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How To Process Exchanges on Shopify (2022) - Do THIS! Hi, Phil for Rich returns. Hope you're doing g

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Process Exchanges on Shopify (2022) - Do THIS!

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How To Process Exchanges on Shopify (2022) - Do THIS!

Hi, Phil for Rich returns. Hope you're doing great.,I wanna show you a quick trick,,how you can easily process shopify exchanges in Shopify, have happier customers,,so have returning customers and also keep more revenue in the company instead of,losing those, those sales to refunds. Right? So,,if you have a very popular app in Shopify app store,,it's called rich returns and it gives you an easy way to process exchanges in,Shopify. So right after you install our application,,which is free to try by the way. So you can just give it a spin.,You will receive a page that is completely branded in your style and you can,integrate it into your store and have it ready,,available on our robust platform.,Like no matter how many customers and orders you have, right? For example,,you can customize the logo. You can customize the background,,you can customize all colors, you can customize all text to your brand,,so it really fits your company. Right? So,,imagine now you have a customer let's, a, a customer let's call her Susan.,She wants to exchange a product she bought from you in another size because it,doesn't fit her. Right?,So the old way would be that Susan now contacts you via email then asks you,for available inventory in your store.,And then after you have gone back and forth, like five times with her,,she will tell you that she needs the same product in like, maybe size medium.,And if that is not available, she will try a size small or something like this.,With rich returns,,this changes completely because now Susan will simply enter her,order number. So let's just choose an order number,,and she can start the shopify return, right? And you, as a merchant,,you stay fully in control, right? For example, now you see here,,like one product in the order from Susan is not eligible for a return.,For example, it might be like a sales article or like a hygiene article.,And, you can completely customize this, right? So now, Susan,,she wants this one here, in another size, right.,And we will check your live inventory. Right.,see you like what products are available? What can we offer Susan? Right.,So Susan, it was like too large. So, she will choose one size smaller.,Right. Which was too large. And as a note,,like, like, love your products, right?,Um, and then she will just press continue.,You have the option to ask customers for photos, right?,Which in this case we do not need.,And then you can either provide the customer with a prepaid label or,you can let the customer ship back the item at their own costs. Right.,Let's just do this in this case.,And Susan submitted her return in this case, right? At this moment,,Susan receives notification, Hey, we received her return.,She's completely in the process. Right.,And that's really important to communicate with customers through the entire,returns process. Right? Imagine they gave you money.,They're going to return a product. So it's important.,To communicate with them, right?,If you don't wanna overwhelm your customer support and keep like long term,customers. And now in rich returns,,you have a dashboard that basically is a central place where your staff or,yourself, you can manage all the shopify returns, right. It's one central place,,right. It integrates beautifully with Shopify.,so super easy to do that. Right? So let's just look at the,,at the customer. I called her Susan,,with the order that we have in our test demo store. It's called Bob,,but basically with a single click, you can now create that exchange order for,Susan. For example,,when the product arrives in your warehouse or at your address,,you can simply create it with a single click, right. So let's go ahead.,You can restock the original items you don't need to. Right.,And we are automatically creating that exchange order for you in Shopify.,So you don't have to do anything. Right. So let's click on view exchange order,,and like all the details that you before manually copied over, right? Like,,shaping address, et cetera, the product it's all in there. Right.,And it also is great from an accounting perspective because there is no change,to the original order, right. It's still the same amount.,And the new order is basically a free exchange, right?,So from an accounting perspective, accounts are still settled.,And now you're free to fulfill this item or your three PL,is free to, to fulfill this item. Right. So let's do this.,We can send the customer notification or it be, we don't.,And then basically the order is out and it's super easy to, to,,uh, process exchanges with rich returns. Uh,,it literally keeps you money in the company, right? Like imagine Susan here,,she spend a hundred dollars on that product and she would usually just return,it. Right.,So now you have that $100 in your pocket and she's a happy customer because now,she has the right size. Right.,So what I recommend you to do is go to the shopify app store or the link in the,description below, and you can try Rich Returns, just take it for a spin,,reach out to our, awesome support.,I hope we can get in touch and help you offer your customers a better shopify,exchange process.,And also maybe take away some of your pain with all the manual back and forth,with customers regarding exchanges. All right.,Looking forward to talking to you, see you. Bye.

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