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[Shopify 404 Error] How To Fix 404 Error in Shopify - 2022 hi guys welcome back to websites pro i'm


Updated on Jan 13,2023

[Shopify 404 Error] How To Fix 404 Error in Shopify - 2022

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[Shopify 404 Error] How To Fix 404 Error in Shopify - 2022

hi guys welcome back to websites pro i'm your  host bilal nassir and today we are fixing the  ,404 issue in our shopify store so first of  all we'll identify how to find the 404 issues  ,so if you are working on a live live store and  you're looking to optimize seo of your shopify  ,store you should know how 404 can be verified and  how you can fix it so first of all you should know  ,how to install the search console if you don't  know i already have created the video you can  ,find the link in the description below once you  have installed the search control successfully  ,and it is installed for like two to three weeks  because it takes about one week to collect the  ,reports once the reports are collected in search  console which will look something like this so it  ,will tell you how many clicks you are getting  on your store which queries are being used  ,and that's the tab which you need to look for in  order to fix the 404 issues so first you want you  ,want to find out which clicks or which urls are  generating 404 so you will click on full report  ,and as you can see it shows us error and  in that error you will see what type of  ,error you're having so currently i have one  503 error which is not like 404 error but  ,if you see the 404 error here and you click  on that error it will show you the page url,so that's how you can find the page url of the  404 which is being generated on your shopify store  ,now second step is to fix the 404 so if you're  getting 404 it means people are searching  ,through google and coming to your website and  all they're saying is a 404 not found error  ,which is obviously not a good  impression for a new user  ,and i suggest you should fix that immediately  as it will help you get your ranking better  ,okay now in order to fix that we'll first  go to the back end of our shopify store,guys if you like the content which i create for  this channel please don't forget to subscribe  ,comment and let me know what more you would  like to learn in order for me to improve the  ,content quality which i create okay so after  going to the backend click on online store  ,sorry not online store click on yeah  online store and then navigation  ,in navigation we have view  url redirects click on that,now click on create url redirect now in order  to create a redirect first step as i told you  ,that you will have to see the coverage and see  which pages are in which urls are generating  ,the 404 error and once you find those url all you  will do is just copy those url and paste it here  ,so for example that's the 404 error which is being  generated i'll copy this url and paste it here,and i'll redirect it to the similar content  if i don't have any similar content which is  ,being generated through this url what i'm gonna do  i'll just redirect it to the home page now after  ,adding the from and to url click on save,and now if i go to this url and hit refresh again,it will take the user to the home page  which will be a good impression and it's  ,good for seo it's really important for seo  so you should fix all of the coverage issues  ,which you have in your shopify store uh  that's it for the tutorial i hope you  ,guys like it don't forget to subscribe  comment like and share have a great day

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