how to customize pages on shopify

Shopify How to Customize Pages | Detailed Tutorial for Beginners what's up youtubers edwin anthony

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Shopify How to Customize Pages | Detailed Tutorial for Beginners

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Shopify How to Customize Pages | Detailed Tutorial for Beginners

what's up youtubers edwin anthony here,again,back at it with another video tutorial,from shopify,in this particular video we're gonna go,ahead and learn about,how to add sections to a page,right so i'm sure that you guys have,tried to make those,regular pages kind of like look kind of,nice so i'll give an example if you have,a page,let's say that's informative but it just,looks kind of bland,uh that's what this video is going to,cover so first of all before we begin,this,uh training all i ask just to support it,uh just go ahead and demolish,like go ahead and just take your,keyboard and just slap your computer,screen and,just press that blue like button press,the blue like button smash it demolish,it do everything to it make it turn blue,that's what we asked for,uh if you're not subscribed and you like,this type of content,yeah welcome to the team just press that,red button and,now you're gonna get my videos right uh,always giving you,the up and about on how to make things,without hiring developers and all that,good stuff okay,all right so first things first we're,gonna need the turbo theme,right and this is another reason why i,wave the turbo theme,flag all day so if you don't have the,turbo theme and you want to get started,on that go ahead and look in the,description there's a link down there,and that'll take you to the teams out of,the sandbox website it's going to look,like this,right click the link on the bio it's,going to kind of look like,that you'll go right here to where it,says turbo and then you go ahead and,make that investment okay,all right so how do we do this first off,first,step let's go to where it says pages and,make sure that your theme is installed,if you haven't watched,that video i'll leave a link also on the,upper right hand corner come out,so that you guys could see the,installation process of how to,install turbo once you actually purchase,it so let's say that it's already,installed you go ahead over here to,where it says pages and we're going to,add a page,in this page we're going to call it,custom page just to keep things very,simple,custom page we're not going to put any,verbage yet,okay so don't focus on this part right,here just type in the name,of the page that we want to talk about,and this is where it gets exciting right,here where it says template,by default you're always going to have,page right,and so this is where the real value of,turbo comes in we click on this drop,down,and we see that we have numerous,templates that we could use,um so it's not just page we could have,you know page banner,uh page contact custom right so if you,want either the regular,uh contact form or if you want a,customized contact form you could go,ahead,here and do so so basically,whichever one that you feel that might,be right i'd say just play around with,this,and um always leave this page open or,this tab open on your website,so what we're gonna mess around with,here is let's see here we have page,banner contact details,let's go ahead and do details let's,let's do page details and then press,save,so that's the first step right here we,create a custom page and then we change,that template of this page to be called,page details that's half of the work,again don't do anything here let's move,on,okay so the next step once you actually,save that page what we're going to do,now is go to where it says navigation,we're going to go to navigation and,let's go ahead,and go to main menu again if you haven't,watched any of the previous videos i,suggest you to catch up to that,so that this doesn't seem foreign uh,let's go right here to main menu,and we want to make a very high level,menu to talk about that custom page so,i'm gonna go right here where it says,add menu item,let's click on link and let's click on,pages and we want the custom page,right it automatically labels that out,press ok there and press,save that's the next step okay so first,step was to create the page,set up the template now we're going to,navigation and plugging in,that page so it comes out in the main,menu,let's go to online store once we're here,let's right click on customize so that,we won't lose our place click on,open link with a new tab we want to open,a new tab so we don't lose our place on,the back end,from here what we're gonna do we'll,notice that in our menu,there is custom page all right so we're,here in,in the main menu click on custom page,let's,go to that destination while we are in,customized steam let's click on this and,there you have it,we are in a demo mode of this custom,page right which has uh,these details here so far we're almost,done we want to make sure that we get,every bit of detail into this let's,click right here where it says,page detail that's what we want to focus,on and,look at these sections here all of these,sections that you see right here,that's all of this stuff right here now,can you move this around,absolutely let's go and put this map,over here,uh let's put you know let's put this uh,staff favorites let's put this up over,there,right you could do whatever it is that,you want with it right,but let's just pretend that you just,want to start from scratch you're like,ah this is nice but this is not in the,direction that i want to go with,okay that's perfectly fine let's start,from scratch so i'll click on the first,one see on the bottom right here remove,this,our story let's get rid of that let's,get rid of dividers too,let's get rid of everything we want to,start from super scratch,because although this is nice and dandy,you don't want to uh get,you know confused or any type of anxiety,like i don't know what to put here all,this predetermined stuff,let's just get rid of all of this let's,get rid of all of this right here,great now i'm starting from scratch,right here it says add content let's,click on that,and look at all of the sections that you,could create,based on the things that we're talking,about so,how do i start off here so we have blog,post contact custom html divider,featured collection image gallery image,gallery with text,image gallery