how to email subscribers on shopify

Shopify Email: Managing Your Subscriber List if you want to be successful using any,technology platf

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Shopify Email: Managing Your Subscriber List

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Shopify Email: Managing Your Subscriber List

if you want to be successful using any,technology platform it's important to,learn the ins and outs of that program,hey it's mikey at the hair business,blueprint and today i'm going to go over,the shopify document,email subscriber list management i will,also have a link in the description to,this page so you can use it as a,reference,i am guessing there are a few things in,this video that you didn't know about,and if that's the case let me know by,leaving a comment with what new tip you,learned,understanding how the shopify email list,management app works is going to be,crucial for your success selling hair,wigs or really any product online,so let's go over the details,all right i'm on the page email,subscriber list management and i promise,you this is not going to be a boring,video there's a lot of gems a lot of,good nuggets in here so stay with me,it's really important that you have a,high level of understanding of all this,to be really successful,so email subscriber list management,they're gonna talk about you know email,to grow your business a word of caution,only send emails to those opted in it's,actually illegal to send these types of,emails to people that haven't,opted into your email list,now i don't know about people going to,jail or anything crazy for adding one,person but you never know when you get,that one crazy customer that's gonna,blow this whole thing up so really keep,it clean really simple and only send,emails to people that accept marketing,so we're gonna go over a few things,here's the topics on this page we're,going to go through it and i'm going to,show you within shopify,what all this means,so collecting email addresses from,customers we're going to start there,so basically the first one is in the,checkout settings so when people are,checking out there's a little box to,have people opt into your email let me,go ahead and show you where that is so,if you go to settings and then you go to,checkout we're going to scroll to the,bottom here and you're going to see,email marketing now shopify usually has,this part checked but what they don't,usually have checked for you is the,pre-select option so if you select that,and click save what happens is when,people are going through your checkout,the check button is already hit a lot of,people won't uncheck it and they're,going to go ahead and subscribe to your,newsletter so that's really really,important and a quick little trick,so that talks about it there collecting,them at checkout and how to do it now,collecting customer emails from your,home page that's another way to do it,and i'm going to show you that here so,this is tequila bundles you know just my,demo site here if you scroll to the,bottom i'm sure you've seen this before,you definitely want something a little,better call to action just than just,newsletter nobody is going to sign up,for just a newsletter okay so what we're,gonna do is go here and you can see,under uh if you're editing the site you,can see newsletter here you can have,newsletter you can change this and say,get you know tips and,updates you know you probably want,something better than that but you know,just to show you where you would edit,that so that's under the home page,editor you go to the footer so as people,click subscribe here they're going to,end up in the customers section of your,website and you're going to be able to,email them,okay so that's really good now there's,import customer lists,and we can go over here and you click,import customers,now if you're moving over from say a,different shopify or a different,platform like uh squarespace big cartel,go ahead whatever and you have a cut,your own customer list now you can,import this customer list into shopify,okay you can click download a sample and,you're going to want to know what format,they want you to upload this back,into shopify so if you open up that,sample into google sheets or whatever,spreadsheet documentation or document,program you use it looks like this so,you have first name last name email,those are the real important ones first,name last name email if you have their,address information and phone number you,know that's always good to have,but this is basically you fill this out,you would save this and then upload it,back into the shopify system and then,once you do that all these people are,going to show up as your customers in,your shopify store and then you can get,it segmentation and everything else,which we're actually going to talk about,role-based email addresses so real quick,they're basically saying if you have a,lot of email addresses that are infoad,or support at or service at you may want,to delete those because a lot of times,those are just going to a customer,service team at a company or somewhere,that it's not someone opening it up,right so if it was mikey,,then it's more likely that someone's,going to open it up open up the email,and interact with it than if it was at,info, because i'm not,checking the customer service emails,unless we have you know an emergency or,something like that,so you know most of