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How to Open, Create and Design a Shopify Online Store Easiest Way 2020 hello everyone this Adam Besh

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to Open, Create and Design a Shopify Online Store Easiest Way 2020

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How to Open, Create and Design a Shopify Online Store Easiest Way 2020

hello everyone this Adam Beshara from so,many group so many travel and so many,tech my main website is so many group,sons of so mind so I'm a travel an,aviation guy but I have expertise in,technologies in web designing and domain,flipper,so my services are do programming SEO,design and my services want to click,here is is I do create apps for Apple,and Android and I do Google indexing,dinging indexing Analytics Google I,create ad sense for you,Google Ads if you wanna advertise yeah I,can open a YouTube channels for 25 bucks,and like I do advertising on Facebook,and designing a Shopify store for 50,bucks,word press store for 60 bucks wisdom and,plus 49 which is a hundred and five I do,create blogs I do create Google blogs,which is the blogger calm and just a,regular website for 50 bucks when you,scroll down it's a little bit about me,and here's an info about drop shipping,and drop shipping is when you import,products with titles descriptions and,images from al Express to your online,store and sell them to worldwide,customers you can set up your own price,usually about a hundred or five hundred,times a percent above the price set by,Al Express so,say the price with Alex prices $10 you,could sell that product for $20 at $30,and the rest is yours and when a,customer buy the product from your,stores you send notification to,suppliers in China through Alex press,then suppliers pack and ship products,directly to customers the difference,between prices I said is your profit so,you don't have to hold any inventories,you don't have to hold any products use,your ship to customers or you don't do,packaging or shipping or anything,personal as I said I'm gonna be Asian,guy I work for an airline and yeah I,don't want to mention any names but I,work for airlines and I do travel a lot,and explore the world and eat delicious,food I've been to over 34 countries and,that's not our topics today so far I,have about 180 clients was 10 years,experience and fortunately no,award-winning yet and I hate completed,projects of 156 projects and you can,hire me if you want it and I do have,some stores and domains for sales you,just scroll dance you come to the,sections,I got dot-com domains like when you,click on the search icon it takes you to,a different page it will show you all my,domains that are that are for sales and,then you just click on one of them so,you go back and the same thing over here,the same thing about the other domains,so this one is that info and that's here,that's here for Canada and I got that,net and that code that m/e which is,me and I got that UK especially for UK,market a resident of UK so I got UK,elections that UK you can host at UK e,coupons that UK pledge scares that UK,Swiss airs that UK and extra so you,could buy domains from me it's not snarl,expensive some of them yeah but some no,and over here I got stores for sales,just click on this one on the icon it,will take you to different page and that,page will show you my my source that are,I'm selling I only sell on Flippa,Philippa is a good marketing and,flipping off websites and domains people,auction on it and they have a lot of,customers it is very good so my first,page is a for Hirsch for her shop I'm,selling these products for $150 and I,got my main website just so a child is a,it's a drop shipping as well on Shopify,and I got traveling or travel and travel,accessories web site stores and I got,mobile East doors which is has been sold,successfully for $150 and I got as Brit,for ads and classified ad marketplace,and it has been sold for $300 and I got,the phones booth this one has been,solved as well 450 but I have to fix it,over here and so many so our topic today,is how to create Shopify stores so first,thing we're gonna go to Shopify dot-com,and then I'm gonna click on it then when,you come to this page which is Shopify,and I'll tell you a little bit different,about Shopify and WooCommerce,why is a little more expensive than a,WooCommerce WooCommerce they depend on,your web hosting it could be three,dollars a month it could be two dollars,it could be five dollars it could be ten,dollars it depends on your web host and,Shopify is $32 a month which is 32 US,dollars but Chapa file is very good they,have all the features they have all the,apps and they have a good customer,service and they help you if you need,any any any if you're facing any problem,they help you and I'll show you step by,step how you build a successful online,store with Shopify so first thing just,enter your email address they're gonna,answer my email address here and then,click on start free trial they give you,a free trial for 14 days and then you,have to pay if you want to continue just,continue if you don't want it just just,cancel it and deactivate your account so,I'm gonna type in a user password which,is make sure your password is strong and,you can remember it and then your,surname so for today's purpose I'm gonna,build a blue sky phone now gonna sell,phones and other electronics so click on,create your store and wait for the next,page save your password and your,username and it's going through creating,your account as successfully be created,it says your store is ready so what do,you need for a successful store is,domain name and you don't need a hosting,because hosting all done by Shopify,and the theme the design they have a lot,of freeze themes that you can choose,from you don't have to buy expensive one,but you could just take these free theme,so a little bit about about yourself a,cell was different system I'm selling,just online just playing around disco,was I'm selling just not online or I'm,not