential,winner looking at the page for the,folding stool it looks like they're,testing three different thumbnails but,they don't have multiple different,videos running the only other ad they're,running is this children's toy the fact,that they're testing multiple items,combined with the fact that they just,started running these ads makes me think,that they're still on the testing phase,also notice that their links use bitly,whenever you see a Billy link usually,copy and paste a link in your browser,with a plus sign at the end to check for,traffic I'll show you the number of link,clicks over time and as you can see they,aren't really pushing big numbers I'll,also take a look at their website to see,why they can't scale since I think that,both the product and ad actually aren't,too bad just looking at their pricing,it's pretty obvious where they aren't,selling 50 bucks is way too expensive,for a stool we'll go ahead and cross,this one off the list,taking a look at the ads library for the,smart Fitness watch we see that they're,testing three new products including the,mosquito trap that we sold in the past,and made a free course on which you can,find on our YouTube channel,unlike the folding stool page though I,don't think they're in the testing phase,as you can see they've been running the,fitness watch for over a month and have,several different ads running for it it,looks like they're doing really well and,are just looking to find more products,to sell to even have an ad selling this,ball from February that's still running,this product is definitely looking,really promising looking at the ads for,the mini projector it looks like they,ran these ads for less than a week they,have one ad for coal traffic and another,for retargeting this doesn't look too,good but we'll keep it on the list for,now I'm guessing with a number of page,like saving able together in such a,short amount of time this product is,actually doing really well plus running,a retargeting campaign is really only,effective but once you've scaled to at,least a few hundred dollars per day in,that spend like I said you want to keep,your options open for the final phase of,selection lastly looking at that for the,custom dog harness we see that they have,ads that have been running since April,they also have tons of different,variations,very creative they even have an ad with,a vertical format beginning they must,have been scaling pretty high to include,a creative specifically for Instagram,store ads without a doubt this product,is selling really well after looking at,the ads library for each page we have,four products left on the list the,diaper bag Fitness watch winning,projector and dog harness they're all,definitely selling but now we're looking,for the best option to narrow it down to,one product you should go to Aliexpress,look up each of your products and sort,by orders here we'll try to way a few,different factors to come up with the,best product to sell you should be,looking at the following things margin,number of orders media content and,quality each of them are important to,consider margins are the biggest factor,when it comes to scaling high since your,advertising cost per purchase will,increase as you scale budgets operating,a razor-thin margins won't give you much,room to grow that is if you can even get,low margin products to be profitable I,like to look for products that I can,stall for at least 300 percent of the,product cost with absolute margins being,at least 25 dollars the number of orders,on a product shows that it sells well,online and that it probably can't be,found at stores too easily personally I,like to sell items that have at least a,few thousand orders already because that,means it's been tested before Plus,reviews mean a lot more when a listing,has a few thousand orders since it's,hard to inflate ratings with so many,real customers you should know that,having multiple listings with thousands,of orders is also a really good sign,since suppliers and Aliexpress tend to,hop on products that sell well the,amount of copyright free media content,is important when it comes to making,your website and advertisements while,you can get away with using YouTube,videos and other calculated media for,some time I would highly recommend,looking for items that have media,content ready to use having a lot of,content readily available from Chinese,suppliers it's also a good sign that the,product is selling well since suppliers,won't invest into making photos or,videos unless a product has a good sales,record the quality of the product you're,trying to sell should be an important,factor sure you can make a quick buck,something subpar items but you'll never,be able to have a sustainable store,since Facebook is rolling out surveys to,buyers very quickly these days they'll,know when customers are upset with what,they receive you'll also have to deal,with way more customer service requests,than you would with a product that,customers are happy with with enough,chargebacks this could result in large,holes on your payments or the advance,from Facebook,Shopify and your payment processors in,the end this could mean you will never,be able to try drop shipping again,you should use these factors to get an,overall picture for each product and,then try to compare them there's no,absolute formula for this you just want,to go with what feels like the best,option so let's take a look at each of,the four products we have left starting,with the diaper bag I see that they're,selling for 17 dollars and I think I can,definitely sell them for at least $50,which will leave me with about 33,dollars to spend on ads it's not the,best margins but definitely doable the,number of orders on the top listing is,over 11,000 so this has definitely been,selling super well and there's also,several other listings with over a,thousand orders in terms of media,content available for the bag I see that,the biggest listing which is the one I,would probably sell has really great,product images,which I can definitely