how to make a one product shopify store

How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step) what's going on my name is Simon an

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step)

The above is a brief introduction to how to make a one product shopify store

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How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step)

what's going on my name is Simon and in,this video I'm going to show you step by,step how to create a branded one product,Shopify store from complete scratch so,even if you are a complete beginner and,you have never built an online store,before after watching and following,along with this video you'll walk away,with a professional and branded one,product Shopify store this simple but,effective store setup is going to work,for any product that you want to sell no,matter if you're Drop Shipping or if,you're selling your own product you have,a lot to cover in this video so turn,your phone to airplane mode get a cup of,coffee and then let's get started,building our store,foreign,now to make sure you get the best deal,when signing up for Shopify you want to,make sure to use the first link Down,Below in the description to sign up this,will take you to my special shoppie Fair,landing page where you can always find,the best deals so currently there's a,three day free trial which is going to,be more than enough to set up our store,and then after the three days you're,gonna have three months of using Shopify,for only one dollar per month so once,you're here simply type in your email,address and then click on start free,trial when you get to this step here you,want to Simply type in your store name,or your brand name if you don't know,what your brand name is going to be yet,don't worry you can always change this,later on so just type in something,random and then click on create store,once our store is created we get to our,Shopify dashboard which looks like this,now here the first thing that I like to,do is go ahead and pick a plan because,this will allow us to use all the,features within our free trial period so,we're going to go and click on pick a,plan here on the top,and then here we want to go for the,basic Shopify plan this has everything,that we need for our store and as you,can see you get the first three months,for only one dollar per month which is,almost free so definitely a great offer,so let's click on choose this plan,here we're going to leave the billing,cycle at monthly and then also add a,payment method,and then click on Start Plan,now the next thing we're going to do is,choose a theme for store this is going,to determine what the overall design is,for our e-commerce site so let's go to,the left side click on online store and,then go to themes now the theme that,comes pre-installed with every Shopify,store is the dawn theme the dawn theme,is pretty good so you can check it out,if you want to however I actually like,to choose a different one for this storm,so when we scroll down we can see a,couple of free themes that we can also,simply install onto our Shopify store or,if you want to have more options you can,click on visit theme store right here,and then you get to this page where you,can find multiple themes for all,different kinds of stores however most,of these themes cost around three,hundred dollars I would recommend to,Simply go with a free theme which is,exactly what we're going to do in this,video so the themes that I recommend the,most for a branded one product store is,either the refresh theme or the sense,theme I find that both of these themes,are very easy to customize and work for,pretty much every type of store now for,this store I'm going to use the sense,theme so I'm going to click on ADD right,here,once the theme has been added we want to,click on publish and then again publish,and now we have updated our store theme,to the sense theme now before we go,ahead and customize our store website I,want to First add the product that we,intend to sell here on this store now if,you're selling your own product and,you're building a branded Shopify store,for your own product then you want to,Simply go to products here on the top,left and then you want to click on add,your products then you can simply type,in the title of your product description,add the product photos enter the price,and so on however I know that many,people watching this video are actually,Drop Shipping from places like,AliExpress CJ Drop Shipping and so on so,I want to show you in this video how to,Simply import any product from,AliExpress directly onto your Shopify,store which makes the process a lot,easier and it would also make the,fulfilling process a lot easier once you,get your first sales so I've decided to,build this store for this specific,product right here this this is an,electric mini portable blender that you,can basically use on the go it has a,good reviews here on AliExpress and we,can get it for around 25 I also found a,similar product here on CJ Drop Shipping,see the GTA Drop Shipping they have us,warehouses so you can get quicker,shipping times which is a lot better,obviously for your customers so just to,make it clear because I see a lot of,people are copying the stores that I,show you how to build in my YouTube,videos I don't recommend you sell this,product right now because it's already,very saturated so I'm just using this,product as an example to show you how to,build a one product Shopify store so to,import our product directly from,AliExpress we're going to use a tool,called deezers or de-essers I'm going to,leave a link to this tool Down Below in,the description so click on that link,then you get to this page right here now,once you're here click on try it free,and then simply create your account once,is logged in we're going to click on,Shopify and that will