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POS: How to process returns & refunds || Shopify Help Center great customer service is an essential,

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

POS: How to process returns & refunds || Shopify Help Center

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how to exchange an item in shopify pos catalogs

POS: How to process returns & refunds || Shopify Help Center

great customer service is an essential,part of any business so when it comes,time to process returns and refunds you,want the steps to be simple and,efficient today we're showing you the,complete guide to returns and refunds in,the all-new Shopify POS hey everyone its,du tango with Shopify let's start on the,home screen of the Shopify POS app tap,the menu icon and then tap orders from,here you can use the sale type and sale,location filters to find the order,you're looking for or you can use the,search bar to type in the customers name,email address or order number then tap,the order to open it you can refund the,entire order or part of an order for,this example we'll be processing a,return for the whole order start by,clicking return if this order only has,one product then you will not see this,next screen but if the customer had more,than one unique item in their order like,in this example then you are brought to,the select item screen use the plus and,minus signs to specify how many of each,item you're returning to your inventory,then tap next here you see the details,of the refund summary including the,total amount the customer spent with,taxes and if there are any shipping,charges you'll see shipping charges if,this order was placed online or,purchased in person and shipped out to,edit a products inventory tap the,product do you want to edit if you plan,to resell this item keep restock at this,location enabled since our POS app,location is set to New York that's where,this products inventory will restock by,default but if this product is damaged,and you're not going to sell it again,disable this button and then tap don't,restock in the pop-up back on the return,page take the same steps for any other,products or refunding for this order,where we stocking the yoga mat to sell,again so we're leaving this inventory as,is but not restocking the t-shirt,because it's damaged next you see that,option to refund shipping charges if,this order was shipped to the customer,refunding shipping charges is up to the,discretion of the store owner but it's,best practice,to clarify in your refund policy whether,this is something you can accommodate,next offer a refund using the same,payment type the customer used to pay,originally if the customer used more,than one payment type like in this,example then you split the refund,between the same payment types that they,used tap edit in the amount to refund,section and enter the amount that you,want to refund for each payment type in,special situations you might need to,edit the payment types to complete a,refund click the link in the description,for more details we're leaving the,amount to be refunded to each payment,type as is then in the reason for return,section you can add a note for why,you're refunding the items like if the,customer changed their mind or the,product is damaged but this is optional,the note you add will only show on a,printed receipt if you have this option,enabled and receipt settings for more,details on receipt customization check,out the link below once you've added all,the necessary details tap refund if,you're given the customer cash tap and,mark is refunded once you've processed,the payment the refund is now complete,and you can give a receipt to the,customer if they'd like a copy tap Done,when you're finished if you open up the,original order that the customer placed,you see it's updated with the refund,information,now you know how to process returns and,refunds in your Shopify POS subscribe,now for more videos with the Shopify POS,if you had any questions comment below,or contact us directly at help Shopify,comm slash questions

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