how to set up my shopify shipping

How to Set Up Shipping on Shopify 2021 one of the most crucial parts of,actually fulfilling an order

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Updated on Jan 03,2023

How to Set Up Shipping on Shopify 2021

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How to Set Up Shipping on Shopify 2021

one of the most crucial parts of,actually fulfilling an order online,is the shipping process you want to make,sure that you're charging enough for,shipping for your customer but you're,not actually going to be,losing money as well in covering,shipping cost so in,this video i'm going to show you exactly,how to set up your shipping settings,in the back end of your shopify store,so i'd say that shipping is actually,probably one of the most asked questions,that i get,every single week it can be confusing,and how to set it up if you have,different size,products or rates or should you do free,shipping,so i wanted to make a complete shipping,guide for,2021 of how to set up shipping for your,shopify store,so to get to the shipping settings in,your shopify back-end,you're going to go to settings and then,shipping there,so now that we're in the shipping and,delivery section,we can see that we have a couple,different delivery methods here and,we're also getting a warning because we,don't have any shipping rates set up,here,so customers aren't able to see shipping,on our checkouts we're,going to add in some shipping rates here,but i also wanted to showcase that there,are a couple other delivery methods now,that shopify has added in,so you can see here that there's also a,local delivery and a local pickup,we're not going to be going over those,in this video however you can go,in and just click on this manage if you,want to add,delivery options or pick up options and,you can click that,select your location once you've got,that added in,and show that yes this offers local,delivery,and then choose from here either your,settings of setting up based on zip code,or a delivery radius,and then add in the delivery price and,any additional information,if we also go back,and we choose local pickup you can see,here we hit manage,you can select on this and you can also,customize the information,of the pickup instructions as well as,choose how quickly,the pickup is ready to be picked up at,that location,so we're not going to go in and,customize any of that we're going to,focus on the shipping settings but i did,want to highlight that those are,options that are available so in the,shipping area here you can see we have a,general shipping rates which all,products,are going into automatically and all new,products that you add would also go into,this shipping rate,you can also go in and create a new,profile so let's first start out by,managing the rates in our general,shippings area,and then i'll also show you what the,benefit of a new profile is as well,so let's click on manage rates and you,can see we have two products that are,just the,two test products in our store that are,already added into this profile,and it says that any new products we add,in are automatically going to be added,to this profile as well,you can also see here our shipping from,this is our,warehouse location so this is,automatically being pulled in,and if you wanted to you could click on,manage and change the location there,now we have options of where we're,actually shipping things to,as well as other zones that are not,covered so,first let's start out by adding some,rates to our united states shipping zone,which is actually where we're located,so we can click on add rate,and then we have a couple options so you,can first just create your own rate,or you can use carrier calculated rates,so if we choose to set up our own rates,we have our first option here is our,shipping speed,so you can choose how you want to have,this shown to your customers,of the general shipping speed of how,many business days,or you can choose to have no shipping,time shown,so i'm going to just choose standard,here,and then you have the price which,currently right now is free,so let's go in and for shipping rates,we can just say that we can create this,to be whatever it is that we want it to,be,so let's say ten dollars is the price of,shipping so this would be a flat rate,that you decide based on,what you feel is comfortable for your,products you would need to do some,research to feel,comfortable knowing exactly what that,number could be and you can always come,back in and change it if you find that,you are charging,too much or too little for shipping you,can also click on,add conditions and now we can set,a condition for this price so we can do,it based on either the item weight,so you could make heavier products,actually cost,more to ship or you can do it based on,the order price so this is a really cool,way to do,free shipping on your store so we can do,it based on order price,and say the minimum order price is zero,and the maximum order price is,74.99 so we could say,anything under 75 dollars is,ten dollars to ship and we'll just hit,done,so you can see here again standard,shipping zero to seventy four ninety,nine,three to four business days and the,price is ten dollars so now,if we wanted to add in free shipping we,would just click add rate again,keep this at our own rates i'm going to,keep that at standard,we won't add in a price here so it's set,as free,and do conditions order price and now,we're going to set the minimum price of,75 and i'm not going to put in a max,price so that means anything from 75,and above is going to be free for them,for shipping,and so that's a great way to add in free,shipping if you've chosen to do that on,your site,you do want to make sure though that,with free shipping that you're still,able to cover your cost,and the number makes sense for you so,that you don't end up losing,money now let's go in and do a rate,based on,a calculated carrier provider so we'll,hit,add rate,and now we're going to use carrier or,app to calculate rates,from here you have a couple different,options from this drop down,and you have dhl ups or usps,so you can get a discounted rate from,shopify because of using them so let's,just use,usps and you can choose here,the services that you want to provide,so we could say we just want to do,priority mail,again these will cost different based on,the company that you go,with so you want to make sure whenever,you're selecting these that you have,researched your provider like usps,and you know if your product can,actually