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How To Find Shopify Stores In Your Niche | Find Shopify Competitors hello everyone and welcome to on


Updated on Jan 06,2023

How To Find Shopify Stores In Your Niche | Find Shopify Competitors

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How To Find Shopify Stores In Your Niche | Find Shopify Competitors

hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day you,learn something new,my name is ennes and i'm working for you,so if you have any tutorial requests,let me know i'll be happy to do a video,for you but today i have a really,special video,because i will show you how you can find,competitors shopify stores in your niche,without using any tools or anything,and not just that i will actually show,you how you can find out the ad set for,the shopify stores and you will be able,to see the pictures and the videos they,are using in their ad set and also the,description,and since when they are running the ad,set to know if it's successful or not,because if the ad set was running for a,month or so,that means they are successful that's,why they keep the ads running,and spending money basically and as i,said all this without using any tools or,anything,and it's completely free so without any,more talking let's get to it and by the,way before we start this is my instagram,right here as you can see so if you want,to say hi,or have any tutorial request or you want,to ask me something,just drop me a message and i will be,happy to reply to you,so without any more checking let's get,back to our tutorial and let's just,start,as i said i will show you how you can,find competitors shopify stores in your,niche,without using any tools or anything so,let's get to it the first thing you're,going to do is basically,access google search engine and yes we,will find out all that,just from google search engine so after,you did access the google search engine,tap on the search bar and type in,in-text,two dots and two quotation marks and,between the two quotation marks you will,type in,powered by super file and i think you,are familiar with this word right,every shopify store has this powered by,shopify at the,footer or the bottom of the website and,yes you can actually remove that and,also i will show you,in my next video how you can find,competitors shopify store,if they are also removed this powered by,shockwave from their website,you are watching on how channel and,everything is possible here,so after you did type in index two dots,and two quotation marks and between the,two quotation marks,powered by shopify hit space multiple,times,and type in again in text two dots and,two quotation marks,and this time between the two quotation,marks you will type in a keyword,or anything that's related to your niche,in my particular case i don't have any,niche to look for or anything so i'm,going to simply type in,women bags and after you got this right,as i said i will also put this in the,description box so you guys get it right,so after you did typing this hit enter,and you should see all,the search results our website that's,running on shopify,and has to do with your niche which is,in my case women's bag,so let's just pick a random website from,here to go for to do demonstration on it,so let's just go for this one right here,as you can see this is the website which,is a women's bag website,a shop basically so let me just scroll,down to show you the powered by shopify,that's,at the bottom page and here is as you,can see powered by shopify,and as i said some websites they do,remove this because it's completely,possible to remove it,and there is actually another trick that,you can use to find,shopify stores that they have removed,this powered by shopify and i will show,you that in my next video,so after you did find the shopify store,in your niche and by the way let's just,get back to search result,as you can see here there is 177,000 results and they are all shopify,stores that sells,women's bag and you might think that's a,lot well because i did use a very,generic niche which is women's bag,so this is really normal to find this,much of websites that's a,selling women's bag and let's just go to,the website so after we did find the,shopify store the next step is to find,out the ad set that's currently,running for this shopify store so to do,that the first thing you're going to do,is look for the icon for,facebook or instagram and i already see,the one here,as you can see there is also one in the,the bottom page here is for facebook on,instagram let's just go for facebook,bear with me please i have really slow,connection i do suffer to upload videos,so if this video helped you out help me,out please send that like button,please anyway so as you can see this is,the,the facebook page they have 700 likes,600 sorry so the first thing you're,going to do after you did access the,facebook page for the shopify store is,simply,copy the name for the facebook page just,like you see i'm doing right now,and after you did copy the name for the,facebook page,open up google search engine again and,type in,facebook ad library,and no worries i will put link for it in,the description box in case you don't,like google search engine,who doesn't and here we go we have to,wait again,so after you did access the ad library,website you should see this page right,here,and in this drop menu right here you,should see your country which is in my,case morocco which is my country,so just click on it and you will see,this drop menu,and click on all option right here and,after that,click on this add category and click on,all,ads option right here and the next step,is simply,pasting the name for the for the,facebook page which is the,facebook page for the shopify store and,after that you should see the page right,here just like you see right now it says,advertisers,so just click on it and it will show you,the page for it,and here it is as you can see here it,says launch it on,julie 2021 and here it is this ad set,says active and started on 22 julie,actually,and as you can see this is the ad set,for the for the shopify store and you,can click on,see add details,they are using a video actually not a,picture,and here is the description for the ad,set on everything,they only running uh one ad set for the,moment,you can check out the video here and,watch the video and see what they are,running for,which is in this case is basically a,woman's bag which is a,clothing line so that's how you see the,ads for the shopify store in your niche,and just get back here to the search,result and as you can see there is,thousands here and they are all shopify,stores,that sell in women's bag and after you,did access the website as i said simply,look for the icon for the facebook page,and copy the name for it and paste it,inside the ad library and it will show,you all the ad set for it so that's how,you find competitors shopify store in,your niche and also,see their ad set and all the,advertisements that's running,on both facebook and instagram as i said,and if you guys have any questions just,drop them below in a comment or send me,a message on my instagram,and i will be happy to help you out,otherwise i think my job it is done,and thanks for watching and catch you on,next one

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