take us to the,Shopify App Store where we're going to,click on add app then click on yes,and then install app,then here we're going to go for the free,plan and click on get started,and then link our account to AliExpress,so we're going to click on AliExpress,and then if you're already logged into,your AliExpress account you're going to,get to this page here but if you're not,logged in or you don't have an,AliExpress account yet simply Follow The,Prompt create your account and then you,get to this page as well where we're,going to click on let's start importing,products,then here we can simply skip the,tutorial,and that takes us to the deezer's,dashboard now we also want to add the,deezer's Chrome extension so we're going,to go to home on the top left and then,click on Chrome extension,click on add to Chrome,ADD extension,and then to always have our deezer's,extension visible here at the top we,want to go to the puzzle icon and then,make sure the pin here is blue and that,will pin our deezer's extension here to,the browser then we also need to log in,again with our extension so we're going,to go to the deserts extension click on,deezers here which will take us back to,the deezer's homepage then click on,login and that should automatically log,us into our deezer's account now once,that's done our extension is working so,we can go back to AliExpress the product,page where we want to import the product,from in my case for this store as an,example I'm going to import this product,here so now because we have the,extension we have now a new button here,that says adds to Deezer so we're going,to click on this button and then we can,see that this product is now being,imported to deezers and when that's done,we can go back to our deezer's dashboard,and click on import list here on the,left side and then we should see the,imported product right here now before,we import this product to our Shopify,store we want to also click on edit,product right here and then go to,variants and then here you want to go,through all the different variants and,delete every variant that you don't want,to sell on your store to delete any,variant that you don't want to sell on,your store simply click on the trash,icon here on the left side and then,click on yes when that's done we're,going to click on Save and now we can,send this product to our Shopify store,by clicking on the orange Shopify icon,then I'm gonna untick this one here and,make sure the also publish to online,store is ticked and then click on push,to Shopify,and now when we go back to our Shopify,store and click on products we should be,able to now see the imported product,here under our products great now the,next step is going to be building out,our home page for the store so let's go,to online store on the left side and,then again go to themes and now to go,into the Shopify editor where we can,make all the changes to our store we're,going to have to go and click on,customize right here,and that'll take us inside of a Shopify,editor where currently we are on the,home page and here on the top you can,actually switch between each of the,pages so you can go to the product page,to the collection page and so on,currently we're going to stick to the,home page for now and then here on the,top right we can also switch from,desktop view to mobile view and we can,always check how our current online,store looks like on a mobile phone which,is very important because a lot of,people are going to visit your store,from a mobile phone and then here on the,left side we have all the sections that,are already on our home page right now,by default Shopify already puts in a,couple of content sections here that we,can then fill with our content however,we're not going to use all of the the,sections here that is already pre-filled,so what I'm going to do is I'm going to,delete all the sections here except for,the image with text sections because,we're going to use that one for the hero,section here for our home page so to,delete any section you simply click on,the section here and then either here on,the bottom right you can click on remove,section or you simply click on the trash,icon here you can also just do it like,this click on the section that you want,to delete go to the trash icon and then,just do this until you are left with the,image with text section here at the top,and we're actually going to keep also,the email signup section that you see,right here because it does make sense to,capture emails from our customers or our,visitors so we can use them to remark it,to them now what I like to do before I,actually start building the store is to,find all the images and videos that I,can find about the product that I want,to sell so on your suppliers page you're,already going to find some images so,here for example on AliExpress when you,scroll down you can already download all,of these images right here a tool that I,use to Simply download images from,AliExpress and other Pages as well is I,use a Chrome extension called think of,video downloader I'm going to leave the,link in the description below so then,you can just click on this icon here and,then you can find all the images that,are on this page and then simply click,on this icon here and then it will,download the image directly to your,computer and then another thing you can,do is if you want to find other stores,that are selling the same product that,maybe have better photos that you want,to use then you can simply screenshot,any image of your product and then you,want to go to Google and then you want,to click on this search by image button,and then you want to Simply upload the,image that you have just screenshotted,to the Google image search,and then Google will try to find similar,images and you can basically look at,their websites and download these images,as well so when