be classified,to be sent through things like media,mail or if it's,not eligible for that as well as how,much the general rate is for that,it's always great to send a couple test,packages to,see exactly how that works out so for,this example i'm just going to keep,priority mail the only one checked and,you can also choose if you want to,automatically show new shipping services,to customers when they become available,so that would be clicking this option,here however i typically leave this off,and i just manage this myself so that,way i'm not being,having new services added in without me,really knowing it,you can also then add in a handling fee,so this could be to adjust the rate,that is calculated for you so usps once,you enable this on your site,is going to calculate based off of your,location,and where the customer actually is so,instead of getting that flat rate fee of,10,like we set up the customer would see,something like 7.37,based on wherever their location is so,it is a lot more of a specific number,however you can choose to add a certain,percentage additional,or a flat rate amount additional if you,see on average,it's costing you just a little bit more,or also to cover your,additional cost for packing materials,like the,priority mail box to send it in or any,tissue paper things like that,so you would just come in and you would,say that you wanted to add,let's say two dollars flat amount to,that so it's going to add whatever this,priority mail,amount is to actually ship it to them,plus two dollars,to that to give a final shipping total,and we'll just hit done and now you can,see here we have our rates here,and we have our carrier and app rates,listed here and you can also see,here the handling fee that we've got,added in,now this is just for the united states,we could go in,and add other rates as well so to do,this we're going to hit,this create shipping zone,and you have a lot of different options,you'll see all these different countries,here you can search for the countries,and the regions you can also just choose,rest of world,so we could say anything for the rest of,the world and we can name this as well,and hit done and we're going to go,through the same process of adding in,the rate so this is your international,shipping cost,this is where it can get a lot more,expensive so you want to make sure that,you're being really specific about where,you send it to and actually whenever,you're first getting started,you may not want to offer international,shipping or you may just want to,offer it to surrounding countries to you,so you can just hit add rate and go,through the same process,as before so we could set up our own,rate then choosing from the drop,down of the shipping speed so we could,say standard,international choose our price,add any conditions that we want as well,and so let's just say for international,shipping we have a flat fee of,20 again you'll definitely want to,test this out international shipping is,where you can,have a lot of different costs added in,so you want to make sure that you are,testing that out first if you don't want,to do international shipping for the,entire world,you can limit it by country so if we,just come in here and,delete this i can then create a shipping,zone,by just clicking on this here for just,countries around,us so we could just come in and say,canada,if you wanted to you can actually click,on this arrow here as well,and choose which province you wanted to,do in canada so you could limit it there,however we'll keep all of that and i'm,just going to name this,and hit done and now i can add in the,rates just for canada so that way,you are kind of testing out,international shipping without,having to do all of the shipping for,international where you're shipping,completely across the world and it may,cost you,a lot of money so again you can go,through and click add rates,to add that in there but let's just go,ahead and hit save,now if we go back up here to the top we,can see that we have,our two products for our store added,into this profile,but you can actually go in and create,multiple profiles so if we click this,back arrow here,we can see back in this main shipping,and delivery section,we have rates for the us we still have,our,one rate for candidate that we would,need to set up,but that this is our general shipping,rates for all products,we can now go to this custom shipping,rates area and see,this create new profile and let's click,on that,so you can see here of you can create a,profile,of specific products that you want to,include and you go through the same,process so their example here is,fragile products you could name this as,it says here the customer won't see it,or you could do,you know separate out your products by,heavier products or more fragile,products that have,very specific ways that they have to be,shipped or even things like if you had,some products that were posters and were,being shipped in tubes versus,other products that were being shipped,in bubble mailers,this is a great way to separate out,those products,just so you can add in different,shipping profiles,once you have got that separated out you,just need to add in,your product so you click on the add,products there you can see,all of our products are automatically,added into our general shipping area,but if you didn't have a product added,in from there you could just click in,here,and add them in to this shipping zone,and then you'll go through the exact,same process that we did before,of setting up your shipping zones you,would just hit the create shipping zone,and add in,let's say united states and you could,click,in from here and go throughout the,process,just like we did before in the previous,example this is a great way though to,add and separate out your products a,little bit more especially if you have a,wide variety of products,that you are sending out and they're,just,really different based on their sizing,or their weights,so i hope you found this video helpful,and that i've cleared up some of your,questions about shipping,if you have any other questions or,issues that you're running into make,sure to comment below and let us know,also we've got some great tips and,strategies for how to grow your shopify,store for 2021,so make sure to check out those gross,strategy videos over here,and if you haven't yet subscribed make,sure to subscribe to our channel,we post new videos every week all about,shopify and how to grow your online,store

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