how to accept crypto on shopify

How To Accept Crypto Payments On Shopify - Step By Step Tutorial are you a shopify store owner and y

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Accept Crypto Payments On Shopify - Step By Step Tutorial

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How To Accept Crypto Payments On Shopify - Step By Step Tutorial

are you a shopify store owner and you,want to start accepting cryptocurrency,as your form of payment well that's what,i'm going to show you how to easily set,that up in this video,hey there guys welcome back to the,channel my name is sergio with surge,tech this video i do a lot of reviews,tutorials and i talk a lot about crypto,so if you haven't subscribed to the,channel go ahead and do so and hit the,bell so you can get notified when i,release new videos like this and all the,links that i talk about in this video,will be in the description down below so,check that out and let's jump right into,the video all right so i myself am a,shopify store owner as well i actually,have had several shopify stores i'm,actually interested in accepting,cryptocurrency as my form of payment,i've actually been wanting to do this,for a while but i haven't gotten around,to setting it up so i'm going to set it,up in this video and show you how to do,it while i do it as well so there's a,couple different platforms that you can,use to accept cryptos on shopify one of,them being coinbase commerce there's,also other ones like bitpay,go coin and coin payments however i am,going to be using coinbase commerce for,the purpose of this video since coinbase,is the company that i'm the most,familiar with so it should be pretty,easy to set up um all you're gonna have,to do is go to, there's gonna be a,link down below which will take you,right here all you're gonna have to do,is select get started and uh you're,gonna have to create an account so,you're gonna create an account with an,email and a password they're gonna send,you a verification link and then once,you do go ahead and click on that link,and it's gonna bring you right here,thanks for verifying your email address,and now we have to go through these,steps here okay and then here it's gonna,ask us to set up a two-step verification,with a authenticator i already have one,set up so i'm just going to type in the,code that i'd have here and then here it,gives you the option to also download,recovery codes in case you have issues,next time signing in so download your,backup codes they will save to your,computer then once you're ready go ahead,and hit continue next step is set up,your crypto wallet hit continue and then,here it's going to give you your seed,phrases which you have to also store in,a safe place and then here you have to,type in your seed phrase so then just,double check your seed phrase and make,sure that it's correct verify seed,phrase okay let's find skip this step so,now we have created a wallet with a,coinbase commerce so we're gonna go to,dashboard all right so next thing we're,gonna do once you have your account,fully set up on coinbase commerce we're,gonna go to our shopify store all right,so here in our shopify store we're gonna,go over here uh on the left hand side to,settings here we're going to select,payments and in payments we're going to,select alternative payment methods so,choose alternative payment here we're,going to type in,coinbase,and it's going to pop up right here,coinbase commerce select it so here,you're going to type in your email that,you used to create your coinbase,commerce account and then down here,you're going to type in your coinbase,commerce api key,which i will show you how to get right,now and then down here you're going to,select the cryptos that you want to,start accepting as payment on your,shopify website so i'm going to type in,my email and then for the coinbase,commerce api key you're going to go back,to your dashboard here all right so how,you're going to get your api is you're,going to select settings over here on,the left hand column and you're going to,scroll down until you find,api keys and there's gonna be a button,right there which you're gonna click on,and it says create an api key so that's,gonna be your api key which you're gonna,have to copy and you're gonna have to,paste that on to your shopify store over,here where it says coinbase commerce api,key so we're going to paste it there,cool and then activate coinbase commerce,i have to reactivate it because i,deactivated it because i,put in the wrong information so select,activate coinbase commerce there you go,coinbase commerce activated uh go ahead,and select save once you see the save,button and you will be good to go so as,you can see it will now say coinbase,commerce is active down here so you are,now able to receive crypto payments and,how you check is here on your coinbase,commerce site you know you will just see,your balances going up uh depending if,people start paying you with crypto and,your payments you can see them here you,see i just activated so i don't have any,activity yet but once you start having,crypto payments you will see them here,in your payments tab,and that's pretty much it that is how,you set up to receive crypto payments on,shopify the easiest way possible go,ahead and smash that like button if you,got some value out of this video and,that's all for this one i'll catch you,guys in the next video and as always,peace,bye

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