you click on find image,source here,uh then you can find all the websites,that have this image or similar images,on their store now another tool that I,recommend you use when creating custom,content for your online store is, so what you can do here is for,example you just simply drag in an image,that you want to use and create a piece,of content with now let's say out of,this image we want to remove the,background and we simply want to have,the bottle and then work with that part,of the image so what we can do is click,click on edit image here on the top and,then we click on background remover here,and then it'll automatically try its,best to remove the background and just,keep this subject here in the middle and,now it actually has worked pretty well,as you can see sometimes you also need,to go with the Eraser tool here and make,some adjustments so you raise a couple,of things that the process didn't cover,but this looks pretty good so I would,just hit on apply here and then what we,can do is just use this image and create,a banner for our store out of it so,let's say we also want to have let's,type in product here and we already have,a couple of templates that we can use so,for example let's maybe use this one,here then we can basically use this,remove this product and just use our,product here and then just adjust,everything to our specific product and,then we can use this type of con this,piece of content on our online store now,once we have some content for our store,we can go ahead and start customizing,the home page so let's start with this,top section here the first section that,people see when they visit our store so,all we need to do to change anything,here on Shopify is to Simply click on,the element and then on the right side,or depending on your screen size it also,show us up here on the left side so I,would just go to change click on select,image here so I'm going to choose this,image here click on open and that'll put,the image here into this Frame so you,want to make sure to have a nice looking,image of your product it shows your,product in the best possible light and,it's clear to the customer what your,product actually is now we could also,make some adjustments to the general,layout here so we just go to the right,side and then play around with these,options so for example you could just,put the image on the left side instead,of the right side and have the text here,but I actually prefer it to be the other,way around so I think the default,version is pretty nice as it is so I,just to save some time I'm just going to,leave it as it is but you can play,around with all these options that you,can see here and make sure your store,looks perfect so let's move on with the,text section here at the left on the,left side so here I would just add the,the product name or the brand name of,what my product is so in this case I was,looking for a name that would be fitting,with this bottle that we're selling here,and I always go to and I,check if domain is available for,that specific brand name that I want and,one that I found that isn't taken yet is,juicer so just a juicer with two use so,I've decided to go with this name so I'm,gonna just put that in here,juicer and then I always add a trademark,symbol at the end which just makes,everything look a lot more official so I,simply go to Google type in TM copy,paste then you can click on the first,site here copy the TM sign and then just,go here back to Shopify and then paste,it in and then you have the TM logo here,as well now you can also change the,heading size to small to just make it a,bit smaller I think that looks actually,better and then you also want to put,some text here so what is the the main,benefit of your product why is this,product gonna make their lives better in,one or two sentences so for this product,I'm simply going to put make fresh,smoothies where and whenever you want,and then here for the button we also,need to assign that button to a specific,page the page that we want to assign,that button to is obviously the product,page where people can buy that product,so we want to go to the button link once,we click on the button that menu here or,opens up then go to button link click on,prod products and then select a product,obviously because this is a one product,store we only have one product so we're,going to select that product here and,then we can also change the text here so,we can type in something like get yours,now or buy now or whatever,fits the best to your audience so let's,click on Save and now we're already done,with the top section of our home page I,always look at what the homepage looks,like on mobile as well because 99 or 95,percent of people visiting my store are,going to come from a mobile phone so it,doesn't matter how this looks like here,on desktop what actually matters is how,it looks like on a mobile phone but here,as you can see Shopify is really nice,everything that you edit here on a,desktop view is also going to look nice,on mobile as well now for the next part,just below this hero section of the site,we're gonna add the main benefits of,this product and we're going to clearly,communicate to our customers using text,and images so let's go to add section,here on the left side and then we're,going to add a text and image section so,let's see so this one image with text,and then it will add this section here,to our home page now I want to have this,section actually above the subscribe to,our email section so what I'm going to,do is just I'm going to grab this here,and then just gonna drag this up to,where I want it to be placed so now we,can do the same thing as before we can,click on the element and then do all the,changes here on the left side so we can,select an image here then I'm going to,change the text,and then for the button I'm going to do,another buy