use for my ads,and my site there's also a ton of other,listings with similar bags that I can,take photos and videos from this would,be great for making some high quality,ads without coming up with my own videos,and without running the risk of taking,copyrighted Media Plus these bags must,be something really well for so many,suppliers to be creating their own,content looking at the reviews for this,bag it looks like it's a really good,quality with 4.9 stars and the supplier,is considered a top brand meaning,shipping times are probably fast and,reliable for Aliexpress standards,I definitely don't imagine running into,any problems with people dissatisfied,about the product with this one overall,the bag looks like a good candidate with,lots of sales tons of media content and,great reviews the only part that's not,too good is the margins but it's not too,bad either next up on the list is a,fitness watch looking at the listings,for this product it looks like these,watches are only nine dollars at most,meeting margins could be upwards of five,hundred percent at a minimum or about,thirty six dollars conservatively this,would be great for scaling there are a,good amount of orders on these listings,but not as many as the bag this,surprises me since I know that these,watches are probably selling way more,units and has me a little skeptical,about the quality of the product you,should know that with low quality,products and especially electronics,suppliers will remove listings after,reviews dropped to low they will then,reopen the same listing fake the first,hundred or so reviews then rinse and,repeat as far as media content goes it,looks like there are plenty of listings,with a wide variety of photos and videos,available just like the bag this would,be great for my website and ads now back,to the quality of the watches which has,me concerned the reviews are ranging,from a 4.3 to a 4.7 but that's not too,great considering how many orders around,each of the listings I have a strong,suspicion that these reviews are faked,plus I'm careful about electronics,because I know they're usually not the,best quality in this price range,considering these watches are meant to,be waterproof and contain a variety of,sensors for a heartbeat and blood,pressure I'm going to say that these,will probably get me in trouble later,down the line especially if I'm trying,to solve them at the margins I was,predicting I'm going to cross this one,off the list since I don't want to run,into any Facebook or Shopify trouble,with this door and other stores,associated with my name next up is the,mini projector before we go over all the,details again it looks like there's only,one listing with good enough margins and,the reviews for it are not that great,I'm also very skeptical with the quality,of this product since it looks like all,the other listings are at least three,times the cost plus the one potential,listing doesn't have too much media,content that I can use I would probably,have to make my own video or run the,risk of using pieces of the ad from,earlier which I would rather not do I'm,going to go ahead and cross this one off,the list for questionable quality as,well last up is to custom dog harness,these harnesses look like they would,have really good margins if we sold them,for $50.00 which i think is super,reasonable at that price I would have,$40 for ads which i think is funny for a,custom product like this the number of,orders on this product aren't the best,but there are multiple listings with a,couple thousand orders so this doesn't,concern me in terms of media content,there really isn't much for this product,there are a few photos but nothing that,really showcases a dog wearing the,harness well looking at the store,advertising the harness it looks like,they have a lot of original photos and,videos for both their advertisements and,store if I were to sell this I,definitely have to come up with my own,photos and videos to use the quality,looks on point with a 4.8 are almost all,the listings for this product with all,the photo reviews I'm not really,concerned about big reviews for this one,and unlike electronics I don't think a,harness will break too easily in the end,it comes down to a baby diaper bag that,has great media content but ok margins,alright dog harness would essentially no,media content and slightly higher,margins both the products look like the,quality is on point if you were in this,situation you could pick either one and,I think it would be a great choice as,long as you knew that the dog harness,will require a little more work with,having to take some photos and videos,personally though I'm going to roll with,a diaper bag since I'm making a store,for the purposes of this video and I,don't want to take the extra time to,take photos and videos for the product,the baby diaper bag also fits the,criteria I gave in our winning products,video it solves the problem for,new moms and it's a evergreen product,the audience eyes it isn't absolutely,massive since it targeted for new moms,only but if I sold it worldwide there's,definitely enough room to scale if you,want more details on the criteria for a,winning product check out the winning,products video on our channel now that,we have a single product it's time for,us to design a Shopify store to sell it,effectively I'll be showing you guys how,I think about store design as you watch,my screen during the entire process for,our store today we'll be using the debut,theme the free theme that Shopify comes,to it so that you can go out there and,do this for yourself without spending,any money just sign up with a free,14-day Shopify trial in the description,down below and you should be able to do,this too but before we get started I,just want to remind you guys to hit that,like button if you enjoy the content and,subscribe to this Channel for free drop,shipping videos just like this one also,if you want free personal help from me,and the vmu comm team make sure to join,our Facebook group where we actively,answer all your