the customer service,reps they're going to see it and they're,going to exit out and just archive it,real quick and not even bother opening,it so it's not worth sending to these,people if they're not going to open it,okay so will my email send to people,that subscribe to my email marketing,list yes if they if they accept,marketing yes if they don't accept,marketing no the emails will not go to,them and you just don't want to send,them to them anyway because legally,you're really not allowed to,okay so the next one is this is a good,one this is real important this is why,you're watching this video,email a specific group of customers so,this is important that we can create a,segmentation in the shopify customers,list which will then,import right over into the shopify email,marketing,program okay so let me show you real,quick how we're gonna do that so we're,gonna go here,and we have this there's only me in here,so we're going to just do a basic filter,okay so under filters you can do all,sorts of different types of,segmentations so let's just say amount,spent is more than,um you know you could do more than a,hundred dollars five hundred dollars a,thousand dollars that's how you can,decide if it's a vip customer,uh less than this amount so let's just,say less than a dollar and i'm just,doing this as an example you can,basically say people that have ordered,10 times 20 times you can create all,sorts of segmentations and i'm going to,show you how so let's just say anyone,less than a dollar because i'm less than,a dollar i'll make it less than 100 just,to make it a little bit more interesting,okay done,and then that is going to have me here,right because i haven't spent any money,on my own website i'm going to click,save filters and then this is going to,be the less,than one hundred dollars,crowd,save filter i'm in that less than,hundred dollar crowd and then it's going,to show up here,but let me show you something if you go,under marketing,and campaigns,and let's just say i go into one of,these campaigns i was playing around,with,uh click on that edit activity,if i wanted to send this,campaign,only the people that have spent under a,hundred dollars guess what you now have,that segmentation within your shopify,group so you want to be,very very strategic about how you are,segmenting your customers and sending,different messages uh within this system,so that gives you a huge advantage,because you don't want to send somebody,that,has spent ten thousand dollars something,about like hey you haven't you know,you're part of our list you haven't,placed an order with us like if someone,spent 10 grand and got an email with,that message they're going to be like,what the heck i'm probably one of your,best customers,segmentation of the emails is going to,be so crucial for your success so you,can send the right customer base the,right email okay,double opt-in you know,double opt-in can make you have a really,clean list uh but it's not always the,best i'm always 50 50 on the double,opt-in uh it really depends on who you,talk to but i can show you how to do the,double opt-in okay so we're gonna go to,uh,settings here,and under the notifications so settings,notifications and scroll down to the,bottom here,double opt-in so that's email,subscription so if i click this,it's basically after someone opt-ins and,signs up for your newsletter shopify is,then going to send them another email,and say hey this is tequila bundles and,we got your request to join our email,newsletter,we just wanted you to confirm to make,sure that this information is correct,because we want to make sure we have the,right people on it whatever you want to,say,that's going to be,something that you choose like i said,it's 50 50. it will it will make sure,you have a very clean list of people,but not everyone's going to double opt,in because they're not going to always,check their email and you might actually,lose a lot of subscribers so me i,probably would not double opt-in but you,know that's going to be the choice is,yours i just wanted to make sure you,know how to do it if possible,so and it'll talk about this too the,double opt-ins here and then if you want,to remove someone from your subscriber,list it's actually a pretty simple,process you would just basically go here,and then we're going to go over here to,email marketing we're going to hit edit,status and then i would uncheck that,click save,and basically i'm not subscribed anymore,so you know inside the emails that,you're sending out there's always an,unsubscribe at the footer but some,people just don't know about how that,works so they might reply to your email,and be like hey,tequila bundles um i don't want to be,part of your email list can you,unsubscribe me you're going to go on the,customer list you can copy and paste,their email address to easily find them,go to email and then just uncheck it and,that's it,so really uh this is a good document and,we're going to go over a few more that's,in here for email marketing and i just,want to make sure that you guys have a,higher level of understanding of how,each section of this email marketing,system within shopify will work for your,hair brand if you have any questions,about anything i talked about in this,video please leave them in the comments,below and make sure you are subscribed,to the hair business blueprint

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