now button so I'm going to,just change the text to buy now and then,again assign the button link to the,product page so go to products choose,our product then click on Save now we do,the same thing again for just all the,benefits that you want to mention I,wouldn't mention more than maybe four so,usually I go with three or four and I,just add these texts with image sections,and then I start with the image on the,left then the image on the right and so,on now I have these four sections,communicating the main benefits of this,product and to to just change the,location of the image we again want to,just click on the section and then go to,desktop image placement and change from,image first to image second and then the,text will just switch to the left side,and we can do the same thing for the,last one here and then I think I also,want to change the text size so I think,that's a bit too large so I'm going to,just change from medium to small and I'm,going to do that for all the other,sections as well so this is what it,looks like after I have added all of the,image with text sections explaining the,benefits of using this product then,after the section where we explain the,benefits of the product I would add a,feature product section where people can,buy the product directly here on the,home page so to add that section we're,going to go again to the left side and,click on ADD section here and then we're,going to look for the featured product,section which is right here now we have,to select a product that we want to,feature here on the home page so we're,going to go to select product on the top,right and then select our product right,here click on select and that will put,our product directly on the home page,now later on in the video I'm going to,show you how to change the title change,the pricing and all that stuff so it,actually looks nice here on the page now,for this specific product I've also,decided to add a how-to section which,shows the customer exactly how easy it,is to use this product effect in just,three steps and the best way to add this,section is to use a multi-column section,so when we go to add section here and,then choose multi-column then it will,add this specific section where we can,click on the elements and add images,change the text here and everything like,that we can also add a column by just,clicking on ADD column here and then we,have four columns then when we click on,this section we can also change the,amount of columns which should be,visible in one row so we can just go,from three to four here and then you,have four you can also do two whatever,looks the best for your page and then,the last part of our home page is going,to be the email marketing section where,we collect emails so we can actually,remark it and send promotions to our,visitors and customers however just,using subscribe to our emails as an,incentive is not really working so you,have to give them something in exchange,and the easiest thing you can do is just,get give them a discount for sign,signing up to your email newsletter so,you can just type in something like get,10 off for signing up to our email,newsletter on your first order and that,will already get get you a lot of new,email subscribers because obviously they,want to save money on purchasing your,product and then I would just actually,make this small so it's just here on one,line then this one I'm going to delete,here and that's already it now just,really quick on how you can create,discount codes that you can send to your,email subscribers you can simply go to,Discount here on the left side and then,click on create discount and then you,have different types of discounts that,you can create you can create a,percentage of this account or a certain,dollar amount of discount so I have a,lot of options then you get a code that,you can basically send to your email,subscribers I'm going to have an other,complete video where I show you how to,set up your email marketing automations,for your Shopify store but to kind of,keep this video at a certain length I'm,gonna not cover this in that specific,video now what's still missing from our,store is a good logo that represents our,brand and the easiest way to create a,logo for free is to Simply go to, and then create it yourself,and you're going to see that it's very,easy they already have tons of templates,that you can use so go to or,click on the link Down Below in the,description and then click on create a,design here on the top and for this logo,I'm going to use these Dimensions here a,thousand times 300 pixels click on,create new design and then as I've,already told you the name of the store,is going to be juicer with to use so I'm,going to Simply go to text here on the,left side and then I'll look through,these fonts here that I can use for my,logo I'm just going to Simply use this,one here I'm going to delete the top,part and then I'm going to change this,to my brand name which is juicer kind of,like this and then my idea was that,these two use are going to represent,kind of a cup where we're going to put,in some juice so this is going to be the,idea for the logo and the way it's very,simple I do this I just go to elements,here on the top left then I click on and,go to lines and shapes then I use this,shape here and change the color to a,fruity color so I'm just going to use,this red here then I'm going to put it,right here then I look for another shape,which kind of has a wavy top so it looks,like there's a drink here in this cup so,I'm just going to type in wave,like this and I go with this shape here,then I just put it over there and then I,also change the color to the same red,and then I just copy this whole element,here paste it again and just put it to,the right view as well and then here I'm,gonna uh here I'm gonna change the color,to let's just use