questions,now let's get on to making this story,alright so I just started a free Shopify,trial to make a store for this baby,diaper bag now to design your store you,want to go to the themes section on the,left hand side of your screen and then,go to the customize section where you,can start designing the store as you can,see it's a completely blank story now I,already have a name picked out for this,website but for now it's called biram,shop because that's the name I signed up,with will actually be calling this,normal McQueen so let's go ahead and,make a logo I personally use Photoshop,but honestly any photo editor should,work it's just what I'm familiar with if,you guys haven't use Photoshop before,it's not too hard to pick up on the,basics just watching for YouTube,tutorials and I really only know the,basics myself anyways for the logo the,first thing we want to do is pick out a,font if you've watched my videos where I,revealed my past stores then you know,that most of my logos are text-based,text levels can look great but it's,about picking the right font to find a,nice font that will fit with the store,you should go into the typography,section and take a look around I'll be,using quicksand for this door,it's a font that I've used before and I,think it really has a nice premium look,to it which is what I want to use for,this door to match the text on the store,I'll make the logo using that font as,well so I'll do a quick Google search to,download the file,so then I'll go ahead and start by just,typing McQueen in caps using the,quicksand font I just downloaded I'll,also use the semi bold option because I,want the logo to stand out of it from,the rest of the text on the story this,logo is looking a little bit plain but,that's alright it's really easy to bring,your text logos up a level by either,adding some color or an icon in this,case I think a crown would really fit,the logo nicely since it does contain,the word Queen its while Google Queen,crown PNG to find a crown to put above,the letter Q adding the word PNG to the,end of a Google search should help you,find graphics to place in your image as,you can see a copyright free crown is,one of the first results now I'll just,quickly place the crown above the Q and,also delete this bottom portion of the,crown so that it fits a little bit nicer,then I'll crop the image so it fits in,the header of the website in the header,section I'll upload the crown logo and,adjust the sizing to fit the header I,think it looks pretty nice so we'll go,ahead and start picking out colors I'm,gonna go for gold accents because that's,a rural type color that fits the MacLean,branding I'll change the primary buttons,and sales price to a gold because that's,what I want to stand out the body text,defaults to blue which kind of clashes,with the yellow so I'll change that to,dark grey to fit now for the favicon,which is the little icon that you see in,your browser tab I'll use the crown and,just shrink it down to a 32 by 32 image,I could also do mq4 a McQueen but I,think the crown looks nice so for the,top banner on the homepage debut team,has kind of a weird feature it will,automatically scale your banner to a,square when you switch to mobile view,luckily the slideshow element will,actually keep your banners aspect ratio,the same for both desktop and mobile so,I'll actually use that as the main,banner I'll delete the image with text,overlay that the view gives you as the,main banner and I'll put in a slideshow,for the slideshow I'll delete the second,image set the slide height to adapt to,the first image and delete the default,text next I'll look for a stock image to,show off like a premium new-mown,lifestyle feeling I like to use Adobe,stock because they have professional,studio great photography but you can,also use sites like unsplash the only,problem with free stock photography,sites is that there's a lot of amateur,photography so you might have to do some,digging around in Adobe stock I'm,looking for a good image of a mom with a,stroller because I think it will relate,a lot with my target audience,I'll use this image because it's a,lifestyle type image I'm looking for,this is looking a little bit plain so,we'll put some custom text here now,according to the research I did one of,the biggest problems that new moms have,is being prepared with all their baby,essentials if you're looking for how I,do my research for my new stores then,check out my last video where I do a,case study on my store,mr. posture so to relate with the,problems that new moms have I'll use,always be prepared as the headline since,the right side of the image looks pretty,plain all along the text to the right,and then place it on the right side as,well I'll then save the image as a JPEG,because I want my file sizes to be small,you want to make sure to make your file,sizes as small as possible so that your,site loads fast especially if you plan,on targeting worldwide since a lot of,countries don't have great internet,after uploading the banner to the home,page I'll turn off the overlay option to,just get the image showing after that I,dug around Aliexpress to look for,another image to put on the homepage I'd,like to use a lot of images with minimal,text because it keeps the site looking,very clean and easy to read luckily,there's a ton of images to use from,Aliexpress for this product which is one,of the reasons I chose it I like this,image because again it's a lifestyle,type image for the audience I'm,targeting before I put the image in I'll,move this section to second and also,delete the featured collection because,this is a one product store for the text,to use with this image I have some copy,prepared but if you're wondering how I,came up with all my writing watch the,case study I mentioned earlier I'll then,make the bottom label say shop now to,funnel buyers to the product page and,then set the link to the backpack,listing then I'll go ahead and add some,testimonials that I found on Aliexpress,just to make sure that people end up on,the product