selling product yet,I sell with different system,I just sell I'm not selling products yet,and then next step is I'm still brain,very store my idea on what to sell ok,and what's your current revenue so,probably zero dollars is the best chance,and then you're not designing or,developing a store for client so leave,this don't check it out and then click,on next so here you have to enter your,name it's my name my address all my,information and my prophecies in Theriot,so I'm creating this for my wife so I,gonna type her name and then yes we,shared the last name so and then click,on an through my store it's gonna take,couple seconds will come up online here,you go,now you have your dashboard which is has,nothing just some ideas from Shopify how,to run your business how to set up your,domains and everything so when you set,up your demands you see your orders over,here so right now there's nothing,hopefully within a month or two you're,gonna have tons of orders then you're,gonna make money out of their products,currently there are no products we're,gonna import some products customers,you're gonna see your customers there,you could do email marketing you could,send up an email telling them all about,a price dropping or or if you ship their,goods you could inform the your ship on,the way analytics you could see all your,traffic's Wow we have a one visitor,already we don't even have a site yet,but we have a one visitor so that's,that's good that sounds good it's a,marketing you could do marketing over,here and the good thing is you could,create a discount code for customers,like he could he could create those,creates one discount codes so create a,discount codes we're gonna call this,blue sky opening and then you're gonna,choose either you want to offer a,percentage or a fixed amount or whatever,so we're gonna keep it on percentage and,I'm gonna give 10% off because I just,open a neocon it could apply to the,entire order or special collections or,specific specific collections or,specific products so 10% on entire order,is there a minimum yes I could write I,could that could choose,minimum minimum is $100 if someone buy,$400 get 10% off is that for everyone he,is for everyone and then is there a,limit there is no limit is there a,expiry date let's add expiry dates let's,say about a month from today which is,February 22nd let's use forever 20,seconds and then we're gonna save create,it so when we go to disco discounts code,we're gonna see blue sky opening code,ten percent off on entire or the minimum,purchase on $1.00 is active so anyone,with this code got ten percent off you,so you just send customers with this,code and then they gotta answer it a,dead when they go to checkout and,they're gonna enter your code they're,gonna get ten percent off but minimum,purchase is $100 so this where you have,your online stores right now we don't,have everything anything but don't worry,we're gonna create what together and I,don't like really this theme so I gotta,choose another one here are the three,thieves so let's go explore some free,themes my favorite one is is the,boundary that's just that's not my,favorite one so we're gonna choose this,one area the boundary you could choose,any of those they're all free simple,boundaries venture,narratives supply just the current one,d-pad and they got Brooklands and,minimal so as I said my favorite one is,a bond list and then I'm gonna so has,two styles this theme has two styles one,is a black and white the other one is a,vibrant,so this is vibrant and this is a black,and white so we're gonna keep on a black,and white and then we're gonna click on,add theme to library so we just added a,new theme to the library which is this,one err,it takes about a couple seconds and then,it's just added but not customized so,click on action let's preview our new,theme and new store ok let's do this,later let's go and publish,yes publish,so let's let's go customize everything,together by the way when you get you,create a new account so generally you,get just a regular domain name I'll show,it to you and this is all information,that you just entered your address name,and email address a phone number and,when you go to locate location stores,buildings,sales check-out shipping payment,providers,so generally payment provider this is,what company that that take your when,customers pay for for your product,they're gonna use either credit cards,debit cards or Google Play or Apple pay,or whatsoever or PayPal so you have to,set up payment provider Shopify has a,good one it's called Shopify payment you,just have to click on complete setup,setup and then it's gonna ask you a few,questions and if you have an account,with paypal you just have to complete,account setting over here it's so easy,or you view from like the Latin,countries they have their own payment,providers such as let's go check them,out so they got I don't know how to,pronounce but they got a ton of them,they got to check out it's not available,in my country air pay k Yan then are,available in my country,but they're available somewhere else and,all these you can set up with them it's,all free so they use you use them other,payment providers but the best thing is,the Shopify payment which is free to set,up and the only they're only gonna,charge you percentage same as the,Shopify they charge at least two percent,on your cells which is not bad so let's,go create customize or our theme so this,our theme right now it's a boundless,then I'll click on customize so first,thing we want to add pictures of rare to,click on slideshow and then you could,choose the variation the overlay in a,full-screen or not auto rotates or not,all that you can choose them from there,so it's very straightforward so it's not,it's not really complicated or anything,so when you scroll more down you're,gonna choose your first picture and then,you could choose a free pictures from,Shopify they have a bunch of free,pictures I'm just gonna gonna go,randomly and then choose any of these so,when you