the yellow like orange,juice,and then I have to also put this here to,the background so I'm going to go to,position backwards like this and then do,the same thing here position backwards,so now we have the two U's with some,juice in that and now I'm gonna add also,a straw so I'm just going to type in,straw here I'm going to add this one,here,first of all let's click on Flip Flip,horizontally make this a bit larger then,copy paste the same element,and then position backward backward,backward and there we go so this would,be my finished logo then to download the,logo we're going to Simply go to share,on the top right and then go to download,and then if you have the paid version of,canva you can click on transparent,background if you don't have the the,paid version you're going to not be able,to use this feature so you're going to,have to just download it with the white,background but then you're just going to,upload the same image to this free,website here remove dot BG you can,upload the image and then it will,automatically remove your background for,you and you can download the image with,a transparent background and now I can,go back to my Shopify store and then,here at the top we're going to upload,the logos I'm just going to click here,and then I go to default logo change,select image and then I upload this logo,I've just created here,click on select and then make the size a,bit larger maybe like this and now we,have our branded logo on our store now,when it comes to this Banner here at the,top this is a good place where you can,add some sense of urgency to your store,and tell people that if they buy right,now they're gonna get a very good deal,so you can put something like today only,33 off plus free shipping so that people,have an extra reason why they should buy,right now and that should improve your,overall conversion rate and now we also,want to add our logo to the favicon of,our store so when we go to the three,dots on the top left and click on view,then we can see how our store currently,looks like as a visitor so here at the,top on the browser you're gonna see a,kind of globe icon but we want to be,able to see our logo here which makes,everything look a lot better so to do,that we're going to go back to the,Shopify editor and then we're gonna go,go to this icon here where it says theme,settings and then we're going to scroll,all the way down where it says favicon,and then here we can upload our logo,again so that it will be displayed on,the browser so I've actually created a,separate logo for the favicon because my,logo is kind of too wide so I've just,created something like this you're going,to see it here in a moment,just this U part click on select and,then click on Save now if you have a,round logo or a square logo you can,simply just upload your logo here and,then once that's done when we go back to,our to the store how it looks like we,can see that the logo has now changed,here at the top to what we have just,uploaded next we're going to scroll all,the way down on the page and look at the,page footer again this part here is the,footer and this is going to be visible,on all of your pages on your store so,here you can just edit it the same way,as we've edited everything else delete,everything that you don't need or you,can just change the content however you,want to here on the right side now for,this store I'm going to keep it simple,I'm going to delete this part and also,the this part here here I'm just going,to add the logo so I'm going to click on,select image and then just select the,logo that we have just created before,and then here we want to add our legal,pages so our terms of service return,policy and so on however we have to,create those pages first so let's click,on Save here and then let's go back to,the Shopify dashboard by going to exit,and then open in a new tab so we don't,need to close this tab here and that,will take us back to the dashboard now,here we want to go to settings on the,bottom left and then scroll all the way,down to where it says policies here we,can add our refund policy privacy policy,terms of service shipping policy and so,on now you're going to find a lot of,templates online that you can simply put,in here or you can use the Shopify,template as well click on create from,template and then it will just fill in a,really basic refund policy that is,applicable to most stores whoever you do,want to go in this text here and then,change everything that is in these,brackets here and then just put your own,information of your store now for the,shipping policy there's no template so,you can just type in what your shipping,policy is how long it will take for your,products to get to your customer,basically then we're going to save the,changes and go out of the settings again,and then we're going to add to these,pages to our footer menu so we're going,to go to online store and then to,navigation here and then click on footer,menu here and what I like to do is just,delete the search function so I'm going,to click on delete here remove and then,we're going to click on ADD menu item,then we're going to go to link policies,then add all of these policies that we,can find here so the privacy policy add,refund policy great so once that's all,added we're going to click on Save menu,and now we can go back to our editor so,if you still have the tab open you can,just switch to your tab or if not you,can go to online store click on,customize and that will take you back to,your online store and now when we when,we scroll down we will see our policy,Pages here in our footer and now we also,want to customize the theme colors of,our online store so we can go to this,icon theme settings and then go to,colors and then here you can find all,the different colors of your store and,you can change them individually what I,like to do is