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Infinite Product Options App for Shopify | Setup & Install Tutorial | Custom Product Options (2022)

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Updated on Feb 06,2023

Infinite Product Options App for Shopify | Setup & Install Tutorial | Custom Product Options (2022)

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Infinite Product Options App for Shopify | Setup & Install Tutorial | Custom Product Options (2022)

hi everyone it's me Louie and welcome to,a new video so in this video I'm going,to show you how you can add additional,product options with the infinite,options app in Shopify this is,especially useful for merchants who find,themselves quite limited by the options,that Shopify offers as you can see here,the type of options that Shopify offer,is only a select or drop down option,depending on your theme so for instance,I can key in size and the different type,sizes,foreign,if the customer selections fall within,the range of options of variants that I,offer but it doesn't allow them to key,in their own custom option other than,that you'll also face some limitations,on the type of information you can,received from your customers for,instance if you are a seller of custom,t-shirts there isn't a field here that,you can add for your customers to upload,their own designs and there are still,many other reasons why you would want to,have some custom fields on your product,page so if you're a merchant who finds,themselves needing custom Fields you,have some options to add them in of,course you can use custom coding to add,them in and that would be tedious if you,don't know how to code and would be a,little bit expensive if you're to hire a,developer to do it for you the other way,is you using meta Fields again while it,doesn't require a lot of clothing it's,very low code solution still it requires,a little bit more configuration on the,back end so if you're someone who just,wants to add them in at these product,options in without too much hassle then,using an app like infinite options would,be a great choice indeed first let's,take a look at the type of fields that,you can potentially add to your product,page using this app by checking out,their demo okay so if you take a look at,this here there is a custom product that,they're offering to customize the letter,here B the customer instead of um,choosing a to z you can just let them,key in the letter that they want to add,to their top you can also add in a,Swatch like this for your customers to,choose the color of letter on their top,and then the seeds color so these are,the three custom options that you are,able to add using the infinite options,all right let's check out another,product so as we can see here it is,product bundle you can,uh this app to add bundling options to,your product,okay so you can see here leather bag,what's the bundle of a gift wrapping so,if the customer chooses no gift wrapping,of course nothing changes but if they,want gift wrapping then what happens,here is,on top of this price that you see you,also add 10 extra dollars to the overall,price let's try to do that,okay as you can see here this is the,original price a thousand something,that's in my currency so now with the,gift wrapping it comes to 1200.,okay so this is how the bundling option,works the next kind is the conditional,logic so you have this product here a,blue silk tuxedo sizing option is,standard from Shopify and then you have,these accessories with conditional logic,will be shown some Fields depending on,what we select okay so here's what I,mean if I select pocket square,as an accessory I want then um yeah this,field will show up and then I can choose,the color for the pocket square and if I,also want cufflinks okay so I can choose,the color of the cufflinks and then tie,clip,okay so I can choose the color of the,tie clip as well alright so let's take a,look at the next product,here we have the mix and match variety,pack all right so here you have a pack,of four different candles,and you can choose the scent for each of,these candles,okay so if I drop down here I'll see,that they're actually Four options for,um descent okay so I could choose the,same scent for all candles,or I could mix and match okay so I could,do one vanilla Birch the other one,pumpkin pie,um so it was frosted cranberry and then,the last one spiced apple or I could do,two vanilla Birches and one frosted,cranberry and one spiced apple okay and,then let's add this to the cart,all right so as you can see,your options are going to be listed here,okay and then from the back end you'll,be able to see these options as well,when your customer makes an order all,right so let's take a look at the last,product type okay the product customizer,all right so here you have a,customizable baseball shirt,what are the things that we can,customize here okay size size is,probably the um basic default variant,inside Shopify but we have some,additional swatches here sleeve style we,have five different styles body style,five as well and the number color okay,this four different colors you can even,choose your jersey number alright so why,don't we give it a try okay we'll just,leave the size at the default small but,let's choose a different sleeve style,maybe I'll go for this camouflage Style,okay and then if I choose this then,maybe I want to go for green now the,color becomes a little too dark so maybe,I want to go for a lighter color and,I'll change this number to 20. okay so,what you see here which is a little bit,different from the other product options,is that changes can be seen on this,shirt itself as we make the selection,okay so imagine if I change these it,will change accordingly okay so this,isn't available by default what you need,to do is use the events API as they've,recommended here okay so you need to use,this app along with a configuration of,the events API to show your customers a,quick demo of how the shirt might look,alright so now that you've seen how you,can use the infinite options app to add,very specific product options to,different types of products you might,offer let's go back to the product page,to take a quick tour around what kind of,features this app can offer as well as,most importantly the price that you need,to pay for it alright so let's scroll,down okay so you can see here it's in,finite product option so this includes,tax numbers calendars Etc customized,watches we've seen this already,and on both cells okay so it's just a,default okay so these are some of the,screenshots that show you more use cases,okay on top of what we saw in the demo,here you you have a product which is a,custom photo pillow you can upload,different uh photos and have it printed,as a pillowcase,okay so and then you have all of these,customizable options here as well here,you have um the screenshot of how the,back end looks,okay so these are how you can configure,all of these fields okay can get a,little bit Advanced depends on how you,want to customize it but um seems like,um you can add in some conditional logic,as well and then even a custom CSS so it,also works with Shopify posts,okay so these are the screenshots and,the overview okay you can easily add,um unlimited unlimited number of product,options Okay so,if you don't like only having the,default Shopify variants or options you,can always use this it adds virtual,variants to your product okay and,different types of products okay now,let's go to the price,okay so there's only one pricing,available which is the professional and,it's 9.99 a month,here if you want them to install this,for you comes at a 20 flat fee you get,everything under one