how to create a coming soon page on shopify

How To Create Shopify Coming Soon Page (2022) how to create a shopify coming soon page,step by step

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Create Shopify Coming Soon Page (2022)

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How To Create Shopify Coming Soon Page (2022)

how to create a shopify coming soon page,step by step so hi guys welcome back to,the youtube channel and in this video i,will be teaching you a step-by-step,process on how to create a shopify,coming soon page so with no further ado,let's get started so as of here you,could see that i've opened my browser,and search, shopify is an e-commerce,store where you could actually sell your,products online so here you search,,it will lead you here they have plans,for this they have basic shopify and,advance and as we all know the more we,pay the more benefits we get but as of,now if you're just a small business or,just want to try out shopify then i,recommend you to create an account for,free so all you have to do is to input,this one and basically if you're done,inputting all the information needed you,will be led here to your shopify home,page so the first thing that you may,want to do is to go here under sales,channel there is online store and under,that you will see here the preference so,if you scroll down,you will see this password protection,you have to enable the password to,restrict the access to your online store,so only the customers with the password,could access it especially that it is,just a coming soon page now what you,want to do is to add password let's say,this one and then the message for your,visitors,and then,do not forget to click on save since we,have saved that,the,next thing that we have to do is to go,here on apps and,under here on apps you will download,page fly so you may want to go here to,view more apps in this collection or,just type in here,page fly let's just say view more,applications and wait for this to load,and you search here page fly the first,thing that will come out here on page,fly you have to add it to cart then,install it and basically that is where,we are going to edit our coming soon,page what's good thing about this is if,you download the page fly it is for free,so you do not have to pay for anything,and if you are done installing your,page fly and putting the information you,will be led here to the page fly,dashboard and this is how your dashboard,will look like now we will get straight,to our business so under publishing you,will see here pages now if you click on,that you will see regular pages home,pages product pages collection pages,blog post page and lastly the password,pages and also they also have this thank,you pages so what you want to do is to,go to password pages and if you have,actually a template for this you could,just import it,but for now i will teach you how to,start creating your coming soon page,from scratch,so here create a new page or convert,from a non-page fly pages or create a,new page,from templates so pagefly actually gives,you a free template you will see here,holiday page landing page home page they,have 37 templates for that product page,and so on and so forth now let's just,use the password page so here are the,examples for,password page,so we have ortos and,what you have to do is for example you,want to just check out,the,template so you could actually review,and this is how it will look like and on,mobile it will look like this now if,you're not satisfied with that then,let's say i want to use this one select,this template,then here you will have you already have,your coming soon page so what you may,want to do here if you click on this you,could add your logo you could add here,your image if you want to change that,you could add text title text you could,actually,enable the full width of that but let's,just stay it,that way and here will be your,manipulating area so let's say style so,you could style it here you could,actually add the account numbers for,that and basically you will have your,coming soon page but if you have a,different idea of coming soon page let's,say you want to get your client's email,address so that when,the countdown stops you will then send,them emails you could choose these,templates who have a bar for the,customer stamp email address all you,have to do is to just drag it and you,just basically,play with it as i have said and here you,could change this one do that and then,change alignment would you want it to be,bold or idealize underline depending on,you,and then here if the customer will visit,your shop and then you will have a,coming soon page and they want to,actually see what is coming then,you will have this bar so,this requires the customer to put their,email so that you will be able to notify,them as soon as the countdown stop and,basically that is how you create a,coming soon page let's just save this,one name it under coming soon page got,it and then let's preview this first so,it will now look like this so it will go,to your home and then you will see your,products so let us say let's publish,that,so here you will see,the coming soon page for the shop so all,they have to do is to input their email,address and then click on notify me and,basically they will be notified and they,could go to the home page of your shop,there's featured product and so on and,so forth now you have,your own coming soon page and that is,all for today now you know how to create,a shopify coming soon page step by step,we are about to end this video and to,end it on a good note i would like to,request you guys that if you found this,video helpful or if you found this,method exactly what you wanted or what,you're looking for consider subscribing,to our channel and sharing it to your,friends and family who might even learn,a thing or two from this video or from,the hundreds of video we have on your,channel and of course if you have any,questions any queries or any confusions,or any suggestions please feel free to,leave them down in the comment box below,i tried to cover everything i could in,this video but if you want to see more,details on the methods or ways shared in,this video,just let me know in the comments below,and i'll be sure to make more videos on,your suggestions at the end of the day,it's all about providing you guys with,valuable content that could help instill,a positive change in your life and,hopefully your friends and family's life,as well,in the end i'd like to request you to,make sure to hit that like and subscribe,button as it helps our videos out a lot,and again thank you so much for watching,till next time goodbye

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