how to limit quantity on shopify

How To Set Minimum Quantity For Product To Buy In Shopify | Set Minimum Order Quantity For Product h

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Set Minimum Quantity For Product To Buy In Shopify | Set Minimum Order Quantity For Product

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How To Set Minimum Quantity For Product To Buy In Shopify | Set Minimum Order Quantity For Product

hello everyone my name is rahul in this,video we will see that how to set,minimum quantity for a product to buy,suppose i want that users should buy,minimum five quantity of the product,from this website so how we will do that,okay,so firstly i will go to the products,i will create a new product,okay,so i have it,product status i will set to active,okay,i will add the image,okay pricing i will set here,quantity i will set around 40 quantity,okay,so,i will save this product,now i will prove it,okay so now the quantity is not coming,to the product okay so how we will,show the quantity in this indeed product,okay,you have to go to the online store,customize,just select here,from from here you have to select,products,default product,okay,show quantity selector,okay,now just save it,just refresh it,okay,now the minimum quantity is bonus,but i want the user should be able to,buy a minimum quantity of around five,below five,quantity the user won't be able to buy,this product,okay,suppose,to,card okay the one quantity is adding to,the card but i don't want it i want the,user should buy minimum or minimum,quantity of around five how we will do,that okay,so firstly,we have to go to the,edit code,okay you have to go to the product,template dot liquid file,just search,it,okay,so,okay see this the minimum quantity is,around 1 ok now i will change it,this is my code,so after label you have to put that code,ok,so,i have refreshed,like i have replaced the code with my,code okay and here the minimum quantity,is five,okay in this we have added the content,of the product text contain minimum five,okay so i have i will show you how to do,that,firstly save this code,and just refresh the product,see now the quantity is like around one,only,then i will go to the products,new product two,just add the tag around min,5,just save it,see,now the quantity is around five minimum,quantities around five you can increase,it but you can't decrease below the five,okay,so when i had to cut,so the five quantity will be added to,the card not the one,okay,so in that in this way you can set the,minimum quantity,of the product,okay suppose you want the user should,buy around minimum two quantity so you,can,do the changes in that code,okay so,this code we have added okay so i will,put put i will put this code in the,description so you can find it from the,here and paste it to the website okay,and in this we are using the,w thing debut theme okay,so in that way in this way you can do,this okay the minimum quantity,okay you you can set the minimum,quantity of the product,so that the user can buy okay,so thanks for watching hope you like it,please subscribe to my channel thank you

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