I like to use a tool,called colorzilla This is a Chrome,extension and what you can do here is,just click on your Chrome extension,click on pick color from page then you,can just pick any color that you can see,on your page so usually I I use colors,that are already kind of part of the,product so for example here these are,very like fruity kind of colors so I try,to make the color theme of my page also,kind of fruity so let's say I'm going to,choose this color here and then it has,now copied this specific color code so,now when I go to let's say the accent,one I can just paste in the code that I,have just copied and then it will change,the accent to this specific color that I,have just added so now the buttons have,changed to this specific color and the,colors that you customize here under the,theme settings are going to be applied,to all the other Pages as well so when,we go to let's say the collection page,then we can see that these colors are,also here on the collection page the,only page where you need to do something,a step more is on the checkout page so,when you scroll down here go to checkout,then here you can see that the button is,still in the default blue that Shopify,basically has so we're gonna go to theme,settings again and then we're going to,scroll all the way down to checkout and,then we're gonna change the colors here,so here accents we want to change this,as well to our branded color,like this and now as you can see the,color is also in our branded color great,so that's it to customize the home page,of our store what we now also need to,look at is the product page so let's go,to the Shopify dashboard and then go to,products on the top left and then make,some changes to the product that we have,already imported here to our store so,first of all here we want to delete,everything so we want to delete the,title which is already imported from,AliExpress this title looks pretty,horrible nobody would want to buy,something like this so we want to make,it as branded as possible so let's just,delete the title and then paste in the,title for our brand so that would be,juicer and then I also like to add the,name of the product so let's say,portable blender,and then for the description we also,want to delete everything so like this,and then we want to add are the benefits,of the product as well similarly like,we've done on the home page but here we,do it in text form and we can also add,images and gifs as well so I've simply,added some text here for the description,of this product but it's definitely a,good idea to also add some images or,even some gifs to describe exactly what,the benefits of the product are and,maybe even explain exactly how to use,that product now let's move on to the,product images it's very very important,that you have high quality images,showcasing your product in the best,light and usually what you can import,from AliExpress or other Drop Shipping,sites these are not the best images so,you need to go on Google and find the,best images for your product or maybe,even create these images yourself so for,these images what I like to do is just,delete all of the images that I can find,here and then upload all the images that,I want to add to product page as you can,see these images look a lot better A lot,higher quality than the ones we got from,AliExpress so here you want to have one,main image showcasing your product and,then what I like to do is just add some,lifestyle photos showing the benefits,and how to use this product so I'm just,gonna kind of arrange them like this and,then at the end we have the different,variants so under variance you want to,make sure to assign the right picture to,the right variants just click on the,picture then choose the right one for,the yellow one the white one and the,pink one or whatever your variants are,and then for the price we want to click,on edit and then here under pricing we,can select the selling price we want to,sell this product at and then we can,also select a compare price so the,compare price displays to the customer,what this product used to cost and then,now what it's kind of discounted at you,want to do you want to do this for every,product here and then once that's done,you can go back to your product page,page and then the last thing is for the,search engine listing you want to make,sure you're going to click on edit and,then make sure that the URL string looks,uh nice so you can maybe delete,everything here at the end and just have,your brand name or your product name,here at the end then click on Save and,then we're basically done with the,product section now we can go and look,how our product page actually looks like,so let's go to online store on the left,side and then go to customize to go back,to the store editor now we are again on,the home page so we're going to switch,from the home page to the product Page,by going here on the top and then click,on products,default product,and there we go this is how our current,product page looks like so we have the,images that we have added here and we,have the text right here you can switch,between the different variants by just,clicking on them so the first thing that,I like to do here on the product page is,delete a couple of things so here the,store name is going to be displayed,above your product name so I just delete,this section here and then the same,thing for the share icon here I just,also delete this to just make everything,look a lot cleaner and then I also,delete the text included shipping,calculated at checkout now to delete,this part we actually have to go back to,the Shopify dashboard so let's quickly,save the changes and then go back to the,dashboard let's click on exit open this,in a new tab,and then we want to go to online store,themes and then here we go to the three,dots and then go to edit languages so