how to print multiple shipping labels on shopify

How To Buy & Print Multiple Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center If you just ran a marketing campa

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

How To Buy & Print Multiple Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center

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how to print multiple shipping labels on shopify catalogs

How To Buy & Print Multiple Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center

If you just ran a marketing campaign or are finishing with a busy sale season, then you,have a lot of orders to package and ship.,With Shopify Shipping, you can buy and print shipping labels in bulk - saving you both,time and money.,If you’re new to the channel, then hit that subscribe button and ring the bell for new,videos from the Shopify Help Center every week.,In the AlyAthletics store, we just ran a Facebook marketing campaign which resulted in a number,of orders from new customers.,Now, we’re ready to buy and print our shipping labels.,Follow along with us to learn how to print labels in bulk from your own store.,To start, go to your Shopify admin and click orders.,Select the checkbox beside orders that you’d like to buy shipping labels for.,Both domestic and international shipping labels can be included in the bulk purchase.,It’s important to note that you can’t buy bulk shipping labels for the following,kinds of orders:,Orders that only have items that don’t require shipping.,For example, an order that only has digital downloads.,Orders that don’t have valid shipping addresses.,For example, UPS does not support shipping labels to PO Boxes, and you’re required,to use a street address to buy a UPS shipping label.,Orders that ship from a location that is not based in the United States or Canada,And orders that are already fulfilled,For details on the maximum number of labels you can buy and print in bulk, see the help,article below.,After you select your orders, click Actions, and then click Create Shipping Labels.,If you selected any orders that are not eligible for a shipping label, then you see a banner,stating what the issue is, and a link to open the order so you can fix the issue.,On the Create shipping labels page, you see each order listed individually and options,to edit each label.,You can edit:,The customer’s shipping address - like in this example, the postal code was entered,incorrectly.,So we can make the adjustment by clicking Edit shipping address, making the necessary,changes, and click Save.,You can also edit customs information, if this is an international shipping label,Add or remove product quantities Select a new package from the dropdown menu,Add a new custom package or select carrier packaging,Adjust the total package weight Change the default shipping service,And purchase shipping insurance,You can also remove an order from the bulk shipping label purchase by clicking the three,dot icon, then click Remove order.,It’s a good idea to verify the label details on each order before you purchase and print,them.,If you edit the labels, then you see the summary area update to reflect your changes.,Click View all to see a detailed list of the labels you’re purchasing and the money you’re,saving by using Shopify Shipping.,When you’re ready, click Buy shipping labels to finalize your purchase.,From the new page, you can print your shipping labels and packing slips in bulk.,Don’t leave this page before you print your labels and slips.,If you leave this page before printing every label in bulk, then you will need to open,the orders individually to print the labels one at a time.,If you purchased international shipping labels, you may see the option to print a customs,form from this page as well,Click Done when you’re finished with this page.,If you ever need to access a shipping label or customs form again, then click Orders and,then open the order you’d like to view.,On the order page, click More to see the options available.,You can also Print Label and Print Custom Forms from here as well.,For more videos on shipping with Shopify, subscribe now.,If you have any questions, then comment below or reach out to us at

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