image with text overlay,this is actually pretty good to start,off with,so if i click on this one it'll come out,like that right it'll have like its own,dedicated page,um excuse me banner but with you know no,pictures on the background,and we have some text so let's go ahead,and delete some of this text here,let's say that no we don't want this and,um,let's say that we don't want hmm,we don't want a button because obviously,they arrive to this page,but we do want to say whatever it is,that we want,so you could go ahead and change the,headline text as you can see right here,you could say,whatever you want,and right here,and more okay,and then image we could select whatever,image that we see fit here,so we could do something like this or we,could do something let's see,like that right because it's a it's a,custom page it's just a random custom,page it's informative if anything,right so a lot of people i could see,that if they want to talk more about,their business and stay informative,this is the first banner to start right,next up let's go what's next,so next we could put either divider or,we could put let's see here,image with text page recently ah,rich text with image what's this look,like ah talk about your brand,so right here you get to kind of like,say whatever it is that you want,so you know this page is awesome,there's so many things that you could do,with this and this is exactly why i like,turbo,so this is set there okay great let's,not lose our place let's press,save every time you're adding a section,i always advise you guys to press,save and then let's add another one so,what other thing so we could even,feature a collection,right so wow that's pretty it's like,throws a super long list we don't want,that right uh let's say,let's just keep it down limit our,products to,four let's do four and,four on the products per row there we go,so we have kind of like featured,products here,right um so we put something like,our newest drip,right and then you could go ahead and,click on a selection here,let's say you know click on that and of,course this is all discombobulated,because,some have sizes the others do not that's,okay that's actually my fault,i'm sure you guys have better,collections oh that's more cleaner,how about that okay our latest uh,yoga yoga bags,if i could spell,all right so let's go ahead and press,save on that,okay looking nice so far,right not bad not too shabby,okay let's see what else can we put we,got an image gallery we got a contact,form,uh dividers we have a map we have quotes,recently viewed products you can add a,video all of a sudden,right so if we have something like this,and then all of a sudden i could just,kind of like put a video what type of,video should i put,let's get rid of this youtube link right,here and of course if you do have a,video you could go ahead,and find one right so let's let's go,ahead and find a random video,and so from here uh what we're gonna do,is we're just gonna put,that guy right there right you guys know,who that guy is right,you can put whatever video is it that,you want um let's see,aspect ratio you could actually pair,around with this too do we want a wide,display or do we want kind of like,something that's more symmetrical to to,the measurements here from the buttons,that way it stays consistent,uh auto loop video let's go ahead and,undo that,we could go ahead and darken the video,so that we could have some type of,contrast,and then the image instead of this being,like that we could add a cover image to,this video,and it could be honestly anything so,let's just put some random cover,okay that might not work maybe that one,or how about that one that one actually,might kind of work,okay and we need to have some call to,action because it's just a cover picture,right so let's see here show text when,the video is playing,uh right here click,to watch video,okay something like that display italic,there's so much things that you can,actually do here so when they actually,click on any part of this they get to um,go ahead and play the video so that's,how you add that,okay and then let's see what else can we,add here,uh let's put a contact form okay so if,they actually want to,want to get at you right they could do,that there not bad as you can see,there's tons of flexibilities and and,you could use this several times too so,if you want to add,another featured collection because you,want to,showcase not just one but several of,them you could do that too right we,could go right here press,four again let's limit to four,rather than a grid let's do a slider,this time,so if it's a slider let's make it 12,products and let's make it,to show five at a time right and,let's go ahead and click on a collection,let's say,women let's see here all right no that,might not work,let's try this nope,any one of them would work guys it,really doesn't matter okay that's,because i didn't put the sizes on this,one so they'll get freaked out,all right so i go right here uh let's,see show collection description let's,see what that would look like,not bad and then we say best sellers,okay right so,the point of this page on this,customization,is that there is encoding required and,you know the home page isn't the only,one that you could actually add,um this section you could add pages to,other sections as well,you just have to always remember uh that,template,like i showed you in the previous part,but other than that guys that's pretty,much it,tell me what you guys think if you have,any questions based on this explanation,of course,not all themes do this right so if,you're trying to do this on your,on your theme that isn't turbo and,you're like hey i don't see,those selections uh that you were,showing me in the beginning of the video,uh that's because not all themes carry,that and that's why all themes are,valued differently,uh i feel that for the investment of,turbo uh although it's a bit on a higher,price point than most of the other,themes,it just adds a lot of value as it ages,because,the team out of the sandbox is,constantly updating their themes,always giving you more and more,opportunities on how to make your,website different,so i want to say again thank you for,watching this video and if you like this,type of content just let me know if you,have any questions on the description,or in the comments down below and other,than that,see you next time

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