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Send Custom Invoices (Shopify Basics) welcome back today we're going to be,going over draft orders h

Jody Edgar - The Shopify Expert

Updated on Jan 11,2023

Send Custom Invoices (Shopify Basics)

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Send Custom Invoices (Shopify Basics)

welcome back today we're going to be,going over draft orders how to set up an,invoice and how to do all of this while,on the phone with the customer so let's,jump into it let's talk about order once,you've got your site all set up and your,checkout process is in place and you can,now add your payments and everybody can,go and give you the money you are now up,and rolling but in business there are,always edge cases not everybody is going,to go through your website some people,are not at a computer when they call you,that they want to they want you to send,them in invoices aid these are things,that show up and Shopify can handle,these sort of things so what I'm going,to do is I'm going to go through and,show you how to set up a draft order,essentially a draft order is a customer,service order when someone is on the,phone and you need to put them together,an invoice quickly and send it off to,them so that you can capture that sale,while you're talking about if your,product is that a stock and you want to,get them hooked up on another product,that's similar that might be better for,their needs this is where this would,come in so if we have a look at the,dashboard and we go into orders now,orders are gonna invent are gonna,automatically filter in as people check,out through our online process that's,the idea of online e-commerce but,underneath all orders there is another,tab here called dress and if we click on,drafts drafts are orders that we're,going to create on our own so starting,off let's click on the create order in,the top right hand corner this is,essentially going to give us our order,page this order page is where we're,going to search for the products that,we're going to add to the order add a,customer email invoices take payments,that sort of thing we can do that all,from this page so if we click on,products and we're gonna sell one of our,bag organizers we can just start typing,in the field and it will start,populating and searching we add the,product and we say how many that we're,going to we're going to sell those,persons so we're gonna say we're gonna,sell them to three because they're,purchasing a bulk number of them we can,add a discount for them because we're,working in control of what sound being,sold here so we're going to give them a,10% discount,and we're going to say it's for a bulk,purchase and we're gonna apply that,discount directly to the order this,means we don't have to set up any,discount codes have them checkouts we,don't to set up a discount codes and,then the link have them check out it,makes the customer experience very easy,okay so we have our items put together,we need a name now you need to pick a,customer so we can either create a new,customer or we can pick an existing,customer,let's take me as the existing customer,it's already got my shipping address I,had it in here we can add any notes that,we'd like to the order so a customer,called in for bulk discount and then,what we can do is we can hit on email,invoice now typically the next action on,your page is going to be highlighted in,blue but because there's got a couple of,options here you have can either save,the draft order so let's go and do that,let's save the draft order so if it's,something that we want to work on and,then come back to later on you know,maybe there you need to get in and,through maybe because she needs to get,us an answer on something we can go and,put that together and then what we can,do is we can hit email invoice now when,we hit email invoice you'll see what'll,happen is it's going to come up and it's,going to have invoice name and then it's,going to have a place for us to add in a,custom message to the customer we can,edit these templates in notifications,which I go into in another video but for,right now please see the attached or,your all bag organizer you can pick who,is it coming from this list pulls up,from the settings on the account pages,so whatever pieces you have in here are,going to pull into the from so you can,say that it's coming from anybody in,your organization and then we can hit,review email so now it's going to give,us an example of what the email is going,to look like and then once we hit Send,notification it'll actually send it to,the customer now the way that this is,set up is so that the customer gets the,email they click on complete your,purchase and then it takes them to the,payment page so that you don't have to,capture any credit card information with,them over the phone and you don't have,to worry about you know any security,they have all of the security because,they're going through a secure checkout,everything is encrypted and it will,capture all of their stuff automatically,making it very easy for them to get it,in their email and complete their,purchase suite hit send notification,okay so the invoice has now been said on,their hands in order to do it now let's,say for example this is another edge,case where they call and they're like my,credit cards not working is there any,possible way I can pay I interact direct,transfer you talk to the customer you,come up with a payment method they sent,you your payment you can now go mark as,paid and what this will do is it will,actually take this draft order and move,it into your orders list so when you hit,this this is when any fulfillment that,you have set up so if you have connected,to any drop shippers or if you have any,apps that trigger on when an order is,created this is the point that it's,going to do that so I'm gonna hit create,order because I've taken payment and now,this order has now switched over from a,draft order to an actual order it does,give you an idea that this was being,created from draft overs orders so if,you're wondering where it originated,from inside your dashboard you can now,see it and now we're into the regular,flow of marking it is fulfilled and,fulfilling it to the customer,which again I'll cover in another video,but for the most part this is how you,create a custom order inside your,Shopify dashboard making it very easy,for you to do customer service over the,phone when you have a customer on the,line thanks for coming by I hope this,was helpful if it was hit the like,button hit the subscribe button if,that's something that you're into and we,will see you in the next one

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