page I'll add another banner,underneath the testimonials well use the,image with text or overlay section again,just like at the top of the page for,this banner I'm going to go find,something nice and sweet since I'm also,going to be putting a customer guarantee,over it I like this image and Adobe,stock so I'll download it and crop it to,the same size as the top banner,once I upload it I'll just type in our,guarantee as the headline and copy and,paste a return policy then I'll add in,another shop now button with the product,link then I'll edit the footer a little,bit this is pretty self-explanatory it's,just information about the site next up,is the product page since I didn't use,overload for this,there's no images yet but let,sorry about the description first I'd,like to use some emojis towards the top,with the most important stuff so people,read it you can get emojis to copy and,paste from emoji PDF com if you want,then I lead with one or two sentences,from our research and then follow up,with the most important features of the,bag since I want to keep the text simple,and not overload my product page I'll,put a link what the text says see the,full list of features here,I haven't actually made the page yet,with all the features but we'll do that,in a second I'll leave it off with a,guarantee again just so people know that,we offer it then I'll finish by adding,the secure checkout page that I use in,all of my descriptions if you want to,use the same badge I have it posted in a,link pin to the top of our Facebook,group now we don't have the product,images yet so I'll get those from,Aliexpress I use clipping magic to,remove the background but you guys can,just use two default images if you want,or try clipping it some other way just,to make the image look a little bit,nicer I'd like to use a slightly gray,background because it really lets your,product image stand out from the rest of,the site then I'll add a little shadow,to give it a really professional look to,do that I just duplicate my backpack,layer add a black color overlay and then,move the layer down a touch there not,delete the sides a bit and blend the,black shadow layer with the gray,background just to make it look natural,to add some finishing touches I'll,adjust the shadows opacity and move it,until it looks just right then I'll do,this for the rest of my images but,luckily I can just reuse the same shadow,for all the bags once I'm done I'll,upload the bags to Shopify and also link,each variant with the right image so the,product page looks pretty good as it is,now but I think one more image in the,description would really round it out I,found this image on Aliexpress that,really shows the bags functionality in,one picture but it has this Chinese,lettering all over it so I'll have to,modify it by stretching this portion of,the image towards the top then I'll add,our logo and product name to really make,you feel like a branded product lastly,I'll add a little touch of gold with,limited release on it to give it some,scarcity now I don't like to use timers,and big sales everywhere since it does,feel a little spammy and low quality but,I think something like this still has a,premium feel to it I'll put the image we,just made at the bottom of our,description and center align it next up,is making the features page which I'll,link to the text in the description for,this page I'm going to make it simple,again and just add some images I,from aliexpress all I did to these,images was add some text describing the,image all I'm doing here is making a,list of images and adding another link,at the bottom to the product page then,I'll make another page for the contact,form so that people can email us since,Shopify has templates already made all I,have to do is make a new pH and set the,template on the left side to page,contact then I'll edit the menus for the,header to include the contact page and,features page I also linked the features,page to the text I made earlier in the,description I'll do one last glance of,the site and as you can see it's looking,pretty good it's super easy to get to,the product page from the home page and,everything on the product page is,working well the images changed by,variant and the description is formatted,well I did notice though that the menu,is missing a link to the actual product,page so add that in just to make sure,everyone gets funneled down to the sales,page it's all about making it super easy,for a customer to make a purchase now,before I call this done I do notice that,I'm missing some reviews and the image,at the bottom of my product description,has some Chinese text on it so I'll use,an app called looks to add some reviews,real quick all I do for reviews is take,customer photo reviews from Aliexpress,using the import extension they provide,for the app it's super simple and that's,all you have to do as for removing the,Chinese text at the bottom of the image,I'll just crap it out and re upload it,to the description now I think the site,is actually done as you can see it's,looking really good for a free theme and,I really didn't use any paid tools that,you absolutely need when I first started,I was using free stock images from sites,like unsplash and pixels I've always,used Photoshop but as you guys saw the,only major things I used was a text,function and some blending for the,shadows I'll have the links in the,description for all the stuff I,mentioned down below so that you guys,can get started by the way thanks for,watching guys I hope you can take,everything from this video and get,started on making a story if you want,help on anything I covered in this video,don't forget that we have a very active,Facebook group or you can learn a lot,for free the link is down in the,description along with links for all the,tools I mentioned in this video lastly,make sure to hit that subscribe button,and like the video if you haven't,already thanks again for watching guys,I'll catch you guys in the next one,peace

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