to,delete this this is kind of hidden then,here we want to go to products and then,scroll down uh to where it says here,this one shipping calculated at checkout,so we're just going to delete this,entire part and then the same here for,text included delete this click on Save,and now when we go back to the product,page and reload the page,we should be able to see that this part,is also gone from our product page like,this and then the next thing I like to,do is scroll down to these drop down,items here these are very nice to use,them for a FAQ section for a how to use,section shipping return policy and so on,so to change these we just click on them,and then change the title here change,the content just put it in here and then,also make sure you choose a relevant,icon for whatever the information is in,the drop down menu for this product I,would simply add a what's in the Box,menu where we can see exactly what,customers are getting in the box then we,have specifications for this product all,the technical information then the,shipping how long it takes for the for,the product to be shipped to them and,then also the return policy so they have,a 30-day money-back guarantee and then,for the rest of the product page I'm,actually going to delete all of these,sections here just so that the customer,is not distracted from actually buying,the product now what we definitely do,want to add to our product page are,customer reviews of people who've,already bought this product and are,happy with their purchase because nobody,wants to be the first one who is trying,out a new product that's why reviews,really help to for the customer to get,trust into your products and brand so,they are much more likely to actually,buy the product and the cool thing is if,we're Drop Shipping from AliExpress then,we can use an app that will,automatically import reviews directly,from AliExpress to our product page so,here this is the product that we are,Drop Shipping with this store now when,we click on reviews here we can see a,lot of people have already bought this,product and they have even taken,pictures with this product and they have,written a review and what we can now do,is and use an app called looks to import,all of the reviews that we want to,import directly onto our product page so,again we're going to use an app called,Luke's product reviews to import those,review from AliExpress I'm going to,leave a link to this app down below in,the description once you click on that,link you're just going to be on this,page here so here we're just going to,click on add app,then install app and here as you can see,this is a paid application so gonna have,to pay a monthly fee for using looks on,our store however I find that it's well,worth it because the conversion rate is,going to be a lot better so at the end,of the day we're gonna make money using,this app I recommend to use the growth,plan for 35 dollars per month because,that'll allow you to input up to 100,reviews onto your store you can also use,the beginner plan but then you're only,able to import 20 reviews to your store,so I'm going to click on start 14 day,free trial here then click on approve,continue English is fine,and then here we want to choose our,brand color so that the reviews actually,show up in the same branding as our,store is so here just choose the color,of your brand I'm just going to stick,with black for now and then the star,color you can also change so this would,be the review star color I'm just going,to leave it at yellow for now and then,click on continue,and then here we're going to click on,import now,and then here what we want to do is just,drag this import to looks button into,the bookmarks of our browser just like,this and then we can go back to the,product page where we want to import the,reviews from and then we want to Simply,click on that bookmark that we have just,added import to looks and then here,we're going to choose the product we,want to import those reviews for so we,only have one product as we can see here,and then I'm going to choose 100 reviews,and then you can click on preview and,import and then here what we can do is,just go through each of the reviews,manually and the ones that we think,would be good to import to our store we,simply click on import here and the ones,we don't want on our store we simply,click on reject and then that specific,review wouldn't be imported to this,store and then when we go back to our,Shopify store to the editor we should be,able to now scroll down and then the,reviews should show up right here so,here we can see we have 45 reviews we,with images and then we can also look at,how it looks on the mobile version so,this is how it's going to look which,looks very nice and in in line with The,Branding as well so very cool now I also,want to show you how to change the menu,items here so currently we have the home,the catalog and the contact Link in the,top menu of our store and we actually,want to change this so we're going to go,back to the dashboard by clicking on,exit then we're going to go to,navigation and then to main menu and,here is where you can make the changes,to your top menu so I'm going to delete,the catalog because you only have one,product so we don't need a catalog then,the contact page I'm going to leave it,actually the home page is also not,really necessary but I'm going to leave,it for this store and then we I'm just,going to add the product page because,you only have one product so I'm going,to just go to Links,products and then choose the product,click on ADD once you have all the pages,that you want in your menu you click on,Save menu and now when we go back to,online store themes and then click on,customize we should be able to see that,updated menu here at the top,now if you want to add more pages to,your store you can also do that by going,to