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My Free Traffic Strategy On Shopify how's it going friends ari here and the,other day i posted on my

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

My Free Traffic Strategy On Shopify

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My Free Traffic Strategy On Shopify

how's it going friends ari here and the,other day i posted on my story about a,2k day i had on one of my brands and i,mentioned that most of the traffic that,we were receiving was actually organic,so the profit margins were really really,high and a lot of you were very curious,about that especially in the current,landscape where most businesses are,spending you know 90 of their margin on,advertising in order to grow really fast,so a lot of them end up being either,unprofitable or with a very very slim,margin this is not uncommon in this,space but within the last six months or,so when ios really hit and it really,started to affect how companies,advertise this caused a lot of,businesses to start really auditing,their spend and seeing exactly where,they need to be spending money and where,they don't and this is something that,happened to me as well and what i,determined through this time is that the,number one thing i want to focus on for,the next year is building out my brand,organically so you may be thinking hey,well don't you you know have a bunch of,facebook ads tutorials haven't you,advocated for that before and the answer,is yes and i'm not gonna lie i'm still,gonna continue to advertise i still,think it's super powerful for your brand,and an easy way to get ahead but here's,something that you some of you guys may,or may not know tic tac recently,overtook facebook and instagram as the,number one used social media so what,does this mean well basically it means,that there are a ton of people on this,platform that are literally scrolling,every single day almost endlessly and,the tick tock platform allows for a,pretty insane amount of viral potential,so there's a glimmer of hope here,especially for those of you that are,just starting your businesses this,should be a priority in my opinion if,you're just getting started so real,quick let me show you a couple pages,that i find pretty interesting i was,scrolling through twitter the other day,and i saw this guy jimmy farley's tweet,and it was talking about brand loyalty,at its finest and he was showing these,couple tick tock pages that are actually,review pages for existing brands so for,example this one is called trader joe's,food reviews they're not affiliated with,trader joe's but trader joe's let me,tell you has a pretty insane army of,fans and people literally made a tick,tock just to show off some of their food,reviews which is crazy to think about,now there's another one that does,something very similar but for costco so,they say again that they're not,affiliated with costco i don't know,about that i've got to do a little bit,of investigating but i'm pretty sure,that they're not affiliated if they're,saying that they're not affiliated,either way this is pretty crazy they,have nearly a million followers and all,they're doing is just showing off costco,fines so what am i getting at here i,mean this is just insane to me right,these are just ran by normal people the,content is literally filmed through an,iphone and they're able to build these,massive audiences for these brands so,there's two things to highlight here,first of all the sheer power of tik-tok,again consistency and relatability seems,to be a driving factor in this success,but the second thing is these brands,they build something that people can get,hyped about and promote on their own,because that's how happy they are with,the service and this brings me back to,elon musk talking about tesla he's like,man we're the only car company that does,not advertise we spend all of whatever,advertising money other companies are,spending in research and development to,create a better product and that i found,really really compelling so as soon as i,started to think about that i started to,think about how can i improve my brands,how can i make brands where people will,be hyped to promote us because even,though spending that time and money now,may require patience and may make sales,a little bit slower in the long term,it's really gonna pay off so i've made,multiple videos about how you can,actually create like a really nice brand,how to make sure your customers are,giving you good reviews and stuff like,that and i've showed you kind of how,i've done that over the past year so now,comes phase two which is really going,hard at doing basically this so this,last week during christmas we hired a,brand new person on our team and she's,going to be fully dedicating herself to,creating amazing tick tock style content,so let me show you super quick how you,can actually find content because i'm,sure a lot of you guys are thinking the,same thing i was thinking when i first,started doing this kind of stuff which,was how do i get ideas for this because,that's the hardest part like creating,this content really isn't that difficult,what's really difficult is coming up,with worthy ideas for ads and again i,think this is extremely important,nowadays so first of all you go on tick,tock creative center you can just go to,google google tic tac creative center oh,my god i'm blind then what you want to,do once you're here you're going to want,to go here to campaign objective and,you're going to want to click,conversions now why do you want to click,conversions well basically because every,other kind of ad may just be irrelevant,to you unless you're not trying to get,conversions and you're trying to get,like app installs or something then do,that but otherwise just stick to,conversions because that's what we're,looking for when it comes to our ads,right so here you can find all the top,performing ads on tick tock now you'll,find a lot of ads from big brands so,what this means is that big brands are,already onto this so this is no longer a,secret or anything which may sound bad,but at the same time this should give,you the motivation to get started on,this like as soon as possible but yeah,you can find a ton of different ad,creatives here a lot of different cool,styles of ads that you can get inspired,from and then use your brand content in,order to make it happen now my goal here,is to start posting this type of content,every single day,non-stop and like i mentioned at the,beginning this doesn't mean that i'm not,going to be running tick-tock asset this,doesn't mean that i'm not going to be,running facebook ads in fact i will be,doing those things but what i know will,happen is over time i will build a,foundation of organic traffic which then,adds will be the bonus as opposed to the,other way around and i imagine too that,my ad performance will get significantly,better because i'll be able to target,mostly warm audiences for example on,facebook i could target people who have,viewed 95 of my instagram reel videos,which i will repost from tiktok as well,since they're the same format so then,most of the audiences that i target will,already know about my brand therefore,they'll convert a little bit better even,though i may get higher cost per link,clicks and stuff the conversion rate and,return on that spin is going to be,significantly better but keep in mind,i'm sharing with you sort of my plan,even though this has worked at a small,scale i want to be able to reach 100k a,month in just organic sales that's the,type of goal that i'm setting right now,so it will take a lot of time and,consistent progress but i wanted to,share this with you before the new year,just to maybe encourage some of you that,you know can't run facebook ads or can't,run ads in general you know start,ordering your products start making sure,that you know your products are high,quality take that extra time and then,start really hammering out viral content,for your brand because again i don't,think this opportunity is gonna last,forever i think even now it's not really,early so the sooner you do this the,better this is why i wanted to put a,video out on it i'm excited to see the,result of doing this for a whole quarter,for example consistently now i'll be,keeping you guys updated on the results,and more so if you like my content if,you want to see what i'm up to then make,sure you subscribe to the channel drop a,like on this video give this video a,nice little algorithm boost and lastly,make sure to visit this is,an art brand i recently started,you can see some of the art behind here,i decided to create an art and education,brand as opposed to just education so,now you can buy art as well as buy the,netsphere membership course now another,thing i wanted to announce when it comes,to this course is that i've started to,add content from other experts in the,fields so as i mentioned in some of my,previous videos i'm starting to use my,network to develop a library of very,amazing teachers and i'm more so taking,the director role you know organizing,everything and putting it together as,opposed to necessarily teaching,everything even though most of the,course is me still but the future is for,it to be people that know even more than,me so make sure you guys check it out,it's looking pretty sweet in my opinion,i'm liking how the branding is coming,along so i'm excited to continue to,develop this brand this is kind of my,passion project right here and even,though there's not a lot of art yet i do,have a nice team in place here so that,we can come up with new art pieces to,release these are all made by me so far,but i have some great designer friends,that are going to help me create some,more designs so let me know what you,guys think let me know your opinion on,everything and if you want to keep up to,date on all things netsphere related,follow the page on instagram so it's,just netsphereco on instagram i really,think you'll enjoy following the page,but with that said i really hope you,enjoyed this video and leave me a,comment with some of your thoughts and,i'll see you on the next one peace

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