price which is,pretty pretty nice if you just want to,give it a try there's a 14 day free,trial okay so you don't have to pay,until you're happy with it alright so,now let's try to install and set up this,app in your Shopify stock okay so all,you have to do is click on add app,alright so you want to take a look at,what information they can access,if you're right with everything then,install the app,okay so even though they give you a free,trial you still have to approve this,charge,okay so my trial will be ending on the,20th of November alright so once the,install is done you'll see this,dashboard and we'll see that we have a,few options here so we have the,dashboard option sets integration,settings account and help it's the same,thing over here okay so on the dashboard,we can see some options okay I don't,think we have to do anything here,so let's review them one by one okay,option sets is obviously your options,since we haven't created any options,that you won't see anything here yet,we'll get to it shortly,Integrations so if you have your app,integrated with some other tools that,you're using you can find them here as,well okay so here are some of the,Integrations that you can add,okay and then the settings,so under the settings you can,enable or disable the custom CSS,count,and the help,okay so here's just some Support options,all right so once you've installed the,app the first thing you want to do is,make sure that this app is enabled in,your theme so if you don't enable the,the app in your theme what happens is,that the options that you set up inside,this app will not show up in your store,okay so let's start by setting up the,first option set click here,okay so create option set when okay we,want to apply this to all products,okay and then put a label called name,for example okay so we just make this,super basic for now so we can I can show,you how to enable this app in your store,all right so once you've done that then,go to your online store,and then click on customize and I want,to um just bring a quick note here that,this only works if your theme is a 2.0,theme so if it's a 1.0 theme it's very,likely that you'll need to go into your,liquid coat and put that code in or you,can just pay the 20 bucks to the,developers and have them do it for you,okay,so once you're inside the customizer you,want to go to the,product page,case so here you can see that there's,we don't have it yet we don't have the,option yet so what you want to do is,find where you want to put this and then,add the block,okay so click on the add block so you'll,see the infinite options field there you,go it will show up here and in Shopify 2,and 2.0 themes it's super convenient to,switch things around you can move this,up way up here if you want to or,anywhere you want okay so uh yeah so,it's very uh probably better to just,leave it be low the price,okay so if we save this,then we're done okay so any any custom,fields that you add will appear here all,right so now that you have set this up,inside your theme you can now go back to,the app to add more fields,okay here you can add more fields to the,same option set or create another option,set okay so what's the difference,between adding to the same option set or,creating new Option sets it really,depends on where you want to show the,fields so option sets are pretty useful,if you want to show a specific set of,options for a specific group of products,okay so if let's say you want to show,five different options for a t-shirt,product and then four different options,for a bag product you don't want them to,be under the same option set you want to,create separate option sets for for them,okay so here you can see you can apply,it to specific tagging,okay so if let's say all your shirts are,tagged shirt then this will come in,handy okay so this set will apply to all,shirts and then another set will apply,to all bags Etc okay or you can um,uh group them by Fender okay so if this,uh if you have many different vendors,and they each offer different custom,customizable options for customers then,this would be useful and type as well,okay so a bunch of different ways you,can group your products so you can,always also just apply to everything,okay so once you are selected where,these options will be applied then you,can start building the options okay I'm,gonna just quickly save the changes,first okay so with regards to the field,take a look at what you can add here,okay you can always add the label,okay so there are lots of input types,here remember that in Shopify uh the,defaults are just the select and drop,down okay but here you can add text,large text number radio buttons checkbox,swatches okay so really depends on what,kind of products you're offering okay,let's quickly take a look at what kind,of options you can add to each one okay,so text options I suppose because these,are only gonna gather the tax,information for the customers it's not,much to add to this okay number as well,it's gonna get a number radio buttons,are okay so with radio buttons because,it is an option usually yes or no,okay no so the customer can select one,of these,gift wrap,okay for example check box,drop down okay such as,so such as would add these,okay so let's say it's some radio,buttons,let's take a look at the advanced,options okay so with Advanced options,you can add in a conditional logic so,remember conditional logic is where a,new field appears based on the previous,selection or different fields appear,based on the previous selection okay so,show this field if Okay so this,conditional conditional logic will apply,to this particular field okay we may not,want to apply it here okay we want to,maybe apply it to another field type of,gift wrapped,so when customer selects yes we want it,to this to show okay this field to show,okay we will say it's on drop down,so it is on paper,plastic,okay when I come down here and say,show if gift wrap,is yes,okay so these are just one this is just,one example okay we'll just try to save,these changes,all right so now that,um we are at this product preview we can,see the fields that are set up are now,here okay exactly at uh where I have,placed the,um options area Okay so name gift,wrapped okay so remember that um if the,gift wrap,is equal to yes then this will display,okay so let's say if I click no okay,then it will be hidden so um you can set,up a lot of different fields like this,depending on what you're trying to do,okay we could also um do swatches,color,okay swatch,you could just pick the color or you can,add an image okay depends what you're,trying to do okay red,um let's do another one blue,okay so it's super convenient just to do,this,so maybe this is just color we don't,need conditional logic okay so let's,save it so I can just choose these Okay,so,if I were to do this all of these fields,should appear,um in your cart,okay so they do up here it's just that,the name,um I haven't changed it so I have to go,back and change them okay so label on,cart you want,um okay,you want to make sure that you give them,all proper names so you can recognize,them later alright so that is my very,quick preview of all the features in the,uh infinite product options app and how,you can install and then set it up for,your store so I hope you found this,tutorial useful and you've learned how,to set this up for your own store so if,you've enjoyed this tutorial then make,sure to give this video a thumbs up and,if you want more content like this then,I'll invite you to subscribe to my,channel for future content,thank you so much for watching and I'll,see you again in my next video bye bye

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