online store pages and then you can,just click on ADD page and then for,example we can do a about us page like,this then here add some text click on,Save and then you have a new page now if,you want to have that page in the top,menu as well we would simply again go to,navigation then main menu and then you,can just click on ADD menu item and then,go to pages and then select the page,that we have just created which is the,about us page click on ADD and then,click on Save menu so now we are pretty,much done with the design part of our,new one product store however before we,start launching the store and actually,make it public we do want to go over a,couple of the back end settings like the,shipping rates the payment providers and,so on so on your Shopify dashboard let's,click on settings and then what you want,to do is just go through each of these,settings here and make sure everything,is filled out correctly for example the,store d tail to want to make sure you,have the correct store name the address,is correct your store currency and also,the the standards and formats and then,you want to go to the shipping and,delivery and here you can basically set,up the shipping rates that you want to,charge for your products so when you go,to manage you can basically set up,specific shipping zones so a shipping,zone is basically the the place where,the customer is ordering from and where,you're going to ship to so let's first,of all delete this these zones here so,then we can just click on create,shipping Zone and let's say we are,targeting customers in the United States,I would just name this Zone us and then,look for the United States here,United States,so I'm going to check the United States,click on done now we have a specific,shipping zone for the US now we want to,also add a shipping rate for that Zone,by clicking on ADD rate and now we can,name it whatever we want so we can just,do free shipping and then set the price,to zero and click on done however you,can also simply do a rate of let's say,eight dollars so it's just type in,something like standard shipping and,then do eight dollars here click on done,you can also add an express shipping,rate if you want to and then you can,also add other shipping zones so if you,are selling internationally as well you,can click on create shipping Zone and,then let's say International and then,click on rest of the world click on done,and then maybe add a rate that is a bit,more expensive let's say we're gonna add,fifteen dollars for international,shipping,done so here you can just set up all of,your shipping rates that you want to,charge to your customers once that's,done click on Save then you want to also,take a look at taxes and duties and get,familiar with all the tax regulations of,the country you are selling from and,also the country you're selling in and,then you can also set up the tax rates,that you need to charge your customers,here under taxes and duties then what,you definitely also want to look at is,payments right here so under payments,you're going to want to set up your,payment providers which means the,payment gateways that you're going to,use to collect money from your customers,so what I would recommend is to Simply,use Shopify payments if that's available,in your country all you have to do is,click on activate Shopify payments then,click on complete setup and then here,you want to make sure to fill out,everything truthfully so that you can,actually get paid out to your bank,account we also want to go to domains,and make sure we change from the default,Shopify domain to our own branded domain,So currently our domain is going to be, which,doesn't look very professional so what,we want to do,is buy a new domain if you don't already,have one the easiest way is to just do,it here on Shopify so we can click on,buy new domain and then hopefully you,have already checked if your domain is,available for the brand name that you,chose in my example this would be juicer,.com so as you can see here,is available for 15 per year so here I,would just click on buy and then once I,confirm this domain would be,automatically connected to our new store,so that's basically it for the settings,we can now close this window and now we,also want to go to online store and then,click on preferences,and then here we also want to add a home,page title this was what will be,displayed in search engines for your,store so here I'll just add juicer store,and then you can also add a description,you can add a source sharing image so if,somebody shares your store on social,media this is what would be displayed as,an image later on you could also add a,Facebook pixel if you want to run,Facebook ads to your store I do actually,have a video on how to do this I'm going,to leave the link Down Below in the,description,and then you want to go to password,protection and make sure this is,unticked so restrict access to visitors,with password if you untick this option,and then click on save this now will,publish your store so that you can,actually go ahead and send visitors and,they can actually purchase your product,so we can close this so now our store is,live and what I would recommend now is,to just test all the pages on your store,so when we go to online store and click,on this I icon this will give us a,preview of our store and then you want,to just go through each of the pages go,to the buy buttons actually add the,product to the cart and go to checkout,and then make sure everything works also,go to your mobile phone and type in your,URL and make sure everything looks good,on mobile as well before you start,sending visitors to your store if you,found this video helpful make sure to,give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the,channel for more videos just like this,one

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