how to create an about us page on shopify

How to create an effective about us page || Shopify Help Center An “About Us” page is a great way to

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to create an effective about us page || Shopify Help Center

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How to create an effective about us page || Shopify Help Center

An “About Us” page is a great way to share the story of your business and help your customers,connect with your brand.,In this video we're going to cover how to make an “About Us page,” what to include,on it and how to add it to your online store.,To create your page, start in the “Admin,” Click “Online store", then click "Pages.”,Next, click “Add page.”,Enter a title for your page.,You can use “About Us,” or you can try something different like “Learn more”,or even “Our story.”,Pick something that works for you and your business.,Next, enter the content that you've written for the page.,There are 3 main points that you want to include when writing an about us page: who you are,,what you sell and why you sell these items.,You can use the “Rich text editor” to include pictures, videos and insert links,to specific products that you want to showcase on your about us page.,To add an image or video, click the “Insert image” button and select the image that,you want to add.,When ready, click “Insert image” to add it to your content.,Many merchants also include links to products that they want to highlight for customers.,To do this, highlight the text that you want turn into a link.,Then click the “insert link” button in the “Rich text editor".,You can add a link to a product page on your site or you can link to an external site of,your choosing.,To finish, click “insert link".,Make sure you save all your changes.,Now that you've added your content, you will need to set the visibility of the page.,Under “Visibility,” you can choose when you want the page to be published.,You can set the page to be visible immediately or you can choose a specific date for your,page to be published on by clicking "set visibility date".,If you're not ready to publish your page yet, choose the “Hidden” option to hide it,from your online store.,When you're ready, click “Save.”,Once you're happy with your about us page, you'll need to add the page to your online,store navigation so that customers can see it on your store.,To do this, go to your admin, click “Online store”.,Then click "Navigation".,Click on the menu that you would like to add your page to.,You can add your about us page to your main menu, so it appears at the top of your store,or your footer menu, so it shows up at the bottom, or both!,In this example, we are adding our page to the main menu.,Next, click “Add menu item,” and name your page.,Finally, click in the “link” area.,Choose “Pages,” then click the “About Us” page that you created.,To finish, click “Add.”,Now the page will be added to your main menu.,If you want to change the position that it appears on your store, click on the 6-dot,icon to drag it where you want it to be positioned on your menu.,Make sure to save!,If you are using a Shopify 2.0 theme, then you can add the page directly to your store,through your theme editor.,To do this, start in your admin.,Click "Online store".,Under “Themes” click “Customize,” to open the theme editor.,In the theme control panel, click, “Add section”.,Then select “Pages.”,Next, click “Select page,” and then select the about us page that you want to add.,Click "Select".,Now the page will be added to your theme.,You can rearrange its position by clicking on the 6-dot icon and dragging the section,to where you want it to go.,2.0 themes also make it easier to add important features to your about us page.,You can add an email sign up area for your customers directly from your theme editor.,To add an email sign up option, click "Add section".,Then click "Email sign up".,You will now see an email sign up option on your about us page.,You can use the control panel on the right to change the appearance of the sign up section.,For more information on how to create your about us page or the rich text editor view,the links in the description below.,Thanks for watching!

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