do your own website you just,have to be careful and then take a time,and then choose the the pictures that,reflect your the the product that you,sell so this our first picture it's,being selected spear of old is a first,in this slide,and then we're gonna add two more so the,same thing free picture is winter or,whenever that's our second one we chose,it and then we go for the third one,the same thing free pictures let's go,with Valentine's it's coming let's,choose from Valentine's I like this one,there so choose that and click on select,so we done with pictures now we have our,slide we have three pictures three,beautiful pictures so we head back to,the main back-end dashboard and then the,announcement we're gonna change the,announcement that's that's the,announcement you can type in everything,let's say free shipping world white free,shipping worldwide and do not forget to,save every time you work on something,just don't forget to save them otherwise,you're gonna lose everything so we're,gonna go with the with the rich text,which is this one I click on it and then,let's say it is a model this is a demo,store but you could write anything,promote your website or something so,iris the ass here and then don't forget,as I said to save so this section is for,the product section and said that,they're gonna appear once we add a,products in there and this is this a,bottom the footer,it's already being set for you is 2020,blue sky phone powered by Shopify in a,minute I'll show you how to get rid of,part by Shopify because you don't want,to people say oh that's not easy story,it's a Shopify store so basically this,all you have to do is just add pictures,tell something about your brand's or,about your stores and and and that's all,so the action bars at the menu you could,add as many as you want let's say right,now home and catalog but you could add,main woman kids electronics closings or,anything so let's head back to Shopify,to add some important apps so click on,apps right now we don't have any apps so,we go to visit the Shopify app stores,here recorded stop so we're gonna go and,first thing the most important one is oh,we're low without this up you cannot,sell any products that's what I'm,talking about it's over law is free it's,free to download that's a drop shipping,drop shipping up there are several,others too but this is the most,important one over law so click on over,law and it's free don't worry about the,plan or whatever it says there is free,so click on it and then you're gonna,authorize Shopify to connect to your,store to Avila,so install app it will take you to a,furlough and then head back to Shopify,yeah record that too,we're gonna choose upsell this one aired,the one in the beginning it's free you,we need to add this one as well upsell,again you have to authorize Shopify to,add then install this up so we're gonna,install it,and they click on apps again so this is,how you add more so this is how you add,more apps from Shopify store and the,second one we're gonna add is the,reviews Alex press reviews so let's go,ahead and click on this one this one,gives you 7 days 7 day free trial now we,want the free free free version so,because we don't have sales yet so we're,gonna choose free apps all the way until,we have good sales again we have to,authorize Shopify it's install the app,okay that's it,so mostly we done with the store we done,with the theme we done with the dis our,theme we're done with the couple apps,that we need them that we have to add,products to the to the store so you go,to apps and then over lo and then we're,gonna go to search products and then you,can choose one of these menu or you can,type in the type of product that you,wanna sell so for this tutorial I just,created electronics website so let's,choose electronics computer and enough,is electronic component and supply,phones and telecommunications we're,going to go with the phones and,telecommunications so we got batteries,we got phone covers phone glasses,we got same thing we got cables plug in,peg cables charging cables or all that,so we're gonna import them all,so you just come in and then add it to,import add to import list and then we're,gonna add a couple more I say this one,here and then here and then here and,then let's find phones so phones or,Android phones Android phones click,enter and there you go you got this,phone for one hundred sixty three,dollars this phone for $58 this phone,for $48 and we're gonna add three more,and that's it it's 463 what US 1638 no,sir I think there was a mistake we're,gonna hunt okay I think there was a,mistake on the price well anyway I know,all you got you get the ideas let's work,on the products that we just import them,so remem,of this or you have you can click on,variance and to see the price so this,price is two hundred two hundred,thirteen or 163 u.s. dollars in 213,Canadian dollars and this is shipped,from Spain as which is good to us is,free shipping as for sure and this is,this is the price that you gonna sell,this is the price that you're gonna sell,and this is the price that the AL,Express supplier sale so the difference,between this one that you sell it to,customers and the AL Express price is a,hundred and twelve dollars your profit,so this is your profit so you sell this,to customers for three hundred twenty,six dollars and then you buy it or you,send all Express 230 Canadian dollars,and then the profit is a one hundred and,twelve dollars and ninety five cents in,your pocket that's how it works so we're,gonna select all products and we're,gonna import all of them to our stores,so just just gonna just gonna just gonna,select all of them and don't worry all,the the prices are done for you so let's,click on this one the same thing the,price from Alex Perez is a two hundred,thirteen Canadian au sellers for three,hundred twenty six Canadians and you got,112 and eighty three dollars profit,whenever it's a green of real it's good,that's AB doesn't profit that's that's,that's what to you keep it in your,pocket