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Shopify - How To Count How Many Products In Store and Collections i have over a thousand products in

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Shopify - How To Count How Many Products In Store and Collections

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Shopify - How To Count How Many Products In Store and Collections

i have over a thousand products in this,store but there's no way to actually,tell exactly how many products i have,if i click this,checkbox up here,to select all products it will select 50,products because that's how many are on,this page,now if you have less than 50 products,that's actually a quick and easy way of,getting a product count if you have say,40 products it'll say 40 products,selected,now if you have more than 50 products,unfortunately it just says select all 50,plus products in your store but it,doesn't actually give you the number of,how many there are,so luckily there is still a way to,actually access the product count,from the back end of shopify,and you do that by changing the url,let's delete this last part so we're,just on admin slash products,and now i'm going to write slash count,dot json,okay that will take me to a page that,shows me the count of all my products,okay i have 1241 products in store,so that is the best way,to get a full count of products on your,store now,it doesn't work when you're on a product,page and and remember to delete this,last part it won't work if you add it,afterwards,you can also do something similar on,individual collections so i have a,collection here which is,boys,boys clothing,and i'm going to go into this collection,and,we have slash collections and then we,have the collection id,in the url,and after the collection id rather than,slash count.json i'm just going to write,dot json this is going to give me the,raw view of this collection,okay so we have the id,we have other information,like the collection rules,but we also have this part here which,says products count,and i have 267 products in this,collection so that's pretty easy isn't,it that's all there is to it really,there is actually another way to,check the amount of products,that are available on your store now,notice that i say available this is,important,if you go to settings and then sales,channels,you can see,how many available products there are,now that means products that are not out,of stock and products that are not,drafts,but are actually active products and so,on so it's not it doesn't give you the,full picture but it might still be,useful to some people,now let's go back to collections,and you'll see that i have only two,collections but if you have a large,amount of collections,you can actually add,slashcount.json on the end of this,on the end of admin collections and it,will show you how many collections you,have,so if you have lots that might be useful,and lastly as a quick bonus tip if you,want to see how many customers you have,how many people have ever purchased,something from you you can add,count.json at the end of the admin,customers url and it'll give you account,of customers,so that's all for today,i hope that helped you become more,efficient with shopify and if you have,any questions please let me know in the,comments below,good luck

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