how to create a csv file for shopify

Understanding CSV Files || Shopify Help Center A CSV file or "Comma Separated Value" file is used to

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Understanding CSV Files || Shopify Help Center

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how to create a csv file for shopify catalogs

Understanding CSV Files || Shopify Help Center

A CSV file or "Comma Separated Value" file is used to store data.,CSV files are a great way to move and update data in your online store.,You can use CSV files to manage data like products, orders, or customer information.,Subscribe now to watch upcoming videos in this series about CSV files.,You can view a CSV file as plain text in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit , or,you can open a CSV file in spreadsheet software like Google Sheets.,Shopify recommends that you use Google Sheets to work with your CSV files.,If you import a CSV file into spreadsheet software, the CSV file is displayed in columns.,In this example, a CSV file with a list of products from the Aly Athletics store is imported,into Google Sheets.,Each row has a product and the columns show information about the product like the price,and inventory options.,See the link below to learn how to import a Shopify CSV file into Google sheets.,If you open the same CSV file in a text editor, you see a series of text and symbols, which,can be confusing.,However, each bit of text corresponds to a cell in a spreadsheet, and each comma shows,where a one cell ends and a new one begins.,You can use CSV files to import and export things like products, customers, and inventory,lists.,You can also export order and discount data.,If you use the Product Reviews app from the Shopify App store, you can use CSV files to,import and export reviews.,CSV files can be useful in many situations: For example, if you switch to Shopify from,another ecommerce platform, you can use CSV files to migrate data from your old store,into Shopify.,You can build your own CSV files and then import them into Shopify so the information,is available in your store.,This can be useful if you have an inventory list from a supplier.,Lastly, you can export CSV files from your Shopify store to edit the data.,For example, you can change the title of your products in a spreadsheet and then import,the CSV file back into your store.,This updates your product titles in Shopify.,If you want to create or edit a CSV file, then you need to make sure your file is in,the right format for Shopify to use.,Follow the link in the description to download a sample CSV file that’s compatible with,Shopify.,Once you download the sample CSV file, you can use it as a template to create your own,CSVs.,Just make sure you delete the example information that’s already in the file.,Here are two things to remember to prevent formatting problems when using CSV files:,When you work in a spreadsheet, don’t change the format of the spreadsheet so it’s in,a different order from Shopify template.,For example, don’t sort, rearrange, add or delete columns.,If you change the format of a spreadsheet it can cause errors when you import it into,your Shopify store.,Before you import a CSV file from another source into Shopify, make sure that the columns,match the Shopify file format.,You can see Shopify file formats in the help center linked below.,If the format doesn’t match Shopify’s exactly, then it can cause errors.,On the left you see a product list that was exported from a different ecommerce platform.,On the right you see the Shopify file format for product lists.,The name, number, and order of the headings should match exactly.,In this case, the Body and Vendor columns are flipped and are in a different order than,the Shopify format.,This CSV file can’t be imported into Shopify until it’s edited to match the Shopify format.,Now that you know what a CSV file is and how you can use it, make sure you subscribe to,the channel for upcoming videos about using CSV files for products, inventory, and more.,If you still have questions, then comment below or contact the Shopify support team,directly.

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