so we go back up and then import,all these projects so right I just,imported only ten projects but you could,do one hundred you could do up to five,hundred dollar if you don't want to get,if you don't want to pay more money you,could do out up to five hundred products,my bad so it's up to five hundred,products for free you don't have to pay,anything on Roberto but if you need more,products or more than five hundred,products you have to pay over low fee or,the around $29 a month you don't have to,in the beginning so you only,your store just started and you need to,advertise and keep it up and mix,themselves right so you don't have to,pay any money whatever we did so far,today is all free you don't have to pay,anything no penny nothing so everything,is being imported to our products and,then let's head to our shop and see so,by the way your domain will be blue a,sky mobile blue sky phone that's a blue,sky phone under it's a - my Sharpie Phi,calm ok blue sky phone dot McAlister,from the game blue sky phone that my,p5 calm voila this is store that we just,created and these are the pictures we,added earlier and this is text that we,wrote about our store and this is the,featured products or one of the products,so when we click on catalog and,hopefully gonna see all our products,there there you go you see all the,products are and then let's pick this,phone click on it so remember this phone,from Alex Paris was like a $58 and you,sell it to customers $416 so people can,pay through PayPal or Add to Cart,and do a check out later let's hide this,bar and check out so check out is not,over right now return to home page okay,because in you have to pick up line,first so your first 14 days you cannot,sell anything just like a you know,taking your hands on working on it see,how it works and everything and then,when you choose a plan then you have to,you have to get you have to get the,product sales so these are all the other,products that we imported to our store,so when we click on our own it's going,to take us to the main page,that's the announcement bar free,shipping worldwide and these are the,pictures that we added so this one of,the products the feature products and,different people can subscribe here and,then your store name and everything in,there so let's go back to sheriff I,let's go back to the main Shopify so,this is a man,Shopify so if you want to get rid of the,my shop part by Shopify at the bottom,it's very easy just go to click on,online store and then come here and,click on action and click on edit,language so the first thing the the,general general let's scroll down,there are two places that you have to,get rid of them so this one is where the,witches part by Shopify HTML you could,erase that completely and then go up a,little bit go up a little bit and then,from there go to homepage,okay let's save this first and then go,to homepage and then scroll down down,slide show the play,my body's a layout is a layout check the,layout it's it's hidden asking me to,select a plan but it's hidden down here,so you could you could just whenever it,says powered by Shopify just erase that,just lead that and then it won't show on,the front page so to select a plan it's,clicked on select plan so they have,three three plants this is a most,popular one it's a $79 per month but,since you are just starting you don't,have to pay all that and this is planned,probably you're gonna choose up to 14,days trial $29 a month when you sell,something they're gonna charge 22.9%,on the credit card that if you use the,Shopify payment so shipping this Quran,is good they give you two accounts for,stuff and the most popular one is $79 a,lot of money and business or advance,plan is the two $99 per month that's,that's a very very expensive and let's,show you here how to do the domain name,so click on online stores then go down,to domains so currently your domain will,be your store name dot my Shopify calm,and if you have a custom domain you can,transfer it to Sheriff I or you could,connect your existing domain and I'll,show you that on other videos or you,could buy the main for,Shopify directly just click on by now,it's only cost about 10 US dollars so,it's not expensive and for now we got,only three apps you could add more so,you could add more apps but currently we,only have three apps that's refresh your,page so we only have the most important,one is or below and the product reviews,so people can read reviews on the,projects on your website and the app,sale recommendation that's a pop up it,comes at the bottom of your stores that,tell people someone let's say in UK,bought something on on from this store,someone in India about something from,this system and and such on so that's it,that's all you need for your to open a,store with Shopify and when you go to,your store as we did before sky phone,Musharaf I because we don't have a,custom domain yet and I'll make another,video about how to create a custom,domain and add it to your Shopify and,that's it so this is your store this is,the C feature products and the catalog,when people click on carlac you will see,all the products so as I said you can,create as many as you want,menus there for homes right now for,homes a catalog you could make you could,add men women kids electronics phone,accessories and so on so let's go back,to home and that's all if you have any,questions please let me know if you like,my video please share with your friends,and families and subscribe to my channel,so I'll pull up I'll put more more,videos like this one at tech videos so,my initial YouTube is about traveling,but I have three different play,playlists one of them is so many tech,which is all my technical and my tech,videos are going to be on it so don't,forget it's youtube-dot-com,forward-slash so many travel and when,you get to the main youtube channel just,click on the playlist and click on so,many tech thank you very much again for,watching my video and have a great day

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